Moving to Coral Springs: quick guide

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Moving to Coral Springs: quick guide

Moving to Coral Springs: quick guide

If you are living in a neighboring area, you already know a lot about the city. However, you might be moving to Coral Springs from another city or state. If so, before you hire moving services in South Florida, you should learn a bit about your new city. Coral Springs is located just north of Fort Lauderdale and the Florida Keys. And, you will need just a short drive to reach Coconut Creek, Boca Raton, and Pompano Beach. Besides, the famous Everglades is its neighbor. Reading our quick guide, you will learn all that you need to know. So prepared, you will know what to expect. And which city area will suit your need the best.

Coral Springs is a carefully designed and built community

Coral Springs was named after the company that designed and built it in 1963. Before the Coral Ridge Properties company started the works, the whole area was a large marshland. Nowadays, it is a beautiful city, with rich foliage, lakes, fountains, golf courts, and hiking trails. The city continued growing, and it become a city that can recognize today during the 90s. In general, the city is considered family-friendly. So, no wonder that you will meet many young families there. It also has a large community of retirees. Besides the downtown, you will have two dozen neighborhoods to choose from. The most popular among them are:

  • Royal Palm Boulevard
  • Ramblewood Drive
  • Coral Ridge Drive
Coral Springs is a cozy Florida city.

Coral Springs Downtown

There are not many tall buildings in Coral Springs. As a matter of fact, the city’s building codes forbid structures taller than 12 stories. So, the tallest structures you will find in the Downtown area. Those are:

  • Country Club Tower
  • Preferred Exchange Tower
  • 210 Tower
  • Bank of America Center

In the other parts of the city, you will find lower condos and single homes. So, once you find the right place for yourself, it will be time to give a call to Coral Springs movers.

What living conditions to expect when moving to Coral Springs?

Coral Springs has a rather diverse population. There, you will find a mix of different cultures and languages. It has 133,370 residents, and the median age is 36.8. Compared to neighboring cities, it is a cozy, and relaxing place for living. Having that said, let’s see the other aspects of moving to Colorado Springs.

What’s the climate of Coral Springs?

The climate is subtropical, which means that you should expect hot and humid summers. Winters are mild and in July and August, you can expect regular afternoon showers. Tropical storms and hurricanes can occur, but they are not so often.

When moving to Coral Springs, learn more about the traffic

Traffic in the city is low, so you don’t need to expect traffic jams. The average commuting time is 26.8 minutes. However, in the case of working in some of the neighboring cities, your commuting time will be much longer.

In case your home is too far from the work, you might consider changing the neighborhood. After finding a suitable home in the new area, give a call to local movers South Florida. With their assistance, your move will be fast and easy.

With low traffic, commuting within Coral Springs is easy.

The economy in your new city

As a matter of fact, although the city is not so big, the economy is booming. And, you can expect a household income of  $77,488. That is much higher than the income of other cities in Broward County, and than the national average. The largest industries in the city are:

  • Health Care & Social Assistance
  • Retail
  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

Property and living costs

Regarding the property, you should know that 62% of residents are owners, while only 38% of them are renting. The median household price is $370,600. And the median rent is $1,567. The other costs, such as costs of food, groceries, transportation, healthcare, and utilities do not differ from Florida’s average costs. So, moving to Coral Springs, you can expect a rather comfortable living standard.

School system in Coral Springs

In case you are moving to Coral Springs with kids, you will be nicely surprised to learn that this small city has excellent schools, enrolling over 30.000 students. So, your kids will be able to receive a good education. Coral Springs schools belong to Broward County Public Schools. The city has 12 elementary, and 4 middle schools. The top-rated among them are:

  • A.D. Henderson University School & FAU High School
  • The College Academy at Broward College
  • McFatter Technical College High School
  • Pompano Beach High School
  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Schoo

When it comes to higher education, students from Coral Springs can attend nearby:

  • Broward College
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • Barry University

Crime rates and safety

This closely-knit community has much lower crime rates in all categories than the national average. So, you can relax, as residential movers South Florida are moving to one of the safer cities in the country. And, you, your kids, and your property will not be exposed to dangers.

Landmarks and city activities that you will enjoy

Since the city is very close to Everglades, you will be able to enjoy some of its famous landmarks, including:

  • Tall Cypress Natural Area
  • Sawgrass Nature Center
  • Betti Stradling Park

Besides, be ready to take part in the city events. Every year, the city host numerous art events. With such a rich offer, you will be always able to find the right one for yourself. Be it live music, painting, or whatever art you like, you will be able to enjoy it in Coral Springs. Also, you can always visit the Coral Springs Museum of Art and the Coral Springs Center for the Arts.

Recreation spots and wellness in Coral Springs

Moving to Coral Springs, you will be able to enjoy many sports and wellness centers. Coral Springs is home to more than 60 fitness and recreational facilities. So, you will for sure find several that will be up to your liking. And, they are open to the public during the whole year. When it comes to sports, you will find many possibilities too. You will be able to choose from athletics, baseball, and football, to roller hockey and golfing. Coral Springs is a small, but eventful place, and we are sure that you will enjoy living in it.

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