Where do seniors live in Florida?

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Where do seniors live in Florida?

Where do seniors live in Florida?

When they retire, more and more Americans decide to change their environment and spend their new life where they are more comfortable. What movers Sunrise FL say is, that Florida has proven to be one of the favorite destinations for retirees in recent years. This contributes to the fact that there is no tax on social security, pensions, and sources of income in Florida. But, where do seniors live in Florida? We will reveal to you where exactly. Some of these places have been heard of, and others may not, so you will find out soon. Who knows, maybe some new undiscovered place will become your new home.

Where do seniors live in Florida when they decide to retire?

According to moving and storage South Florida experts, the following places are the most popular and frequent destinations for seniors and retirement. Those are:

  • Pembroke Pines
  • Deerfield Beach
  • Coral Springs
  • Pompano Beach
  • Oakland Park

Find yourself a good and reliable local movers South Florida and relocate to one of these exquisite sunny locations.

After you celebrate your retirement you can peacefully relocate to one of these popular places.

Retirement in Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines in South Florida is a city in the southern part of Broward County. It’s located 22 miles north of Miami. According to the latest official information, the population of this city is about 170,000 inhabitants. This city was named after Sir Edward J. Reed, a member of the British Parliament for Pembroke County in the late 19th century. Edward bought about 2 million swamp land. The road that stretched there was called Pembroke Road and there were pine trees around it. The first mayor of this town was Walter Smith Kipnis, who suggested that Pembroke Pines should be called that.

This city today represents a picturesque and relaxing place to live. It’s a warm and welcoming, friendly environment. All Pembroke Pines moving companies claim that this is one of the favorite places for seniors to live. But not only for seniors. This city provides all services of a big city, so you don’t have to road trip if you need anything. It is also very popular with other categories of the population. They are mostly young singles and families who are attracted by the high quality of life in this city. People here say that they like this place’s security the most. Most communities are gated and compared to Miami, gun violence is at a minimum. The streets are clean and there are plenty of trees and flowers. The only downside is the traffic, so caution is advised, especially for children. However, there were no major incidents either.

Senior-friendly community

Retire here or find Pembroke Pines moving companies for relocation to this senior-friendly community. You will be able to spend quality time here because there are a lot of possibilities for recreation. There are walking and biking trails, golf courses, and frequent sports and music events at your disposal. You won’t be short of good restaurants or good places to shop. This city is proud of its many parks and there are dozens of them. They are all very nicely decorated. This city is well connected with all other important roads, locally and out of state. Enables easy travel and good connection.

Retirement in Deerfield Beach

Deerfield Beach is another town in Broward County that will amaze you if you decide to move or retire here. This town got its name from the many deer that wandered here. It is about 43 miles from Miami and about 17 miles from Fort Lauderdale. Belongs to the Miami metropolitan area, which has a total of over 6 million inhabitants. According to the latest official data, this city alone has a little over 86 thousand residents. The history of this city goes back to 1890, and the population is constantly growing. The first inhabitants of this place were fishermen, farmers, and growers of fruits and vegetables. This town was a farming community for a long time. The “Beach” is added to its name in 1939 so that tourists would know that there is a beach.

Spend time with your family, friends or new neighbors by the beach.

If you find yourself a good moving companies Deerfield Beach and relocate or retire here, you’ll enjoy it. If you need an alternative or a change from city life, move to this prosperous community. When it comes to Deerfield Beach you don’t have to wonder “Where do seniors live in Florida” – the answer is next to the beach. The coastal area or the area between the coasts offers many options. Gated communities are very popular. And when we talk about popular areas and neighborhoods in Deerfield Beach, we must mention century village. This is one of the largest American active adult communities. It is not on the coast, it is surrounded by parks, and golf courses, and is very popular.

What makes it stand out

What makes this city stand out are the beautiful beaches with white sand. These beaches attract tourists from the country and the world throughout the year as the temperature in winter is around 60F. Oversaturation of tourists may be a problem during the summer season, but tourism is one of the main pillars of this city’s economy. Many retirees who found their senior home here are originally from the Northeast. Most of the people who live here are pleasant and kind. The only downside, according to some residents, is the prices, the fact that it is not very diverse compared to other cities in the area. Also, the city does not have much to offer when it comes to cultural events, but you can always find them nearby.

Retirement in Coral Springs

Coral Springs is also a city in Broward County. It is about 50 miles from Miami and about 30 miles from Fort Lauderdale. It’s located right next to the Everglades National Forest. It has about 135,000 residents and is well connected to other larger cities. What attracts seniors and retirees to Coral Springs is affordable living and the fact that it is less saturated with tourists compared to other places in South Florida. But that is not the only thing that makes this city stand out. Seniors often say that’s their number one location for many other reasons. They choose it as their favorite place for relocation due to the availability of medical services. Medical care and services are very important because they greatly facilitate the daily lives of all retirees here.

So let’s answer “Where do seniors live in Florida” when it comes to this city? According to Coral Springs movers, this medium-sized city has about 10 percent of the population over the age of 65. All residents agree that the community in this place is very diverse, warm, and pleasant to live in. if you want to lead a quiet but meaningful suburban life, Coral Springs is a place for you. This is a city with a much lower crime rate, even one of the safest in Florida.

Outstanding parks

Parks in this city are something special. You can find your type of park and use the different parks for different occasions. Whether you want to walk the dog, take the kids out, get lost in the garden, or just relax, there is a park here for you. Waterpark too. You can even explore Butterfly World. It is officially located in Coconut Creek but is in the Coral Springs neighborhood. visit the maze at Helena Ramsay Memorial Garden if you need some peace. If a more active life is what describes you more, there is the Sportsplex complex. However, this place cannot boast of cultural diversity. residents say it is still a “work in progress”. Currently, in addition to the elderly, a lot of families with children live here and enjoy all the advantages of a suburban lifestyle.

Retirement in Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach is a city located along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. it is only about 11 miles north of Fort Lauderdale and about 38 miles north of Miami. According to the latest official information, this city has over 112 thousand residents. the population of this place is also increasing. this city also belongs to the Miami–Fort Lauderdale–West Palm Beach metropolitan area. According to Movers Pompano Beach, this city is one of the most frequent destinations for older adults. The history of this city dates back to the 19th century.

The first official residents were the families of Frank Sheen and George Butler who moved here in 1896 as working families. They were railway workers. Before them, settlers who lived here were mostly scattered and were not officially recorded as residents. This town began to develop rapidly with the arrival of the railroad in 1896. Frank Sheen named the town “Pompano” after a type of fish. After World War II, the city merged with several other communities along the beach and became “The City of Pompano Beach.”

Where do seniors live in Florida when it comes to Pompano Beach?

Here is the answer to the question “Where do seniors live in Florida” in Pompano Beach. This is one of the most popular destinations for seniors in Florida, the USA, and beyond. This is mostly because there are at least six doctor’s offices per thousand inhabitants in this place. Easy access and great medical service availability are among the deciding factors when retirees choose their new place to live. And, movers in Pompano Beach say that another reason for relocation here is living near the beach.

People who visit this city return regularly, and those who move here rarely leave. There are many families who, before deciding to live here permanently, regularly visited this resort town. Its beautiful sandy beaches, pleasant, warm people, and family-friendly environment make everyone feel welcome. In addition to the beach, there are also numerous restaurants and shops. In addition, this city offers numerous parks, a fishing pier, and there’s even an airpark. The city has good infrastructure. It is well connected to other places so you don’t have to worry if the road takes you there.

Where do seniors live in Florida when they relocate to Oakland Park?

Oakland Park is a small town just 4 miles from Fort Lauderdale and about 34 from Miami. It has a little over 44 thousand inhabitants. Considering the vicinity of Fort Lauderdale this is “a small town in a big city”. The first known residents were Tom and Netta Whidby. They moved from Georgia to farmland in 1901. Since the mid-twenties, the population of this place has been steadily increasing.

Nowadays, this little modern town offers its residents many places for recreation, peace, beautiful parks, an independent library, and much more. What people who live here like the most is that it’s only a few miles from Fort Lauderdale, so all the noise is just as far away. Also, you are only about 2 miles away from the beach. the neighborhood is warm, pleasant, and friendly, and movers Oakland Park FL also say it is very quiet, especially compared to downtown Fort Lauderdale.

A short distance from most south Florida beaches is one of the main advantages of this place. It is pet-friendly and family-friendly. In addition to older adults, it also attracts many young families with children. Good public and private schools in the area also contribute to this. People who live here say that the lot sizes are very generous. Most people here are elderly people, so you don’t have much to worry about when it comes to crime.

You’ll find endless beaches and green oases wherever you go and quickly realize “where do seniors live in Florida”

To summarize

If you ask yourself “Where do seniors live in Florida” and move to one of these places, you’ll enjoy it. Each of these five places will provide you with excellent living conditions. You’ll get good medical care and pleasant people will quickly surround you and wish you welcome. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful, sunny weather and forget about the cold. The streets are walkable, the beaches are close, and you can always go to a beautifully decorated park. You can also enjoy various recreational activities and sports if you like a more active life. There is something for everyone. It is no wonder why the vast majority of people who visit these places decide to stay there permanently.

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