Moving to Pompano Beach: simple guide

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Moving to Pompano Beach: simple guide

Moving to Pompano Beach: simple guide

If you are thinking of moving to Broward County, you have made the right decision. It is especially good because there will be some reliable moving companies Broward County to choose from to assist you with your relocation. The next step is to choose where in this county you want to live. There are many great places. Let’s be honest-it’s Florida! It is difficult to choose a city or a neighborhood because you have so many wonderful options. Don’t worry anymore. We can make your choice easier. Keep reading and you will see why moving to Pompano Beach is our suggestion. If you decide to move to this gorgeous city, you won’t make a mistake. And with our guide, you will know everything you need before your relocation.

Why is moving to Pompano Beach a good idea?

In the center of South Florida’s Gold Coast is the quaint and modest community of Pompano Beach. Pompano Beach offers a laid-back, unpretentious feel and a lifestyle centered around outdoor activities. This is a great place to live because there are many community events. Also, the beaches in Pompano Beach are some of the best in Florida. In Pompano Beach you will find:

  • a lot of activities,
  • a lively cultural scene,
  • great restaurants and craft beer,
  • amazing beaches.

Pompano Beach has developed into one of South Florida’s most popular destinations and many people choose to live there. If you don’t want to be an exception, you can contact some of the movers South Florida and start organizing your relocation. You will love living in this city, just like everybody else does.

Is it expensive to live in Pompano Beach?

If we have in mind that living in Pompano Beach actually means living in Florida, it is normal not to expect the most affordable prices. In addition to that, this city’s location and at the same time peaceful atmosphere give it the right to be fairly expensive for living in. However, we have a piece of good news. The overall cost of living index is not much higher than Florida’s average. Even though it is higher than the national average (9 % higher, to be precise), the difference between Florida and Pompano Beach is not that significant. The cost of living index in FL is 102.8, while in Pompano Beach it is 104.2. In addition to that, the housing costs are even lower-93.1, compared to Florida’s 102.6.

How much does it cost to buy a house in Pompano Beach?

We have good news for those who plan to buy a property in Pompano Beach. The prices are lower than in Florida and even lower than the national average. The median home cost in Florida is $294,900. The national average is $291,700. Buying a house in Pompano Beach means you have to pay $272,700. This is a good reason to hire movers in Pompano Beach and find a real estate agent. You can find a lovely residence for yourself soon.

Homes are more affordable in Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach is a great city for families

For all the reasons we have already mentioned, Pompano Beach is one of the best places in South Florida for families. It has many family-friendly activities, so your children will never be bored. You can visit Pompano Beach, where you can try Pompano Beach Water Taxi. Then you can go to Pompano Municipal Pier and Sample-McDougald House.

When it comes to education, it is also great, and that is another reason why moving to Pompano Beach is very good for families. Pompano beach has 35 elementary schools 16 middle schools and 16 high schools you can choose from. Some of the best-rated schools are Somerset Pines Academy and Norcrest Elementary School.

What is the weather like in Pompano Beach?

Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” for a reason, and Pompano Beach is a prime illustration of this! Pompano Beach has 240 sunny days per year. In addition to that, temperatures are never extremely high. They go up to 85 degrees, so you’ll have plenty of time to spend outside soaking up the sun, but it won’t be extreme heat. In addition, the Gulf Stream makes sure the water is warm enough for swimming during the whole year. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Just have in mind that you will have to use your umbrella a lot. Pompano Beach receives about 61 inches of rain in one year. After all,  Florida is famous for its unexpected afternoon rain showers.

Cultural scene

One of the most appealing locations in the Southeast, Pompano Beach is still developing and growing. As a result, the city’s officials aggressively seek out new opportunities for economic stability, public and private growth, as well as the preservation of its distinct personality. With the debut of three brand-new venues and forthcoming enhancements to its famous amphitheater, simply known as The AMP, Pompano Beach’s cultural art sector has seen a significant transformation recently. So, whether you’re in the mood for an exhilarating live performance or an insightful art show, one of these distinctive cultural arts institutions will certainly satisfy your needs. This is why it is time to organize your relocation thanks to local movers South Florida who have a lot of experience when it comes to organizing moves to this area.

What to do in your free time?

Thanks to the vibrant local arts and entertainment scene, Pompano Beach is never short of entertaining things to do! Visit a changing art exhibit downtown in the Creative Arts District or take in a live ballet performance at Pompano Beach Cultural Center. Visit the Bailey Contemporary Arts Center to view paintings and photographs by regional artists or to take part in an art class. Pompano Beach Amphitheater, an outdoor venue with 3,000 seats, hosts live musical performances. The Ali Cultural Arts Center is a great place to learn about the African-American community in Pompano Beach. Or visit the Blanche Ely House Museum to learn more about Pompano Beach’s past or to sign up for a storytelling class. All of these reasons are good enough for moving to Pompano Beach.

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