Moving from Pembroke Pines to Baltimore: how to adapt

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Moving from Pembroke Pines to Baltimore: how to adapt

Moving from Pembroke Pines to Baltimore: how to adapt

Regardless of your reason for moving, you’ll always need some time to adapt. And, knowing important facts about your new city will help you to adjust faster. This is even more important when moving from Pembroke Pines to Baltimore. Namely, you are not changing only the city. You are changing the state too. And, in the new state, people will probably have different views, and habits. So, knowing about those habits in advance will give you time to accept them. That way you will be already partly prepared for changes, even before best moving companies in South Florida complete your move. So, let us find out about the best ways to adapt.

Learn more about Baltimore before relocating

The distance between Pembroke Pines and Baltimore is 1087 miles. And to cover that distance, you’ll need about 17 hours of non-stop driving. Already this shows that you are moving a long distance. Therefore, you can expect many differences that you will have to face. For example, you will have to get used to a different climate. Also, the jargon will certainly be different from what you are used to. And, the lifestyle will most likely differ from the relaxed Florida one. So, living in Baltimore, you will definitely have to adopt some new habits.

Moving from Pembroke Pines to Baltimore you will have to adjust to many changes.

Quick facts about Baltimore

You can use the following facts as a starting point to learn about your new city. They can also show very useful once you move in. The bottom line, at the time Pembroke Pines moving companies bring your possessions, Baltimore will already look familiar to you. Or, you will at least know your way around. And, you will know what kind of address people of Baltimore like. Besides, all this will help you meet new people and become a member of the community faster.

Baltimore is known for its rich history. And, since it was established as an independent city in 1729, it has been an important seaport. Besides being a major seaport, it is the ground where the national anthem was born. Namely, during the 1812 War, the British tried to capture Baltimore. Thank’s to its bastion “Fort McHenry”, located at the Chesapeake Bay, Brits never managed to enter the Inner Port. And this fight was the inspiration for Francis Scott Key’s poem “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Ever since it remained the US National Anthem.

Geography of Baltimore

Baltimore is situated on the fall line between the Atlantic coastal plain and Piedmont Plateau. So, this natural configuration is dividing Baltimore into “lower city” and “upper city.” The elevation difference between the two is about 480 feet.

Besides, its position at the place where Patapsco River flows into the Chesapeake Bay, made Baltimore an important spot. And, one of the important East Coast harbors. So, no wonder that Baltimore has so many public monuments. By the way, did you know that there is also a monument house where the poet Edgar Alan Poe was living in the 1930s?

Whats Baltimore like today?

At the outer part of Baltimore harbor was located a large industrial complex, owned by Bethlehem Steel. The complex was known for steel production and shipbuilding. However, it was closed down. And many jobs were lost in that time. The situation changed with the Tradepoint Atlantic. They’ve opened a successful logistics center at the place of the previously industrial area. And recently, steel production has restarted, bringing a lot of new residents to Baltimore.

So, the Baltimore job market is rapidly growing. Are you among those moving in search of a good job? If so, interstate moving companies in South Florida will organize safe relocation for you.

Purchasing a house in Baltimore is cheaper.

What climate should you expect in Baltimore?

In Baltimore, you should be prepared for hot and humid summers. However, the winters are snowy, windy, and cold. Besides, the sky over Baltimore is partly cloudy all year round. The temperatures typically vary from 30°F to 89°F. So, keeping some of your Florida clothes is fine. But you will have to buy suitable clothes for the other three seasons. And, especially for the wintertime.


Estimation made on the bases of 2022 shows that Baltimore has about 602,000 residents. At the same time, the number of people living in the Baltimore metro area was 2,343,000.  Pembroke Pines has about 172,000 residents. Therefore you will live in a more populous city, and that can bring lots of adventure your way.

Moving from Pembroke Pines to Baltimore: Adapt to costs of living

It may come as surprise to learn that Baltimore is 21.5% cheaper than Pembroke Pines. The main difference comes from the median home prices. In Baltimore, you may purchase a home for $175,500. The same size home in Pembroke Pines is $360,400. The other costs, like groceries, transportation, utilities, and healthcare are also cheaper in Baltimore. So, prices-wise you won’t regret hiring services of movers in Baltimore area.

Baltimore has the largest public collection of Matisse’s works in the world.

Adapting after moving to Baltimore

How fast you are going to adapt may also depend on your age, marital status, and several more factors. However, some of them are common, regardless of the place you are moving to. And they are:

  • arrange your new home to your liking
  • go back to your daily routine as soon as possible
  • meet your neighbors and introduce yourself
  • if you have kids, meet other parents in school
  • start small talks in grocery shops
  • find out clubs that you can join – for example, a literary club if you love such activity
  • Adapt to moving from Pembroke Pines to Baltimore by finding a new job

All this will help you to blend into a new community faster. However, thank’s to modern technology, you can easily keep a connection with people “back home.” That way, you will prevent attacks of nostalgia.

Explore your new city

Your new city is full of historic places, museums, and attractions. But, it also has numerous new attractions. For example, did you know that Baltimore has the largest public collection of Matisse works in the world? Worth visiting, isn’t it? And, it can easily happen that, after moving from Pembroke Pines to Baltimore, you will find out many more surprising things. So, you definitely won’t have time for boredom in your new city.


Interesting facts about Baltimore

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