Tips for reducing packing waste

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Tips for reducing packing waste

Tips for reducing packing waste

Over  900 million cardboard boxes are discarded each year in the moving industry in the US. Of course, not all this waste is created by one person, although that would make an interesting, albeit not very useful, Guinness book record. From global warming to plastic pollution, it’s clear that we need to take action to reduce our waste. And it should start with individual action. That brings you to our tips for reducing packing waste made by a team of movers South Florida residents gladly rely on. By making a few changes to the way we pack our items, we can reduce the amount of waste we generate and do our part for the planet. So let’s not waste any time and dive right in.

Tips for reducing packing waste are also about saving costs

Start with the first tip of the day – using the right-sized boxes. By using boxes that aren’t too big for what you are packing, you can reduce the amount of packing waste. Using the right-sized boxes will not only ensure the safe transport of your items. These tips for house moving day are not only good for the environment but for your wallet too. It can also reduce packing waste and save you some money on shipping costs.

Eco-friendly alternatives to packing paper

There are always new, more eco-friendly packing materials being made. Take packing peanuts, for example.  As residential movers in South Florida might know from their experience, styrofoam packing peanuts are not biodegradable at all. However, packing peanuts made of cornstarch are biodegradable. The same goes for packing paper. Paper can be easily recycled, so make sure that you are using recycled paper. Not only that but try to take that paper to a recycling bin after you’ve used it to make use of these tips for reducing packing waste.

If you want to reduce packing waste, you should reuse or repurpose much of it

This is one of the most common and, without a doubt, the simplest tips for reducing packing waste from  South Florida long distance movers. Of course, this is because it requires the least bit of effort, and it can save you a lot in packing supplies. Getting used packing supplies can halve the amount of waste you create. Of course, that only works for packing supplies in good condition. Secondly, using your own boxes, bags, and suitcases is more sustainable than using single-use cardboard boxes.

Achieving sustainability when moving

As we become more conscious of our environmental impact, it’s crucial to think about how we can reduce the amount of waste we produce. Reducing packing waste is about what materials you use, how much you use the, and how you discard them. Simply put – reduce, reuse, recycle, that’s the best way to beat plastic pollution. And that’s it for our tips for reducing packing waste.  Hope your relocation goes smoothly and you have a safe trip.

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