Why move to South Florida in 2023?

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Why move to South Florida in 2023?

Why move to South Florida in 2023?

It’s very likely that you have at least one relative who always spoke about how much they wanted to retire in South Florida. You’d hear tales of lush lawns, endless sunlight, golf courses, beaches, and no state income taxes on every vacation. Or maybe you’re the one dreaming about it. But why move to South Florida this upcoming year? We believe that the timing is perfect. Scroll below to find out why! If you agree with us, moving services in South Florida are at your disposal anytime.

Top 15 Reasons to Move to South Florida in 2023

Given the Sunshine State’s many attractions, it’s no surprise that new Floridians continue to flood in by the thousands each year. As a result, there is a wide range of cultural practices, fantastic cuisine, and numerous tourist-friendly sites to explore. If you’re really thinking about going on this life change, you’ll be pleased to know that Florida is a great place not only for tourists. Take a look at the top 15 reasons why locals love living in South Florida.

South Florida is one of the most sought-after destinations on the planet.

  1. Sunshine all year round Without a doubt, the weather in Florida is the number one selling point for the state. Throughout much of the state, the subtropical or tropical climate ensures that the temperature and humidity are consistently high. Florida’s rich flora continues to provide a dramatic and lovely touch to the environment thanks to the dramatic rainy season from May through October. The parks and gardens here are a riot of color for much of the year because of the abundance of tropical plants and flowers. The pleasant year-round climate in Florida is a major selling point for potential British emigrants. And there are many of them.

Even while storms are possible, only about half of all hurricanes that reach the United States actually make landfall in Florida. This is a little inconvenient considering how reliably pleasant the weather is. If you are in Hollywood, Florida for example, you have a lesser chance of experiencing a storm than if you were anywhere on California’s coastline. If you’d like to move from California to a cheaper but equally as beautiful location, movers Hollywood FL will be happy to take you to Hollywood, one of the best places in South Florida.

  1. South Florida is very diverseFlorida is known for its diversity in culture, in contrast to other southern states. Florida has long been a popular destination for those looking to relocate, both from outside the United States and from inside it. Spanish is the most commonly spoken language in Florida, where more than one in four residents speak a language other than English.
Why move to South Florida? It is one of the most welcoming places out there.

Cultural influences from Hispanics, African-Americans, Native Americans, French, Germans, Italians, Jews, the Vietnamese, the Japanese, and even the occasional Brit may be found across Florida. Vietnamese Bahn-mi sandwiches, Yiddish ballads, and the Morikami Japanese Gardens are just a few examples of the diverse array of art, music, cuisine, and culture that these places and events bring to the world.

3. There is no income tax in Florida

The absence of a state income tax is a major perk of life in Florida. Consequently, you’ll be able to retain more of your hard-earned money. Florida collects a 7% sales tax (state level) and a 5% tourist tax (county level) on income from rentals and hotel stays of 6 months or less from the millions of visitors that visit our state every year. If you ever move to Florida, you may thank the visitors who help cover your tax bill.

4. Stunning beaches and shorelines

One of the most popular things to do in Florida is to relax on one of the state’s 663 miles of pristine beaches. Clearwater Beach, Delray Beach, and Palm Beach are all well-known beaches. Siesta Key is known for having some of the finest, whitest sand in the world. As well as Pompano Beach. And Pompano is also very affordable. If you’d like to move to any of these locations, then start contacting moving companies Pompano Beach as soon as possible. Possible new Florida residences are located in close proximity to well-known shorelines. Florida’s coastlines provide everything you might want and more. Florida’s 1200 miles of magnificent coastline provide something for everyone, whether it’s sandcastles or water sports, dolphins or exquisite seashells, surfing, or Miami chic.

  1. Booming economy and a stable job marketTourism and hospitality, real estate and construction, military and homeland security, and numerous more businesses have helped propel Florida’s economy and employment market to new heights. There were more people visiting Florida in 2021 than there were before the epidemic outbreak. With a Gross State Product of $1.1 Trillion, Florida is the fourth biggest economy in the United States behind California, Texas, and New York. You’ll have no trouble finding work in South Florida.
  2. Excellent house market and reasonable cost of livingThe real estate market in Florida is booming, and new projects are popping up all over the state. As a result of this persistent demand, prices have been climbing rapidly, with the average price of a house in Florida reaching $407,000 by late September 2022, an increase of $27,800 from the previous year. Florida’s house prices are just 13.7% more than the national average, which is $358K, thus they are still affordable. Florida real estate prices, however, are going up since many people are moving there from states with far higher average property costs, such as New York (32% over the national average), New Jersey (35% above the national average), and California (115%).

Although there are some upscale communities, many regions of Florida provide housing at reasonable costs. The cost of living is also cheaper than in other coastal communities in the United States. If you want to live by the beach, South Florida is the most affordable choice. Fort Lauderdale and Tampa are considered some of the best places to live in Florida in 2023. So if you’d like to move there, movers Fort Lauderdale FL will be more than happy to help you out.

  1. Why move to South Florida? It’s an excellent place for retirementMost individuals see themselves spending their golden years in a warm place like Florida or Arizona. Florida is the best place for retiring in 2023 in terms of cost, quality of life, and medical care. Broward County is just one of the many in Florida that has earned a reputation as an excellent place to retire. These communities often appeal to retirees by providing facilities including low-maintenance housing, RV parks, nearby golf courses, fishing, and other outdoor pursuits. According to US census statistics, Florida has the greatest proportion of residents aged 65 and above out of 50 states. If you’d like to retire in Florida, call movers in Broward County right away.
  2. South Florida is the world’s leading destination for amusement parksWhile it all may have begun at Disneyland, now Orlando and the rest of Florida offer almost every kind of theme park and tourist attraction imaginable. There are too many to list them all, but a few of the more well-known ones include the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Aquatica (a water park) for people who like to swim, St. Augustine Ghost Tours, the Kennedy Space Center, Legoland, SeaWorld, Fun Spot America, and the Kennedy Grounds.
  1. Discounts for locals at the Walt Disney World ResortVisitors from all over the world continue to flock to Florida to experience the magic at Walt Disney Resort. Imagine having a destination so lovely just outside your home, surrounded by miles of beautifully landscaped gardens. A new, discounted ticket option is also available. Florida citizens are the only ones who may take advantage of the three-day Discover Disney ticket. A Florida real estate investment could be a good idea right now.
  2. Have you always wanted to have a private pool?Florida is the place to go if you’ve always wanted a private pool of sufficient size and year-round comfort. In the state of Florida, swimming pools may be found in well over a million different residences. If you’re a Brit thinking of making the move to Florida, you could find yourself spending all of your time relaxing by the pool. Really, what else could be better? A refreshing morning swim in your own pool, under the hot sun, with a cool drink in hand? If you want a house with a pool, there’s a good chance you can find it at a place called Sunrise. Take a look and once you find your perfect home, feel free to call movers Sunrise FL to move you swiftly.

To be able to spend every day of the year in a place that is consistently ranked among the best vacation spots in the world is a dream come true. Florida has always ranked high on travelers’ lists of must-see places. Thousands of North Americans and Europeans go to Florida every year to avoid the cold weather. Florida’s laid-back and exciting vibe comes from its status as the most popular vacation spot in the world. When you relocate to Florida, you will really be living the dream.

  1. The seafood in Florida is very deliciousSouth Florida is one of the best places for food because of the climate and its closeness to the coast. While it is most known for its excellent seafood restaurants, it also has fruit that is worth considering. There’s more to Florida than just Key Lime Pie, despite the state’s famed citrus. Restaurants in South Florida provide an incredible variety of dishes because of the state’s diverse population. The best destination for foodies, in our opinion, is Oakland Park. You will have some of the best meals of your life there. Oakland Park is also a beautiful city. If you’d want to move there, then movers Oakland Park FL are the best choice.
  1. Mallory Square!Mallory Square in Key West is a hub of artistic activity and a well-known vantage point for the city’s breathtaking sunset. Your Instagram will be popping. Despite its zany array of attractions, the history of Mallory Square is as intriguing. All sorts of people, from pirates and wreckers to gypsies and hippies, have passed through the area. People started flocking to the region in the 1960s, prompting the proliferation of food vendors, street performers, and booths to meet demand. If you’re in Key West, you can’t miss it. If you’ve always dreamed of performing at Mallory Square, contact local movers South Florida right away and start chasing your dream.
  2. There are so many sports events all year roundSport is quite popular in Florida, which is why the state is home to several professional sports teams. If you like watching or participating in sports, you will have a great time in this country. Whether you’re planning to make Florida your permanent home or just visiting for a few weeks, sports will be a part of your life.
  3. The most golf courses in the worldThose who take golf seriously will find that South Florida is a golfing paradise. Every golfer may find a suitable course in South Florida since the state has an abundance of them. People of all skill levels come to enjoy the year-round golfing opportunities. If you’re a golf enthusiast living in Europe and thinking about relocating to Florida, you could find yourself spending all of your free time on the golf courses. In our opinion, Coral Springs has one of the best in the state. Take a look for yourself and feel free to call Coral Springs movers anytime.
  1. Easy access for more visits from far-flung relativesWhen individuals relocate far away from their friends and family, they often make empty promises to come to visit. Maybe the biggest argument for why move to South Florida is its easy access from virtually any point on the globe. If you relocate to Florida, you won’t have to worry about that!  Finding cheap flights to Florida from Europe is simple. The trip is short enough that you may watch a movie and have lunch as you wait for your loved ones to join you in the warm Florida sun. And there won’t be a scarcity of guests to greet you! Who could refuse an offer to your new, bright abode?

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