Sunrise FL vs Davie FL: cost of living comparison

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Sunrise FL vs Davie FL: cost of living comparison

Sunrise FL vs Davie FL: cost of living comparison

Moving is something almost everyone goes through during their lifetime. Besides the fact that you have to put a lot of effort into your move, there is also the problem of choosing the right place. Whatever the reason for your move, you will always have to decide where exactly to move to. There are several factors to count on while doing so, one of which is determining how much will your new home cost you. Living in Florida has many advantages with South Florida being the most popular part of the state. The cities of Sunrise and Davie are among the most popular choices for people moving to South Florida. If you are reading this it means that you probably need to choose between these two.  But before you book your move with movers in Broward County and start living in one of these two cities, try reading this article and see what option is going to cost you more. We are here to help you and present you with the Sunrise FL vs Davie FL comparison. Let’s get right into the article!

Introduction to Sunrise FL vs Davie FL comparison

Both cities belong to Miami metropolitan area. Sunrise is a bit closer to Miami and more popular with tourists while Davie is a bit further from the city center. Both cities are well-known residential areas and have many qualities. Davie has more education possibilities and is overall looked on more favorably by people moving to South Florida. It also has a bit bigger population than Sunrise. They are similar in many ways but the cost of living in these cities differs significantly. Of course, that doesn’t mean that one is necessarily better than the other. It mainly depends on what are you looking for.

Home cost is the main thing you should look out for when choosing a place to live

Home costs

The first cost comparison we will go over is the home costs. The average home cost in Sunrise is around 268 thousand dollars. The average home cost in Davie is around 387 thousand dollars. Sunrise is below the average US home cost while Davie is above it. Surprisingly enough, Davie FL has more owned homes than Sunrise.

Davie is considered a high-end town with bigger yards on average and it’s more suburban. That is why the prices are higher here. It’s also filled with newly built houses so that adds up to the average house cost and movers Davie FL are usually dealing with people looking for newer houses. Fun fact: Riding your horse on the street here is allowed and a common thing. You will find many people riding their horses in Davie. That is all you need to know to understand the suburban feel of it. Sunrise is a better option for people looking for residential areas but with some urban aspects as well.

Rent costs

There is always the option of renting an empty home and moving your stuff there. Renting is a good option for people that don’t stick around one place throughout their lives. Nevertheless, it’s always better and more comfortable to have all of your stuff in your new home. The average rent in Sunrise is around 2000 dollars while in Davie it’s about 2300 dollars. It is not a big difference but it is noticeable over time if you plan on living there for a while.

Property tax rate

The same goes for property tax rates. The relation between these follows the home costs of the two towns. The property tax rate in Sunrise FL is 8.6% while in Davie FL it’s 11.4%. Property taxes are closely related to home costs so it’s only natural for Davie to have higher property taxes compared to Sunrise.

The property tax rate is a frequently asked question with movers Sunrise FL since people looking to move here are trying to see if both property costs and tax rates are similarly cheaper than the rest of the metropolitan area. Despite the overall higher costs of both homes and property taxes, Davie has more owned and rented homes percentage-wise.

Other costs

Prices are no exception when it comes to comparison. In the town of Davie FL, everything is more expensive than in Sunrise FL in general but luckily not by a large margin. The bills are as you know related to home costs so they will be bigger as well. Keep in mind that more than 20% percent of homes in Davie were made in the 21st century so you can look at a house as an investment. That means that over time, the worth of your potential home will increase exponentially. Not that this is not the case with Sunrise, but your house in Davie will surely be worth more percentage-wise over time.

Our Sunrise FL vs Davie FL cost comparison

If you are moving with a family, particularly with kids, have in mind that despite Davie being pricier, it also offers more options regarding education. If your kids or you are going to attend a college or any school for that matter, maybe it’s better to be nearby said establishment. This will save you time and money since constant traveling can be a bit tricky. If you need more information, try reaching out to movers South Florida since they are familiar with this area and they will surely advise you the best.

Read the Sunrise FL vs Davie FL cost comparison and research more based on your preferences

If the cost isn’t a problem for you and you are looking for a peaceful neighborhood with a suburban vibe to it, then Davie FL is a better option. Provided that you want a cheaper option, and an urban environment then Sunrise FL is a suitable choice. If the cost preference and the location don’t match up, then we suggest you decide on your priorities. Meaning that, if the cost is a bigger factor for you, then position yourself toward the prices. As mentioned before, both of these cities belong to the City of Miami metropolitan area so if you are looking for more information we suggest visiting the city’s official website.

This is the end of our Sunrise FL vs Davie FL cost comparison. Take into account everything mentioned above and you will make the best possible choice for yourself. Good luck with your move!

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