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One of the best places to live in California in Los Angeles.

Miami has its charms as well, but if you are willing to travel 2,700 miles and relocate your life to La-La Land, you should definitely hire a moving company. 24/7 Logistic Services have been in the industry for years. With extensive experience in long-distance moves, we will be your best choice. And not just in moving your belongings, but also in packing them. The choice to relocate is never an easy one. So if you are moving from Miami to Los Angeles, chose only the best moving company there is. Call us today to get a free moving quote. You will soon start your adventure, and we will be there every step of the way.

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Planning Your Long-Distance Move: The 5-Star Moving Company in Miami

Planning a long-distance move from Miami to Los Angeles requires expertise only star moving companies can provide. If you’re moving Miami based businesses or apartments, 24/7 Logistic Services are the pro movers to call. Our moving experience spans across long-distance moves and international moves, setting us apart as a stellar moving company in Miami and Los Angeles. Our movers adeptly navigate Miami to Los Angeles moves, ensuring your pack arrives with all its contents safe.

We offer variable van lines for different needs, be it a single bedroom apartment or your beach house relocation. The cost of our services correspond with the distance to be covered and the storage needs of your house contents, from Miami to LA. We guarantee competitive quotes for your long-distance moving requirements in line with moving industry standards.

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Pro Movers: Moving Companies in Miami and Los Angeles

When considering long-distance moves, such as those from Miami to Los Angeles, finding pro movers with an excellent moving experience is essential. 24/7 Logistic Services is one such moving company, a star moving organization offering international moves, specifically moving Miami residents to Los Angeles. Known for its moving van services, this Miami-based firm is a leader among moving companies, recognizable by their van lines that course over long-distance horizons.

Miami movers specializing in Los Angeles relocations offer a range of services, taking the stress out of moving. These services extend to house, apartment, and bedroom moves, ensuring a cost-effective relocation. When moving from Miami to Los Angeles, the distance plays a considerable part in the cost. That’s why getting a quote from the moving company beforehand is advised.

Be it a long-distance business relocation or moving your home from the city of Miami, FL, to the beaches of Los Angeles, storage services become integral. 24/7 Logistic Services, with its extensive storage capabilities, ensures your belongings are safe during your transition. Despite the city’s distance, the company offers consistent, high-quality services, making it a preferred choice for relocating from Miami to LA. So, whether you’re planning international or long-distance moves, pack your worries away and trust 24/7 Logistic Services for a hassle-free moving experience.

Moving Costs: Understanding the Expenses

Moving from Miami to Los Angeles is a long-distance relocation that requires a top moving company. Moving costs can vary, and understanding these expenses is crucial when planning your move. Whether it’s a house, apartment, or business you’re moving, costs can quickly add up. Our team at 24/7 Logistic Services are pro movers with vast moving experience to make your move smooth.

Costs are often based on the distance of the move, the size of your apartment or house, and the number of bedrooms. Miami to Los Angeles is a significant distance, and long-distance moves can be more expensive. The size of your move, whether you’re moving a single bedroom or an entire house, impacts the cost too.

Additional services like packing and storage can add to your moving expenses. When you’re moving between Miami and LA, storing items may be necessary, and as a professional moving company, 24/7 Logistic Services has versatile storage options available.

To manage your relocation cost-effectively, it’s best to request a quote before the moving day. By doing so, you get an estimate of the moving services and storage costs, allowing you to budget accordingly. 24/7 Logistic Services offers a quick quote process for your convenience.

The city to city moves, especially from Miami to Los Angeles, should always be handled by pro movers like us. Choose our reliable movers in Miami for your moving business and experience a seamless relocation journey.

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Miami to Los Angeles: Making the Right Decision to Move

Moving from Miami to Los Angeles is a significant decision. Whether you’re relocating for business or personal reasons, 24/7 Logistic Services can help facilitate your long-distance move. As a trusted moving company, our Miami movers provide star moving services that reduce the stress of relocation. We can move everything from a single bedroom to your entire house, always delivering your items securely to your new LA home.

Our team is dedicated to the efficient moving of your belongings. We handle all aspects of your move from pack, storage to delivery, ensuring a smooth transition from Miami to LA. 24/7 Logistic Services also provide critical services like quote provision to help you prepare financially for the relocation process and avoid any hidden costs.

Storage is a crucial part of the moving process, and as such, we offer several storage solutions. Whether you’re moving a few items or relocating your entire house, we have ample storage to cater to your needs. With our services, moving from Miami, Florida to the bustling city of Los Angeles can be a seamless experience.

Your move is not just about changing your home; it’s a significant life transition. Let us help you make this path less daunting. Contact our team at 24/7 Logistic Services for a free quote and discover why we are the top choice for moving from Miami to Los Angeles.


Whether you’re relocating your home or business, 24/7 Logistic Services has the dedication to take care of your long distance moving needs.

We are always ready to organize pickups anywhere on the East Coast, California, and the Midwest, with delivery that covers all 48 states.


Whether you’re relocating your home or business, 24/7 Logistic Services has the dedication to take care of your long distance moving needs - always ready to organize pickups anywhere on the East Coast, California, and the Midwest, with delivery that covers all 48 states.

Get an honest and accurate moving estimate with no hidden fees

Top rated East Coast movers across all review sites

10 years of experience without standing customer support

Transparent pricing & quote within minutes

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Packing Tips for your Move From Miami to Los Angeles

When planning to move from Miami to Los Angeles, choosing the right moving company such as 24/7 Logistic Services can make a difference. For peace of mind, look for Miami movers that offer services for long distance moves and can aid in business relocations. The packing process might seem overwhelming, but moving companies like 24/7 Logistic Services, renowned for their star moving skills, can provide valuable tips.

Packing your bedroom and house is a critical aspect of a move. Always remember to pack your items carefully. Heavy items like books should be packed in smaller boxes, while lightweight items can be packed in larger boxes. This balance will prevent the moving van from getting unbalanced, which is crucial whether you’re moving within the city or embarking on a long-distance relocation. If you’re based in South Florida, from areas like South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, or any part of FL, 24/7 Logistic Services can be your go-to Miami moving company.

If you’re moving your home or relocating your business, it’s also essential to know the cost of the move. Verified quotes from your moving company can help keep costs in check. Additionally, arranging for storage solutions in advance can ensure a smooth transition. 24/7 Logistic Services also provides storage services if required. Ultimately, moving from Miami to LA can be a seamless experience with a professional team guiding you every step of the way.

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Long Distance Moving States Served

Long Distance Moving States Served

Frequently Asked

Is there moving loss and damage protection?

Yes, we offer moving loss and damage protections options. The protection and price depends on the 24/7 “assessment” program you pick which includes Full-Value Protection or Released Value Responsibility.

What are my options if my move day changes?

Contact your move coordinator as soon as you can if your action days have altered. He/she can refine any kind of modifications to your strategy as well as go over updates. Keep in mind your price quote may transform relying on the days you picked.

Do I require a moving quote?

A 24/7 agent will require to see your house to carry out an aesthetic survey of the every one of the items you prepare to move. Your 24/7 agent will determine the approximate cost based upon the quantity of things you are relocating as well as their weight and offer you a composed Estimate/Order for Service. An exact estimate can not be calculated without a visual study of the items to be moved. There is no charge for this estimate.All moving business, for their typical solution, need adaptability with alternating pickup as well as delivery dates. 24/7 aspires to fulfill your recommended dates or the nearby feasible options. You will be informed in advance of the packing day for your products and also of the approximated day of arrival.If you add products to be relocated or need additional solutions, such as packing, in between the time of the estimate as well as the time of your move, there will be additional charges. An addendum specifying these service charges will be prepared for your signature.If you are interested in getting a binding price quote, please review this with your 24/7 representative.If your pickup and distribution dates are important, as a result of a lease expiry or realty closing, you may choose an extra-cost solution which will enable us to fit a much more accurate schedule. You ought to discuss your details pickup and also distribution requirements with your 24/7 representative, that can advise you regarding the types and also prices of services offered.Nonetheless, 24/7 Logistic Services thinks you need to move when it is most convenient for you.

What is the best time of year to move?

If there is a choice, many moving companies recommend you choose a time aside from summertime, the end of the month or the end-of-year vacations. The heaviest demands are put on trucks, tools and personnel during these durations.

When should I contact a moving company?

The earlier you contact a moving company, the better. It’s a great idea to give your relocating moving company four to 6 weeks’ notice, if possible. The more preparation you can give, the more likely we will have the ability to meet your preferred move date.

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