Newcomers guide to coping with South Florida’s humidity

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Newcomers guide to coping with South Florida’s humidity

Newcomers guide to coping with South Florida’s humidity

Florida is, without a doubt, the most humid state in the US. The Atlantic Ocean and the warm Gulf of Mexico surround it. All of that makes for a perfect storm when it comes to humidity. And while the entire state has issues with high humidity, South Florida, with a warmer tropical climate, can sometimes be the worst. Floridians will tell you it can be hard sometimes to find ways for coping with South Florida’s humidity. And that can be worse if you are moving or have just moved there. That is why today we will talk about the best time to move to Florida, what tips you can use to get acclimated, and what to do when humidity strikes. So let’s hesitate and make sure you are prepared for your South Florida relocation.

Tips for coping with South Florida’s humidity

The first tip for surviving in a hot and humid climate is to lower your physical activity during their highest point. If you must go out, make sure you are wearing suitable clothing. Wear breathable clothing during times with the highest humidity. And don’t forget to use sunscreen when going out to avoid sunburns. Another way of coping with South Florida’s humidity is to stay hydrated. This goes especially if you are in the middle of a physically intensive exercise or during relocation organized by residential movers South Florida offers.

What to do when humidity is bothering you at home

There are also some ways you can cope with humidity in South Florida at home. After all, nobody likes feeling uncomfortable while they are at home. To raise your quality of life in Florida, after moving, we suggest first getting a dehumidifier which is an appliance that can draw out the humidity in closed spaces. These appliances can also help people who have asthma or allergy breathe easier in South Florida’s hot and humid weather. Secondly, don’t be afraid to use your air conditioning. Warm air is much better at retaining moisture, which is why cooling your home can help lower the humidity. At the very least, it can help with its effects.

Advice for people who are planning or have just moved to South Florida from different climates

If what brought you to our blog on coping with South Florida’s humidity because you want to move here, here is some additional advice we can give you after finding the right moving services in South Florida. South Florida can be more laid-back than other parts of the country. Embracing the relaxed atmosphere and taking advantage of the many beaches can help you with coping with South Florida’s humidity.

Get all the information about South Florida weather

South Florida is also known for hurricane season, which runs from June through November. In addition to reading about coping with South Florida’s humidity, make sure you get all the information from Florida Climate center. Also, prepare a disaster kit with essential supplies, such as food, water, and medications. And with that, you are ready to enjoy South Florida. We are sure that you are going to love it now that you are prepared for the humid weather.

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