Tips for moving from Miami to Long Beach

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Tips for moving from Miami to Long Beach

Tips for moving from Miami to Long Beach

So you’ve decided to make a big decision and move from Miami to Long Beach. Because of that we as one of the leading moving companies in south Florida would like to help you. We’ve got a lot of experience and we know a lot about both cities. Not only that but we’ve done our homework and did research about those places two places. We’ll present you with the best tips for moving from Miami to Long Beach. So let’s dive in and let’s move to California!

What will you miss when moving from Miami, Florida

First things first let’s take a look at some data. First of all the overall cost of living is 21% higher than the national average. Housing expenses are 47% higher than the national median price and utility prices are 4% higher too. The median house price is $584,044 and the median rent is $1,784 / month.  The cost of transportation, including bus fares and gasoline, exceeds the nationwide median by 9%. When it comes to food and groceries prices are 21% higher than the US median. While healthcare is 2% lower than the US average it’s the only thing that seems cheaper than in Miami, Florida. If you’re moving from Florida to California you can also find both cheap and reliable movers online.

Long Beach has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

What people might miss from Miami is diversity, especially in Spanish-influenced cultures.  Miami is a great place for nightlife so you’ll miss that Spanish-influenced vibe that is found only here in Miami, Florida.  Also, the west coast and south coast have different music and art scenes.  We know that Long Beach has a beach in its name but sorry Miami has some of the best beaches in the world. Also, both places have Disneyland but the biggest one is in Florida. There is one in California too but this one is closer to Miami than the one in California is to Long Beach.  Since you’ll be needing the best south Florida cross country movers you’ll need to consider talking with a professional moving company.

Welcome to Long Beach, California

So let’s see what awaits you 2000 miles away in Long Beach. First of all the cost of living is 54% higher than the national average. The median home price is $958,932 while the median rent is $2,929 / month. Now since the prices are already higher than in Florida maybe you should look for long distance movers south Florida, rather than in California; since they’re probably much pricier. Long Beach has housing costs that are 141% more than the national average and utility costs that are 10% higher. Additionally, transportation costs—including bus fares and gas—are 27% higher than the national average.  The cost of groceries in Long Beach is 11% above the national average, while healthcare expenses in the city are 12% greater than the national standard.

All in all, we can see that prices in Long Beach are quite higher than in Miami, but that’s what you should’ve prepared for. As you know the third most expensive state to live in is California. So these numbers shouldn’t be a surprise to you. More people are moving from California to Florida that the other way around. Now let’s see what await you here:

  • Laid-back atmosphere with great weather (temperate ranging from the 60s to 70s) and great beaches
  • Long Beach has a higher sales tax than the national average and an overall higher cost of living
  • Higher traffic means that people are going to wait for more during peak hours
  • Great schools since in Long Beach you can find some of the finest schools in the US

What’s the key difference when moving from Miami to Long Beach

As you can see there are a lot of different and similar things. Both places are warm but the climates are quite different.  It means that summers in Long Beach are dry and warm while in Miami they are hot and humid. On the other hand, winters are warm and mild in Miami vs mild and wet winters in Florida. To put it in a more technical perspective Mimi has a Tropical climate while Long Beach has a Mediterranean climate.  As you could see Long Beach is expensive in every possible way from gas and taxes to restaurants and healthcare.  But also income is higher when compared to Miami. The median household income in Miami is $47,860 compared to $71,150 in Long Beach, California; the numbers speak for themselves.

Now if you’re moving you should also consider some of the basic tips. You can find all the tips and tricks that you need in our blog section. For example, if you’re looking for tips like how do you move to another state you can find them all there. When it comes to moving long distances you should just consider having a better-organized plan. So start right away and after you make a list of all the things that you have, start decluttering. If you want to do it faster and more easily call the moving pros. Finally, you’re on the plane and you’re heading to another sunny state California. For moving day just prepare the essentials that you must take with you (food, medications, etc).

Final thoughts on tips for moving from Miami to Long Beach

So as you can see moving from Miami to Long Beach has its pros and cons. Most importantly pros outweigh the cons easily since Long Beach, California is one of the best places to be. Everything from weather to better job opportunities and the overall higher average income is a pro. So with our tips for moving from Miami to Long Beach, you’ll be ready to go in no time. Just don’t forget that our professional moving services are at your disposal.


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