Where do Californians move to in Florida

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Where do Californians move to in Florida

Where do Californians move to in Florida

Have you noticed that so many people are either thinking about moving out of California? No matter where you are reading this from, you must have heard the news for sure, right? Well, not only have we heard the news, but we here at 24/7 Logistic Services have taken an active part in helping our countrymen and women relocate to the Sunshine State along with their families. In the case that you are living in either one of the major cities in California or in a rather small community, and thinking about relocating to Florida too, you should really ask yourself: where do Californians move to in Florida? This is what we are going to focus on today. Hopefully, it is going to help you make the right decision that is going to work out fantastically for you and for your family in the long run.

Why even wonder: where do Californians move to in Florida

Living in California has been a dream of many for so many years. For decades in fact. However, at a certain point living here has become more of a burden to some of us who had been calling California our home for such a long time. While the weather has changed, it has not changed that much. What did change, however, is the number of residents in Cali’s evergrowing cities. Along with that and with the evolution of the IT industry, the biggest threat to our enjoyment of living here came: the rising costs of living. Simply, they have become unbearable and have chased the labor force out of cities resulting that only a few have been able to actually fund their living in the hearts of cities. The rest of us had to move out and commute.

However, it seems as if those times are gone. If there was one good thing about the pandemic it is that it showed us that the world can actually go round without us coming into the office. And even though the costs of living have remained high, the possibility of working remotely has motivated a lot of our countrymen to take their families to carry out the moving from Sacramento to Miami, Florida. By moving here, not only did they not lose the all-year fine weather, but have found themselves in a situation where more of their money is going to remain in their own pockets.

The reasons to choose Florida in the first place

The United States is a vast country. Therefore, there are 48 states more to choose to move to if moving from California other than Florida. So, why do so many people do this? The reasons are several.

First of all, Florida is a cheaper place to live in. The prices as such on average are lower than the ones in California. So, that is the first reason. Secondly, Florida has no state income tax. This results in a larger portion of your salary staying in your own pocket. Make sure to add to that equation that the property tax is lower here as well. So, money plays an important role when people contemplate moving from Los Angeles to Miami. Thirdly, the climate and the weather are similar to the ones in California. Sure, you get hurricanes here and the humidity is higher. Still, it’s not like you would be moving to Oregon, Washington, or Minnesota. There it is where you actually get to experience severe winters. Also, job opportunities are plentiful here as well, along with the good climate for starting your own business. Simply, Florida has it all.

So, where do Californians move to in Florida?

Here are some of the most popular destinations for Californians moving to Florida:

  • Tampa Bay
  • Sarasota
  • Miami

With the help of the right movers from California to Florida, you can bet that your relocation to any one of these places is going to be easy. So, let’s find out more about them.

Tampa Bay

Along with Miami, Tampa Bay is one of the most famous areas in Florida. This is a financial hub located on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. This is a very diverse area with plenty of job opportunities, theme parks, and Florida’s top-quality schools. If finance, leisure, and quality education are what you seek, you will strike a homerun with Tampa.


The next place where Californians move frequently is Sarasota. This is a perfect place for all of you who are really looking to escape the city buzz. While not the smallest of cities, Sarasota has that small-city vibe that you may be looking for. It is located South of Tampa and is as well on the Gulf coast. If spending time at the beach is what you are after, while leading a more relaxed life, Sarasota should be on your shortlist.


If anyone thought that our list of the most popular places in Florida to move to from California was going to go without Miami, FL finding its place, they would be very much wrong. After all, it is the most famous city in the state and a commercial hub as well. A party city as some like calling it has a lot more to offer than sheer partying. There are numerous neighborhoods to choose from when moving here. Miami has a vast selection of quality schools. However, their quality could use some improvement.

Where do Californians move to in Florida? Now you know, so take your pick!

Probably you will no more be asking yourself where do Californians move to in Florida. As you have seen, Californians love to swap beach areas for beach areas. With nothing to lose, there is really no reason to stay where you are. Moving to Florida is going to help you keep more money in your own pocket while living the same lifestyle. So, think about moving here and call us when you realize that you need help with your relocation.

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