Things to know before moving to Fort Lauderdale

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Things to know before moving to Fort Lauderdale

Things to know before moving to Fort Lauderdale

Planning your relocation is one of the best and most important things when moving. It allows you to stay calm and finish all the things you need to. And one of the things you should plan is to research things to know before moving to Fort Lauderdale. This will help you decide if this is the right place for you and your family. It’s not just that, you will also feel like you are already familiar with the city you’re moving to. And to have as much time as possible for this, you can get moving services in South Florida to make your move even easier. Hiring professional movers means that you have more time on your hands. That way you can focus on getting to know Fort Lauderdale.

Let’s explore Fort Lauderdale before moving

Moving to a new city can seem very overwhelming. Especially if you have never visited the city before. That is why doing research is a great thing that can help ease your mind. No matter the reason why you are moving to Fort Lauderdale, we are sure you will like it. It is a large city that offers many opportunities for work, friendships, and nice fun life. With its population of around 186 000 people, Fort Lauderdale is the tenth biggest city in Florida. There is also a lot of diversity in the communities, which leads to more diverse art, food, and culture. So, here is some of the information about the city before you decide to call long distance moving companies Fort Lauderdale has to help you with moving.

The housing market in Fort Lauderdale is steady

Things to know before moving to Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is one of the amazing coastal cities located in the state of Florida. It also goes along the Atlantic Ocean and has 7 miles of beaches for you to enjoy. This large city is one of the three main cities that make up the Miami metropolitan area. The two closest cities that you can find are Hialeah which is 20 miles and Miami which is only 25 miles away. Fort Lauderdale is also easily reachable by many means of transportation. It has its airport, and it has good connections by train, for example, Tri-Rail connects Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. If you want to travel by car, interstate 95 connects you to the cities mentioned before, and it goes all the way to Jacksonville. And since it is a port city, you can even travel by boat to some locations.

Because of its good connections, hiring moving companies Fort Lauderdale FL is very easy no matter where you are from. One of the interesting things about Fort Lauderdale is that it has the nickname “Venice of America”. Of course, this means that is a lot of canals in the city. To be more exact, 165 canals are running through the city, and a lot of tours allow you to experience them. You can go on water taxis or gondola rides that will make you feel as if you are in Europe and enjoy these beautiful streets. Or, for even more fun for the whole family, there is a Bluefoot Pirate Adventure that will get you adventurous. It starts with the message in a bottle, as many adventures do, and after a 90-minute ride across the canals, young pirates get an award.

Taking a gondola ride will make you feel as if you are visiting Europe

Job opportunities

When you are deciding where to move to, it is quite important to check what are the work opportunities in the city or nearby area. Even if you are already moving because you got a new job, it is always good to know what the economy is like. In the past few years, Fort Lauderdale has seen an increase in the job market by 1,9% with good predictions about it for the next few years as well. Meaning that there are more jobs, and more to come.

Unemployment rates are not as higher as the average rate in the rest of the country, with the US unemployment rate being 6% and Fort Lauderdale’s being 6,1%. Since the city has amazing weather all year round, it is a very popular tourist spot. This means that the main industry is tourism and all the industries that are closely tied to it. There are a lot of people employed in the service and hospitality business as well.

Housing prices and cost of living

As these two factors are very important when you are moving to a city, we did some digging into them. You will be pleased to hear that you can hire movers in Broward County easily if you like how Fort Lauderdale sounds to you. Although it is a big city in Florida, the cost of living might not be as high as you expect it to be. The average cost of living in the city is $28,300 and its score of it is 117.9. With these numbers, Fort Lauderdale’s cost of living is lower than the rest of the Florida cities.

It is still a little bit higher than the US average, with the national average being 7.2% lower than the one in Fort Lauderdale. Since there is a neutral housing market, the houses on the market are in a reasonable price range. They also stay on the market for a usual timeframe. In the summer of 2022. the median house value was $529K, but it is always best to check the market close to when you would buy a home.

There are a lot of things to know before moving to Fort Lauderdale!

Education options to know before moving to Fort Lauderdale

Among the things to know before moving to Fort Lauderdale is that there are enough public and private schools. In the Broward County Public Schools, there are several options for elementary, middle, and high schools all within the city’s reach. There are also private options for kids of all grades. And for those interested in higher education, Fort Lauderdale has The University of Fort Lauderdale with seven different programs. Also, there is Broward College and Nova Southeastern University which is a private universities.

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