Moving from Pompano Beach to Sacramento

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Moving from Pompano Beach to Sacramento

Moving from Pompano Beach to Sacramento

When moving from Pompano Beach to Sacramento you will have to move from coast to coast. So, you will have to carefully plan your move. And, you can start by booking reliable movers, such as 24/7 Logistic Services. After that, you will have to prepare your household for the moving date. To help you with preparation, we have prepared a quick guide. It should help you to define all the preparation steps. And to be ready even before the moving date. Besides, the movers will transport your possessions. But, it will be up to you to decide how to travel from Pompano Beach to Sacramento. Will you, along with the family board a plane? Or you will opt for 44 hrs cross county drive?

Moving from Pompano Beach to Sacramento: first step

Before moving to Sacramento, it would be wise to learn something about your new city. That way, you will know what to expect. Also, since the moving company has usually a delivery window of two to three weeks, your new home will be empty until their arrival. That time you will have to spend in a hotel. So you will have to find one which is within your budget. Or, you can check for the possibility to rent a furnished apartment for a short period. Also, you will have to find some good restaurants. Of course, unless you have relatives in Sacramento, ready to host you during that period.

The capital of California, Sacramento is rather a quiet city. Its 518,600 residents enjoy a laid-back and relaxed way of living. So, moving there, you will find quite a similar atmosphere as you had in Pompano Beach.

Pompano Beach vs Sacramento costs of living

Regarding costs of living, Pompano Beach FL is 15.8% cheaper than Sacramento CA. By comparing the prices, we can see that the main reason for this difference is the median home cost. In case you are buying a home in Sacramento, it will cost you $435,600. The same size home in Pompano Beach will cost you $272,700. You may decide to rent until South Florida long distance movers bring your possessions. Or, until finding a home that will be best for you and your family. The rent will cost you $1,434 a month.

The other costs are similar. There, we think about the costs of food, utilities, healthcare, and transportation. When it comes to median home income, the average income in Sacramento is $71,074. The median home income in Pompano Beach is $56,109.

Living in the CA capital

Although the capital, Sacramento is a much smaller and calmer city than Los Angeles or San Francisco. So, you can expect more enjoyable living when it comes to the work/rest time ratio. Also, commuting will not be long and difficult. And, knowing that the unemployment rate has fallen under 8%, you will be able to secure a good job in the city.

Many will tell you that Sacramento is one of the best CA places for living. After moving, you will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, booming economy, and excellent food. We shouldn’t forget many wineries and breweries are located throughout the city. Moreover, the city is well-maintained, and always clean.

Spending time outdoors

Like in Pompano Beach, you will be able to spend a lot of time outside. Sacramento is known for its nice weather. Summers are pleasantly hot, and winters are mild. So, you will have ample time and possibilities year around to explore the city’s surrounding areas. You will need just a short drive to reach the Pacific coast. Or to go in the opposite direction and discover many attractive inland places. If all this looks appealing to you, it’s time to hire top moving companies in Pompano Beach. And to head towards your new city.

Getting adjusted to coffee time

Adjusting to the city and getting more friends, you will realize that you are suddenly spending a lot of time in coffee shops. Not only that they love coffee, but they also love spending time in coffee shops, sitting and chatting with friends in a nice atmosphere. So, be ready that your new friends will turn you into a serious drinker. And, being able to choose anything, from lattes to cold brew, you will for sure find your favorite drink.

Choosing the right neighborhood when moving from Pompano Beach to Sacramento

Moving from Pompano Beach to Sacramento, you should choose the right Sacramento neighborhood. But, which one would be the right one for you? Well, you will set a list of criteria before moving from Florida to California. That list will help you to better understand your priorities. And thus, choose the neighborhood that will best reflect your needs:

  • Commuting to work – you might opt for a neighborhood from which you will have the easiest access to your office
  • Vicinity of high-rated schools – being a parent, you will opt for neighborhoods with highly-rated schools. That way you will make sure that your kids will receive an excellent education
  • Walkability – this can also be a prevailing factor when choosing the right place for yourself and your family
  • Safety – not all Sacramento, CA neighborhoods have the same safety rates
  • Entertainment and outdoor recreation possibilities – this can also be one of the factors criteria

Top Sacramento neighborhoods

Sacramento has over 120 neighborhoods. So, the choice is really great. But, with such a great choice, it might be harder for you to bring the final decision. To help you with the issue, here is the list of the top Sacramento neighborhoods. And, in case you realize later on that you would rather live in the other part of the city, no problem. You can always hire reliable local movers and relocate.

  • Boulevard Park
  • Midtown / Winn Park / Capital Avenue
  • Marshall School
  • New Era Park
  • East Sacramento

Adjusting to your new city

We could see that, when dealing with a reliable company, your moving from Pompano Beach to Sacramento doesn’t need to be stressful. Although you will be moving cross-country, having full trust in the chosen company, you will be relaxed and calm. That will enable you to enjoy your new city while waiting for movers to deliver your possessions. And to start exploring it, learning about the best things to do, see and visit frequently. And, you might even discover some interesting facts that you didn’t know about Sacramento.


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