Why are Marylanders Moving More Frequently Than Before?

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Why are Marylanders Moving More Frequently Than Before?

Why are Marylanders Moving More Frequently Than Before?

Maryland surely is one of the best states you can choose to live in. With all its beauty, it has been home to millions and has pretty high ranks in many different fields. When it comes to relocation statistics in Maryland, things started to change in recent years. Residents are now moving more than usual across the state and to others. According to professionals from 24/7 Logistic Services, this is due to many different reasons that highly depend on the city you are looking at and the region itself. Even though this is a completely normal thing, it is certainly a surprising one, at least for this state. So, why are Marylanders moving more frequently than before? Let’s find out.

Life in Maryland

mostly known for being the birthplace of the American National Anthem, the state of Maryland is a real historical treasure. If you take some time to go through its history, you will realize that some of the most important events happened right here. Starting from the trading port all the way to the Maryland Science Centre, its culture is rich and often talked about. when you fast forward to 2022. living in Maryland is more than good. The economy is pretty stable, the education system works great, and many job opportunities are at every corner. If you add diversity on top of all of that, you get a very suitable place for living and working.

So how come companies report so many relocations throughout the year? The reasons are not so obvious at first, and it takes a much deeper dive to get to them. To make things more understandable, we must divide this phenomenon into different categories.

Are young Marylanders moving more frequently than before?

The answer is yes! The majority of residents who decide to leave are actually young people. And while most of them will do it without much planning, there are still the rest people that belong to a different group. Young people will usually decide to move for a change. Change of job, place of living, or simply different lifestyle will make them look for another place. And while this is happening all around the world, Maryland is just beginning to experience it. When it comes to places they choose to move to, warmer states are first on the list.

Movers Baltimore MD to Florida claim that there is a significant change in numbers and that most of the time, young people will choose this state. Apart from Florida, they will sometimes also end up in California or Arizona.

On the other hand, some young professionals decide not to leave the state but simply change the city. This is mostly due to better job offers or promoting their private business.

Reasons for moving vary, and they depend on many different factors!

Moving within Maryland vs moving to another state

Know that we know that Marylanders are moving more frequently than before, it is time to take a closer look at the relocation types they usually go for.  It is very important to know the most common areas as that is where the answer will most likely be. So far, statistics show that more than 60% of Marylanders will stay in the state but move to another city. The rest of them will look for their dream home in another state.

Moving within Maryland

The most common type of relocation is moving your home to a different city but staying in the current state. People who decide to do it, usually plan it for some time and choose the place that resembles the one they are living in. Of course, the new place carries a certain number of changes that are in most cases, the very reason for moving. This state has 157 cities, and the opportunities are pretty much endless. The busiest are most definitely movers in Baltimore area. As this is the biggest city in this state people are coming and going all the time.

Why are Marylanders moving more frequently than before? There are a couple of answers that stand out. If you start looking individually, you will realize that reasons and situations vary from person to person.

Why are Marylanders moving more frequently than before? Looking for a better job is one of the main reasons

Chasing a career is something that will make a lot of people move to a different place. Bigger cities in Maryland offer more jobs, and young people are the first to give it a try. Leaving a smaller town and starting to work in a bigger city will result in higher income and a better lifestyle in general. This is why movers Glen Burnie MD for example, report more relocations in recent years. Most people to do this are young people who will most likely stay in the new city permanently.

Joining family

Moving within the state of Maryland can also be due to family reasons. A lot of people will decide to join their relatives or partners and move to a different city or town. This happens more frequently due to the real estate market offering some good deals across the state. What’s more interesting is that some of them will decide to leave the bigger city and move to suburbs or townships. The number of people that are moving is always different, and sometimes it includes the entire family or just one person.

Better and more affordable lifestyle

Looking for a better lifestyle is always popular among all ages. Upon hearing that a certain place offers something different, some Marylanders will decide to give it a shot. The most popular destination for this category is Baltimore. Considering everything it offers, this city has been attractive for a long time. Both young and elderly will move to enjoy the city rush and different attractions. most of the time, they come from smaller towns or Baltimore suburbs.

Meeting a new partner is among other reasons for frequent relocations!


Maryland is home to some of the best schools and universities in the USA. Because of that, a lot of parents will decide to move and provide a good education for their children. They will usually choose cities with both public and private schools, and the same goes out for picking the university. Long distance moving companies Baltimore report that before providing more details on their relocation, parents name this as their main reason for moving. On the other hand, sometimes students will move on their own. As it turns out, some families find it too expensive to move with them, and they rather choose to stay in their old home.

Moving from Maryland to another state

The rest of the Marylanders will choose to move to another state. Even though some of the reasons resemble the previous group, this one has a couple of specific ones. Moving companies in this state carry out dozens of interstate relocations daily, and their statistics are as equally fascinating. Why are Marylanders moving more frequently than before, and is it to other states?


There is a huge difference between getting a promotion and looking for a job in another place. Those who get promoted will accept the offer most of the time. Especially if they are in the company for too long and have been expecting this thing to happen. Companies that have headquarters will do this often, and employees will gladly go for it. According to statistics, moving companies from Maryland to Florida receive the most requests like this. This goes on to show that these two states have a pretty strong connection, and people usually enjoy moving in and out.

Marriage or divorce

Yes, love can really make people do great things. Although these can be sometimes good and sometimes bad, most of the time, they result in relocation to another state. People who decide to do it will usually move far away. This is even more common after the divorce or some other not-so-pleasant experience. On the other hand, marriage can have the same effect. For those who are interested in more details, you would be surprised to know that their number one destination is California. Very far and almost across the state, it seems like this state offers a lot of comfort to Marylanders.

Winters in Maryland are very cold and can be the reason for moving to warmer states!

Climate and weather conditions

Even though this state has countless beautiful things, there is one that not so many people enjoy. Maryland is famous for its cold, snowy, and cloudy winters. The temperature can go low, even up to -40; that is where some people draw the line. Cold winters are much easier to handle once you have hot summer coming your way. Unfortunately, summers in Maryland are warm but humid at the same time. Since this will provide time and space for some fun summer activities, to some Marylanders, it is not enough.

This is again where Florida and California will step in. Since the weather is much more different there, many people will find them suitable for living and working. But interstate movers Baltimore will carry out relocations to other states as well. Next on the list are usually Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon.

It’s worth mentioning that a lot of people find the Maryland climate ideal enough to move there. Winter sports lovers usually move here to enjoy all the wonders this season brings. And since Maryland has some of the best ski centers in the USA, this will turn out to be the best decision ever. Turns out, we really all like different things.

Other reasons why Marylanders are moving more frequently than before

Believe it or not, among other reasons moving to another state is pure fun. Sometimes people will make a decision to change their life drastically. This will result in them changing their old habits and completely start looking for new adventures. Trying something you never tried before can be extremely exciting, and it is attractive to many.

Records show that some Marylanders will also move to some personal issues they want to resolve in another place. Sometimes it is a family reason, losing a job, or any other situation that is not pleasant. Luckily, most of them manage to find the solution they have been looking for and will start living their lives to the fullest.

What should you do?

In case you are from Maryland and are considering moving, you should follow your instincts. But be careful, every relocation requires a good plan, and that is something you must focus on from the very start. Hire residential movers South Florida and look for a good moving company that will take care of your inventory and start preparing your household in advance. Keep in mind that you will probably have to start multitasking at some point, as relocation is not so simple. If you have a job, your company about remote working will make your income more stable. If it is impossible, make sure you have enough time to look for a new one.

In conclusion

So, to sum it up, the reason for this sudden change is not something that can be easily defined. Recent years brought many things to people worldwide, and most of them decided to make some huge changes. The good news is that by doing this, many improved their lifestyle and resolved issues they were facing in the past. Even though Maryland offers most of its residents a comfortable lifestyle, this continues to happen across the state.

If you take some time to go through the moving blogs, you will surely gather more information about Maryland and other states. Why are Marylanders moving more frequently than before? Now that you have the answer, you can even consider doing it yourself!

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