Things to know before moving from California to Miami

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Things to know before moving from California to Miami

Things to know before moving from California to Miami

California and Florida are similar in many ways. The average cost of living in California is higher than one in Florida. The same comparison goes for the two biggest cities in these states respectively. This is one of the most common reasons people move here. Living in Miami is similar to living in California in many ways and you get to pay less for everything. But this doesn’t necessarily mean it is better overall. There are things you need to know before moving from California to Miami. Besides the many similarities these two locations share, there are differences that might be a deal breaker for you. So, before you hire movers from California to Florida and their services, take a look at our article. You will get to learn some things about living in Miami and what to expect in general. Read the article down below and see it for yourself.

What should you know before moving to Miami?

It is good to know what to expect before moving to a new location. In this case, since it is a long-distance relocation, there will be many changes to your lifestyle. A different state usually means different policies. And there is also the fact that the lifestyle is surely going to differ. These are all the things you will need to accommodate to if you plan on living here. So, without further ado, let’s dig in.

Before moving from California to Miami it would be a smart idea to check the tax policies the state of Florida has

Tax policy

The first big difference between living in Miami FL and California is the tax policy in these two states. Florida residents pay no state income tax. In addition to this, there are no estate income taxes or inheritance taxes. This, of course, goes for Miami as well. In California, on the other hand, there is a 7.25 percent general sales and use tax. Statewide, this is the highest rate in the nation.

But keep in mind that there is still a 6% sales tax in Florida. Most people moving from California to Miami are coming from Los Angeles. Which makes a lot of sense since these are the biggest cities in these states individually. So, if you are moving from Los Angeles to Miami consider these tax policies since there is a high chance they will affect your living here on a long-term basis.


Traffic in Miami is no fun, and depending on where you live, getting around will be really hard if you don’t have a car. Unless you live in Miami downtown. But, no matter how boring the traffic in Miami can get at times, it is nothing compared to L.A. traffic. According to INRIX, L.A. has the 6th worst traffic in the nation. All things considered, you will find the traffic in Miami less congested. That’s another positive thing about living here compared to California.

If you aren’t a fan of using a car, consider moving to the downtown area of Miami

The traffic is bad overall but at least it is not worse than the one in L.A. Although this might not concern you if you are moving from Sacramento to Miami for example. You will find the traffic here worse in that scenario. Another thing worth mentioning is car insurance. It is extremely high here in Miami. The average driver here pays more than three thousand dollars a year for it. Consider this fact if you plan on owning a car here.

The weather won’t surprise you

Both California and the City of Miami have warm climates throughout the year but here’s where they differ. The humidity in Miami is one of a kind. It ranges from 70 to 75% year-round. It might take you some time to get used to it. There is a lot of rain in certain periods of the year. You might think it cools everything a few degrees down, but that is not the case. It just adds up to the overall humidity levels. With a climate like this, it is no wonder why the wildlife is the way it is. No matter where you live, you will encounter a lot of insects. They are mostly harmless, but it is just a thing you might want to watch out for.

Will the lifestyle be different when moving from California to Miami?

The things that almost always differ when it comes to moving long-distance. Moving to another city means a different lifestyle, let alone moving to another state. Here is what you need to know. The lifestyle in Miami is laid-back and less professional. But it is not something you can’t get used to. As for the culture here, you will find it mostly to be Hispanic. This is because most of the population is made from Hispanic people. The people here are welcoming and mostly pleasant.

The lifestyle in Miami is unique and you will quickly get to enjoy it

The community makes living here enjoyable. The nightlife here is one of the best in the nation so make sure not to miss going out from time to time if you move here. Fun fact: Provided that you like swimming and spending time in the water, it is a great place to move to. The water here is much warmer than in the Pacific. The beaches are also more visited. There are also countless outdoor activities for you to enjoy. If you like what you hear, it’s easy to book 24/7 Logistic Services. Moving to Miami can be easy.

Moving from California to Miami: Our final thoughts

Choosing to live in Miami is a decision you aren’t likely to regret. These things listed in this article were mostly general. If you want to learn more about the City of Miami itself, try looking up more information on our website. Or, if it suits you more, contact us. The 24/7 Logistic Services are here to assist you anytime. Just as our name suggests, moving from California to Miami will be well organized. Thanks for reading our article and happy moving!

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