The differences between living in Maryland and Texas: what to expect

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The differences between living in Maryland and Texas: what to expect

The differences between living in Maryland and Texas: what to expect

When getting ready for a long-distance move, it’s good to know what you’re in for. Every state has its own gimmicks and laws, so today, we’ll focus on Texas and Maryland. In this article, we at 24/7 Logistic Services will tell you the differences between living in Maryland and Texas: what to expect and how to prepare. We know that moving cross country can be overwhelming, but with our help and guidance, it doesn’t have to be. With the right knowledge and tips, your move from Texas to Maryland and vice versa will be a breeze. We will go over the climate, geography, prices, culture, and lifestyle of Texas and Maryland. On top of that, we will also include some general moving tips that can greatly simplify the process of moving long-distance. The two states are over 1,500 miles away from each other, so the differences are crucial.

The differences in the climate and geography of Texas and Maryland

A state’s climate and geography can affect your life to varying degrees. It goes without saying that Texas is incomparably larger than Maryland: Texas is the second largest state, while Maryland is 42nd. Maryland is largely split into 3 regions: the Appalachian mountains, the Piedmont plateau, and the Atlantic Coastal Plain; Texas, on the other hand, has more. The regions of Maryland and Texas differ depending on the sources used. However, both of the states are coastal and have access to the sea which contributes to their different climates. In Texas, the most populated areas are the Dallas–Fort Worth area, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. In Maryland, it’s Baltimore, Columbia, and Germantown where most of the people live in. Do consider these facts when moving, regardless if you’re moving to Texas or Maryland.

Climate difference

Climate conditions are closely tied to one’s health: that’s why you must know the differences between Texas and Maryland’s climate. Before you look for Baltimore interstate movers, always make sure to do research on this topic. This especially applies to people who are sensitive to certain weather conditions. When it comes to Texas, the summers are warm and sunny with the rainy season taking place in Spring. Winters in Texas are, for the most part, mild and bearable. As for Maryland, the weather is pretty mild year-round, but it depends on the areas of the state. For example, Eastern Shore and Southern Maryland are cool for the most part, but Western counties tend to be more cold. Maryland summers can be anywhere between warm and hot, but this also depends on which area of the state. Consider these things before moving to Texas or Maryland.

The differences between living in Maryland and Texas: Cost of living and other expenses

Of course, when moving to a new state, there’s some budgeting to be done. Maryland and Texas have vastly different costs of living, which is a crucial difference to consider before you search for long distance moving companies in Baltimore to assist you with your move.

  • Compared to the national average, Texas’ cost of living is 8% lower, while Maryland’s is 21% higher.
  • In Maryland, expect to spend 56% more on housing. In Texas, housing costs are 16% lower than the national average.
  • Utilities in both Texas and Maryland are above the national average. However, you’ll spend 2% more in Texas, and 7% more in Maryland.
  • In Texas, Plano, Gainesville City, Dallas, and Austin are the most expensive cities, with the cost of living in Plano being 21% more than the national average. As for Maryland, Bethesda, and La Plata are the most expensive; the costs of living being 40% and 15% higher than the national average, respectively.
  • Food in Maryland is 12% more expensive than nationally; food in Texas is 10% cheaper than nationally.
  • Maryland’s healthcare is 12% lower than the national average, while it’s 6% lower than the national average in Texas.

When you move into a new state, you might want to taste some food or go out. Maryland is famous for its blue crab, pit beef, and “snowballs”, but it also has a wide array of Latin American, Ethiopian, Nepali, and Caribbean cuisine. To most, Texas is the home of BBQ and meat, but what they don’t know is that Austin is Texas’ top foodie city. Texas is famous for its wide selection of Mexican dishes, and craft beer coming from over 300 craft breweries.

Culture and lifestyle in Maryland and Texas, and how to execute the move properly

Texas and Maryland both have rich and diverse cultures and people, as well as lifestyles. Our movers Glen Burnie MD residents rely on will gladly help you with the transition, whether you want to be a Marylander or a Texan. Maryland, for example, is home to many natural parks. It’s also home to Montgomery County, one of the most diverse neighborhoods.

Texans are relatively friendly and hospitable, proud of their state, and have a strong sense of community. The Texas lifestyle is very diverse and can’t be explained completely in a mere paragraph. Maryland is the second happiest state in all of the United States. Texas is known for its Mexican American and German-American culture filled with arts and crafts visible in the many Texas festivals.

Wherever you move, it takes time to adapt

All in all, Maryland and Texas have a number of differences. The question of the differences between living in Maryland and Texas: what to expect should have been answered by now. The climate in the two places is different, Texas’ cost of living is generally lower than Maryland’s, but Maryland’s living standards are so good that they made it the second happiest state in the US. Of course, if you plan to move to either of these states, it’s important to hire good and reputable long distance movers. 24/7 Logistic Services will gladly help you and give you advice on what to do when moving cross country.

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