Key facts about quality of life in Florida

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Key facts about quality of life in Florida

Key facts about quality of life in Florida

When it comes to quality of life in Florida, the Sunshine State ranks rather high in many studies. The reasons are numerous. And, every new resident might have his own reason for moving.  But, there are also many common reasons. Florida is known for its nice climate. Its economy is booming. There is no state income tax. And, it has affordable housing. So, it has a lot to offer for its old and new coming residents. Are you among those thinking about moving to Florida? If so, you might like to see the various pros and cons that we will offer here. And if you decide that it is the right place for you, contact reliable movers in South Florida. With their assistance, your transition to Sunny State will be easy and enjoyable.

Key facts showing the quality of life in Florida

When determining the quality of life in one state, we have to consider various factors. Among the most important are:

  • Population
  • Costs of living
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Crime and safety
  • Natural environment

However, there are also many other factors that can influence the quality of living. For example, the climate, lifestyle, and work-living balance, to name just some of them. And, besides checking all pros of living in one country, we have to check the cons too. Only then we will be able to get an accurate picture of the state.

Florida’s population

At the beginning of 2023, the population of Florida has grown to about 22,359,300 residents. Florida has a surface area of 65,755 square miles. That translates to 353.4 people per square mile. And, it makes the Sunny State the eighth most densely populated state in the US. The population growth is 1.24% (273,688).

The most populated Florida’s city is Jacksonville, with 900,000 residents. And Miami-Dade is the most populated county, with over 2 million residents. However, you might better like to move to some of the less densely populated areas. Luckily, you will find many quiet places there. And, some residents also prefer living in places less frequented by tourists. Once you find the place which is right for you, residential movers in South Florida will take care of your relocation.

Costs of living in Florida

To find out about the costs of living in Florida, we will check several types of data. So, checking the median home value, we can see it is $391,497. It makes it 9% higher than the national average. In case you are renting, your average monthly rent would be $1,175.

The median household income in Florida amounts to $61,777. And, it is 11% lower than the national average. However, Florida is one of the several states which doesn’t impose an income tax. So, your paycheck will last longer than in many other states. In other words, you will be able to afford more. So, no wonder to see that 66% of the population own their homes.

Real estate in Florida is rather affordable.

Economy and quality of life in Florida

Many companies are finding Florida’s economy robust. Besides, the country also has excellent infrastructure. And it has competitive taxes too. So, all this is very attractive to many businesses. Besides, the country has a top-ranked labor force. So, no wonder that the economy is booming. The main industries in Florida are:

  • Aviation & Aerospace
  • Cleantech
  • Financial & professional services
  • HQs of the various 500 Fortune companies
  • Information technology
  • Life science
  • Logistics & distribution
  • Manufacturing

We shouldn’t forget to mention the traditional industries too. There, we refer to the hospitality and entertainment industries. Are you also considering relocating your business to Florida? If so, it is time to contact commercial movers FL. In such an environment, you will be able to develop your business much faster.

How education contributes to the quality of life in Florida?

First of all, the Florida government is investing a lot in education. That way, they are creating tomorrow’s workforce and talent pool. Besides, the state’s school system has very high standards. The classes are small. That is helping teachers to follow the progress of each student. Besides, regular testing has improved performance. So, no wonder that many public schools are highly rated.

When it comes to the higher education system, Florida has 12 public universities and 6 major medical schools. There are also many private colleges and universities. All of them have close cooperation with the business community. That is enabling the schools to create programs that will reflect Florida’s industry needs.

Crime and safety

When you plan to move somewhere, one of the things you are looking for is crime and safety statistics. So, before hiring local movers South Florida most residents choose, you would like to know what to expect. Well, as with any other state, some parts of Florida are safer than others. However, the overall picture is encouraging. Both violent and property crimes are below the national average. So, if you plan to move to Florida, relax. You and your family will be safe.

Natural environment

You certainly wouldn’t like moving to a place where pollution is high. So, moving to Florida, you can be sure that you will enjoy clean air. And fresh, clean waters too. And, you will love the pristine white sand beaches. What else to wish for?

Other key factors showing the quality of life in Florida

Already discussed factors are just a part of those influencing the quality of life in Florida. Those other factors will show us the hones pros and cons of living in the Sunny State. So, let’s see what can influence your decision to move to this piece of paradise.

Mild winters

Living in Florida, you will enjoy mild winters. This, on the other hand, means that you will be spending a lot of time outside. And, in case you are living in South Florida, you will be able to enjoy the beach life all year round. The average winter temperatures are from 65°F to 77°F.

Florida is a famous vacation destination

About 110 million tourists are visiting Florida every year. It is not a wonder when we know what Florida has to offer. They are coming to enjoy Florida’s famous beaches. Many of them are also visiting the Everglades National Park. That is the largest subtropical wilderness in the US. So, it is attractive to many nature lovers. Florida is also rich in amusement parks. The most famous among them are Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. Besides, Florida has over 1200 golf courses. So, it is a paradise for golf lovers.

About 110 million tourists are visiting Florida every year.

All this is excellent for Florida’s tourism. But, it is also one of the big cons of moving to Florida. Namely, as an ordinary citizen, you might be disturbed by the crowds. And, we don’t think only about the crowded roads. For example, you might be just seating in your yard and having some refreshments. We can just guess how annoyed you would be to have a group of tourists peeping over your yard fence. And, such breaches of privacy are not uncommon in Florida.  So, take it into consideration before giving a call to Pembroke Pines moving companies to help you move.

Diversity adds to the quality of life in Florida

Actually, some studies show that Florida is the most diverse state in the US. And, that is mostly the result of the influx of residents coming from the neighboring countries. So, the population consists of approx 60% white, 22% Hispanic or Latino, 16% African American, and 2% Asian.

Easy access to beaches

Being a peninsula, surrounded from one side by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and from the other by the Gulf, Florida has more than 1200 miles of impressive coastline. So, it has numerous beaches. And, regardless of the number of visitors, as a resident, you will also have “your place under the Sun”.

Besides, as other residents, you will also know some less visited beaches. Those, not being in the tourist leaflets offer, are rarely visited by tourists. So, you will share them only with your countryman. And you will be able to fully enjoy peace, clear waters, and sun.

If you love sports, Florida is the right state for you

Florida has strong sports culture. And, regardless if you like football, basketball, soccer, or some other sport, there will be a Florida team, playing in the higher national league. So, like the rest of the population, you can become a sports team fan and supporter. Moreover, any conversation between Florida residents will, without fail, include sports.

You will also be able to enjoy many sports as an amateur. And, you will definitely fall in love with at least one watersport. Regardless of whether that will be sailing or snorkeling, it will have a favorable influence on your health conditions. Besides, it will make you feel more relaxed, and content.

Florida coral reef

Talking about water sports, you will also have a chance to enjoy Florida’s famous reef. Being 350 miles long, this coral barrier is unique for the entire US. And, it s the third-largest reef in the world. And talking about corals, have you ever heard of Coral Springs movers? If not, you can remember them the next time when you need some outstanding moving services.

Florida is also known for its stunning flora and fauna

Florida is a beautiful place for nature lovers. About half of the state land is covered by forests. There are also numerous board ways and pathways going through forests. So, you can go for a walk and enjoy the trees and wildflowers.

However, you should be careful, especially when visiting the Everglades. Maybe you already heard stories about alligators. By some estimates, over 1.3 million alligators are living in the state. Besides them, you will be able to enjoy seeing many other native species. As well as about 500 non-native animals living in Florida. The most famous among them is Indian peafowl.

Producing your own fruits and vegetables

For many people, especially those coming from large cities, the possibility of actually growing their fresh, organic food is amazing. You can have a garden and a nice orchard. So, talking about fruits, did you know that Florida is the biggest producer of oranges in the US? The climate is excellent for growing citrus trees. So, you can also have a few orange and grape trees in your orchard.

So, in case you decide to change the apartment in one of the bigger cities with a bigger house with a yard in suburbs, don’t miss to contact the moving companies Miami FL. The movers will help you move in no time so that you can enjoy Florida as soon as possible.

Wildlife can affect the quality of life in Florida
Meeting with wildlife is not always pleasant.

Quality of life in Florida: Cons

So far, we could see mostly positive aspects of moving to Florida. However, there are always some cons, regardless of the state you intend to move to. So, let us see what are the main cons of moving to Florida so you can decide whether it is suitable for you or your family.

Natural disasters

You can live for decades in Florida, without facing a single natural disaster. But, you always have to be ready for hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, drought, and wildfires. Such disasters can easily damage your property. So, should you decide to use the services of movers in Fort Lauderdale FL, and move to Florida, check the property conditions. Also, you will be requested to purchase the mandatory insurance. And, the fees can be much more costly than in some other places.

You can’t live in Florida without a car

Public transportation in Florida is not so developed. So, to move anywhere, you will need a car. And, you will need a lot of patience, as Florida has one of the worst traffic in the US. But that’s the price to pay when you are living in Florida. However, it’s with moving here despite the possible transportation issues.

Summer heat and humidity

Moving to Florida, you should know that summers are very hot and humid. And, the humidity can worsen some health conditions, such as asthma and rheumatism. So, if you can’t stand Florida’s weather, think twice before you move here.

Living in Florida comes with many benefits

As we could see, there are numerous factors influencing the quality of life in Florida. Some of them are favorable. And some of them can be unpleasant. So, before you make the final decision on moving, you should consider all pros and cons. The bottom line, moving to Florida can show as a good idea, due to numerous benefits. You will just need to adjust to some differences. But judging by the huge number of people migrating to Florida, it shouldn’t be difficult.


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