When is the best time to move to Florida

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When is the best time to move to Florida

When is the best time to move to Florida

Florida is a globally famous state in the USA. It has 21.78 million residents, and more and more people choose to make it their home. With a population increase of 1.9%, it has seen significant growth in the past few years. Reputable moving services in South Florida providers have been busy year-round. But if you are about to take this step, which season should you choose? As everyone, you want the best possible moving experience, and the season you choose will greatly impact that. Sometimes you cannot decide this, but if you can, you should ask yourself when is the best time to move to Florida.

Everybody knows that Florida has a mild temperature

The Sunshine State has a humid subtropical climate. With an average temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit, it is always a great time to be outside. Moving includes time spent outside, so many people choose the warmest months to move. This results in our long distance moving services South Florida being primarily busy during the summer. 80% of Americans move between May and September, mostly due to the weather. Since Florida always has sunshine, it is logical for the moves to be evenly distributed throughout the whole year. That is the case in every state with this type of climate, but people also choose summer for reasons like:

  • Time of work –  most people get their annual holidays during the summer. Many choose to dedicate this free time to moving since it is such a time-consuming task
  • School holidays – kids get 10-11 weeks of holidays in the summer season, making the transition to a new school much easier, for both kids and parents
  • Longer daylight hours – moving will have you working all day long. You can get more done the longer the days are, so summer is a logical time to pick

What about the transitioning seasons?

Transitioning seasons – spring and autumn have perfect temperatures for being outside. Spring temperature ranges from 70 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit, while autumn averages 80 degrees. Daylight hours are sufficient to get things done, and our local movers in South Florida are as busy as it gets.

If you are thinking about when is the best time to move to Florida, consider the less popular moving seasons

What are the bad sides of moving in the summer?

Moving in the summer is all great, but nothing exists without flaws. It greatly depends on the person and situation, but scheduling a move with some residential movers in South Florida during the hottest months means:

  • Highly occupied movers – summer is the high season in the moving industry, leaving very few or no free dates for moving service providers. Scheduling a move at least 3 months in advance is the only way to relocate your household with professional help during this time.
  • Higher estimates – high demand is followed by high prices. Movers usually increase their prices by 20-30% during the summer months.
  • Hot weather – thanks to its humid, hot climate, being outside during summer in Florida can be unbearable for some. Packing and unpacking will be done inside, but the boxes and furniture won’t carry themselves. Whether you or professionals do it, it won’t be a pleasant experience.
  • Use of part-time labor – not every company does this, but sometimes high demand requires additional seasonal labor. They are supervised by trained movers, but it is just a thing to keep in mind when deciding on when is the best time to move to Florida.

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