Moving to Oakland Park to retire; what to expect

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Moving to Oakland Park to retire; what to expect

Moving to Oakland Park to retire; what to expect

Searching for a relaxing and calm place to retire can seem like a hard task. And with so many options for beautiful cities and towns, we understand that. Let us tell you a few of information about Oakland Park, and you can decide whether you would be moving to Oakland Park to retire. And if not, you might be interested in spending a few days here, as it is an exciting place. This part of your life is for your full enjoyment, so you can travel as much as you want. And no matter where you decide to move for your retirement, movers in Broward County would be more than happy to assist you. This way you can have a stress-free relocation and start your new journey with ease.

What should you be looking for in a place for the perfect retirement option?

Firstly, we can go over some of the things most people search for when deciding where to spend their retirement. And this will obviously sometimes be different based on your personality, so you can add your demands as well. We can surely agree that in your retirement you want to spend peaceful days somewhere, with not a lot of racket. Further, it would be great if the town had enough green spaces, parks and other interesting places so that you can take walks and feel good. And since we mentioned walks, smaller places or generally places that are really walkable can be on your list as well. Most of the places that fulfill these demands are already populated by retirees, so you can also make some new friends.

Most retirees are looking for peaceful, quiet, walkable cities, and beautiful scenery

Here is some general information about Oakland Park

Oakland Park is a city located in Broward County, Florida, with an area of 8.1 square miles. If you head south of the city and drive for 4 miles, you will get to Fort Lauderdale. And 5 miles to the north of the city, you will find Pompano Beach. Both of these larger cities are extremely close and have an access to the beach. Oakland Park has a population of around 44, 800 people and most of those people own their homes. If you decide to be one of them, the movers Oakland Park FL offers are great to work with. They can ensure that your move is done in a quick and professional way. So, while you continue to excitedly prepare yourself, your move will be in the great hands of a trained team.

Reasons to consider moving to Oakland Park to retire

Oakland Park is a nice smaller city with a lot to give. If we go back to items on the list people have when looking for a place to retire, the first thing is peacefulness. Even tho the city is constantly growing and investing in new businesses and development, it stays a quiet and nice residential area. This is attractive to a lot of different groups of people, from young professionals to people in retirement. Many older people and families are more than happy to live here and consider it a safe, quiet, and clean place.

Since there are a lot of small shops, restaurants, and other businesses, in every neighborhood you can find what you need. So, everything can be within walking distance. Oakland Park also has a lot of greenery, but not just that, its location is close to a lot of outside parks and natural sights. One of them is Easterlin Park, an amazing picnic spot, with a lake, a lot of green spaces, and many other outdoor activities. Now that you know Oakland Park ticks a lot of boxes that you might have, you might be interested in moving here. You don’t need to invest a lot of your time here, you can have local movers South Florida offers to help you out.

Community and different neighborhoods of the city

As mentioned already, most of the people living here are owning their homes. The median home value is around $260,000. But there are still a lot of options if you want to rent out something. And on top of that, if you are interested in a different type of living situation, there are more than enough senior centers in the city. Before calling the residential movers South Florida, it would be best to decide what you would like the most.

The community in this city can be very supportive and welcoming. Other people who decided to settle in and retire in Oakland Park can be a great addition to your life. You will have many new opportunities and also events and activities to spend time with them at. More desired neighborhoods are located in the northern part of the city, like Central Corals and South Corals. Southern parts of the city are more affordable though. We are sure that you will have luck in trying to decide which parts you want to live in. You can maybe even get a recommendation from someone you know who already lives here.

Moving to Oakland Park to retire can lead to new and exciting friendships!

Some other cities in Broward County if moving to Oakland Park to retire is not for you

If you think moving to Oakland Park to retire is not the best option for you, don’t worry. There might be a different place in Broward County that you would be interested in. Many neighborhoods of Fort Lauderdale are beloved by people. You can see how you feel about Weston, Rio Vista, or Parkland. Coral Springs is another great choice for people looking for safe and nice places. It has low crime rates, many families and seniors, and gorgeous green spaces, like Tall Cypress Natural Area. Seeing all these suggestions can show you that Broward County has a lot to offer and that you can surely find your perfect home here.

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