Planning a Military Move? 3 Ways 24/7 Logistics Services Can Help You

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Planning a Military Move? 3 Ways 24/7 Logistics Services Can Help You

Planning a Military Move? 3 Ways 24/7 Logistics Services Can Help You

A military move is known as a PCS or permanent change of station. Whether you’re new to the military or approaching retirement age, service members can be called upon to relocate at any point.

Though relocating can be a great way to experience new things, grab new opportunities, and meet new people, the act of moving itself is a huge hassle. Here’s how a professional moving company like 24/7 Logistics Services can help you with your military move!

Weight Estimation

Before you start packing, you should make an inventory of all the items that you own so that nothing gets lost or damaged. If you’d like, you can call a representative from 24/7 Logistics Services to complete a pre-move survey. In our survey, we’ll make a note of the special items that you’ve highlighted, provide you with weight estimations and valuation options.


When you’re serving in the military, you don’t really have time to do much else. That’s why you should let the professional team of packers at 24/7 Logistics Services pack your items. Our packers will be in touch with you ahead of time to inform you that they’ll be arriving on the scheduled packing dates during a specified period. You need to be available for this time period and instruct them which boxes to load first and which ones to load last.

Separate all the items you’ll be needing immediately or things that you’ll need to travel with. It’ll save you a lot of hassle and ensure that your move remains as smooth as possible.

On-Time Delivery

At 24/7 Logistics Services, we specialize in long-distance moves. Our drivers will be in contact with you at all times and will keep you updated throughout the way. For those opting for direct delivery, we’ll help unload all your items; otherwise, we can put them in storage. We ensure professional and on-time delivery, so you won’t have to worry about any missing items, delays, and other hassles.

If you’re moving soon, the team at 24/7 Logistics Services can help you out. From long-distance residential moves to corporate moves, 24/7 Logistics Services offers expert and professional full-package moving services. Check out our list of services!

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