Moving to Florida: tips for people moving from other states

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Moving to Florida: tips for people moving from other states

Moving to Florida: tips for people moving from other states

When you decide to relocate to Florida from another state it can be quite a challenge but exciting at the same time. Depending on what state are you coming from, there are different things you can expect from Florida. One thing is for sure, wherever you decide to move to FL, you can contact 24/7 Logistic Services Florida because they will help you conduct that process. Switching states isn’t easy and you need someone you can rely on during that complex period in your life. On the other hand, moving to Florida can bring you only benefits. From amazing weather to great job opportunities and an educational system, you will find everything you are looking for in The Sunshine State. Read our tips to prepare for everything waiting for you in Florida.

Why should you leave your state and move to Florida?

As we have already mentioned, there are many reasons to move to Florida. Whether you are coming from California or Maryland, don’t hesitate to contact interstate moving companies South Florida and start preparing for your relocation. If you are looking for a good job, more affordable housing, a competitive educational system, or just the perfect weather, you won’t regret your move to Florida. You will find out everything about the differences between Florida and your state if you are moving from:

  • California,
  • Ohio,
  • Illinois,
  • or Maryland.
Moving to Florida is a great idea

What to expect if you move from Maryland to Florida?

If moving to Florida from Maryland is the next main goal in your life, then you need to some more facts about Florida and the differences between these two states also. As with already mentioned states and cities, Florida has higher temperatures and more humidity. If you don’t mind that, then this relocation is the right move. When it comes to the cost of living, overall numbers say that it is more expensive to live in MD, especially when it comes to groceries and transportation costs. For example, monthly public transport tickets cost $50.97 in FL and $76.83 in MD.

On the other hand, if we compare similar cities, the situation is different. For example, in Baltimore, the overall index is 11.6% less than in Orlando. The median home cost is $118,900, which is 40.4% less. But, as we have already mentioned, making an investment anywhere in Florida is worth every dollar. Another good news is that the utilities and transportation costs are cheaper in Florida, 4.9% and 13.0% less, respectively.

Is it difficult to find housing in Florida?

Even though it may seem that it is not that easy to buy a house in Florida, especially not as easy as in Maryland, there is nothing to worry about. As we have already said, the real estate market in Florida is always thriving. That means you won’t have any difficulties finding what you need. Of course, it will be much easier if you hire a real estate agent and know exactly what you are looking for.

The educational system

If you are moving with your family, or you have decided to move to Florida from Maryland to study, you shouldn’t be worried. We have already mentioned that FL has one of the greatest educational systems in the country. Maryland’s educational system is at a respectable level also. It is number 5 on the list of the best public schools in the USA. However, Florida is the only state in the U. S. that ranks in the first 10 places in each category. For example, it is ranked first in transparency, but second in regulatory freedom. When it comes to choices, there are many schools in FL you can decide between. That places this state in third place if we speak of school choices. Overall, it is without competition and ranks first. What is also very important, it is number one in education freedom.

Montgomery County Public Schools is the top school district in Maryland. It is the largest school system in Maryland, with 206 schools and a total enrollment of over 163,000 students. In Florida, 11 schools are on the list of the best 100 schools in the country. Fourth on that list and number one in Florida is the School for Advanced Studies in Miami. It is a high school that operates on five campuses and offers a wide range of different forms of knowledge. If you weren’t sure if moving to Florida is a good idea, the educational system confirms it is.

Safety in FL vs MD

Safety is one of the crucial features you will check and research before you decide to contact long distance movers South Florida and move from Maryland. You will be glad to know that Florida is one of the safest states in the USA. Recently, the state recorded 382.4 violent crimes and 2168.7 property crimes per 100,000 inhabitants. This means that the rate is only slightly higher than the national average. In Maryland, the violent crime rate is the same as in the USA, with 4.0 crimes per 1000 residents. The property crime rate is below the national average. It is 16.1 crimes per 1,000 residents, while the national average is 19.6 per 1,000 people. However, what can be a problem with these numbers is the fact that the FBI doesn’t have the data from the majority of the cities in Maryland.

Leaving Ohio to live in FL

If you decide to move from Florida to Ohio, you will have to undergo certain changes in your lifestyle. Whether you choose Miami or any other city in Florida to move to, you can contact movers Columbus OH to Florida and make your relocation from Columbus much easier. Columbus is another city that is larger than Miami. Even though there are more rainy days in Miami than in Columbus, there are also more sunny days. The biggest difference weather-wise is the fact that Columbus gets snow, while it never snows in Florida.

The weather in FL is perfect

If you want to know what are your chances to get employed when you move from Ohio to FL, you need to know that the unemployment rate is lower in Columbus than in Miami, 5.7% compared to 8,3$. However, higher job growth is expected in Florida in the future. Also, the family median income is higher in Columbus, at $58,475 compared to $38,048. However, Florida’s biggest advantage is the fact that there is no state income tax. You are most likely to find a job in Ohio if you want to work in sales, office, administrative support, or in management, business, or finance. These jobs are also the most popular in Florida, so you won’t have a problem with the lack of experience if you decide to move.

Moving to Florida from Illinois

There are many differences between Florida an Illinois and reasons you might want to leave Chicago or any other city in IL. Even though the cost of living is much lower than in Florida, the benefits Florida has to offer are much greater. For example, the weather conditions shouldn’t even be compared. Of course, not everyone is crazy about hot weather, but for those who hate harsh winters, finding one of the great moving companies Chicago to Florida is a great idea. Extremely low temperatures, strong winds, and snow can make a lot of problems for the residents of Chicago. It is not an uncommon situation that snow melts causing floods, or that frozen piles of snow cause material damage.

When it comes to real estate, in Chicago the prices have gone up 5.2% in the last year. On the other hand, prices in Florida have increased even more. Nevertheless, since FL is one of the most popular spots for tourists in the USA, people still find it a great opportunity if they invest money in real estate in Florida. A similar situation is with job growth. Over the last two years, Florida’s private sector had faster and higher job growth than any other state in the USA. Professional and Business Services had an increase of 9,400 jobs in the private sector during the month, followed by 4,500 jobs in manufacturing and 4,200 jobs in finances. A lower cost of living is a good reason to stay in Chicago. But, on the other hand, we have Florida’s job opportunities, the value of the real estate, and no taxes.

There is no state income tax in Florida

Moving to Florida from California

If you have decided to from California to Florida, the first difference you may notice between the states is the weather. It seems impossible at first thought since both of the states have a lot of sunny days and the summer temperatures can go to the extreme. However, the main difference is the fact that California gets more rain from time to time. When it is not the case, the air is dry, unlike the air in Florida which can become heavy since it is damp all the time. But, there are so many other reasons to contact movers from California to Florida and relocate there. If you want the combination of all the best things Florida has to offer, moving to Miami is a great idea.

Going from Los Angeles to Miami

Miami and Los Angeles are pretty similar cities, with great weather, amazing beaches, and living opportunities on every corner. However, there are also some crucial differences. If you are moving from Los Angeles to Miami, you need to know the difference in cost of living first and population first. LA is a much more populated city, with 3,970,219 residents, while there are 471,525 people living in Miami. So, if you love a large enough place, but not overcrowded, leaving CA for FL can be a great decision.

When it comes to the cost of living, Miami is  30.5% cheaper than LA. The overall living index is 122.4, compared to LA’s 176.2. Some of the biggest differences include more than 50% higher median home cost in LA. You need to pay $883,400 for a house in LA, while a house of the same size costs $398,100. On the other hand, food, groceries, transport costs, and utilities are between 2 and 3 % less in Los Angeles.

If you want to rent, you need to know that in Miami, you will have to pay 55,3% more than last year, while in Orlando, for example, rent prices have increased by 35,4 %. Speaking in dollars, monthly rent in Miami can reach $2,929, and in Orlando $1,843. If you want to buy a house, before you contact one of the moving companies from Maryland to Florida, have in mind that the $407,000 median sale price for single-family homes means that the price has risen by 15%. Also, if you want to buy a condo, the median price is $305,000, which increased by 20%.

Coming to Miami from Sacramento

When it comes to moving from Sacramento to Miami, all the costs of living are similar. The biggest difference is in the median home cost which is cheaper in Miami, at $398,100 compared to Sacramento’s $435,600. Overall, if you want to move to Miami from Sacramento, you will have to pay 0,7% more on the costs of living. When it comes to the educational system, you shouldn’t be worried if you move to Miami. Even though the public schools in Sacramento are great, among the best in the country, and more than 90% of students choose public over private schools, Miami also has a respectable educational system, especially when it comes to universities. So, if that is something that is important to you, don’t hesitate to move to Miami.

Tourism is at the highest level in FL

Is it difficult to find a job in Florida?

When moving to Florida, you want to be sure that you are going to be able to find a job. Florida is number nine on the list of the best states to find a job in. The best city in FL for such an endeavor is Tampa. Some of the jobs you can easily find in Florida include

  • The customer service representative,
  • Retail sales associate,
  • Real estate agent,
  • Nurse.

Enjoy our life in Florida

As you can see, there are many reasons and good opportunities that are waiting for you when you decide to move to Florida. Whichever country you are coming from, moving to Florida is the right choice. Do your research, contact the right movers, and set out on this journey.

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