Moving from Florida to Texas: tips for an interstate move

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Moving from Florida to Texas: tips for an interstate move

Moving from Florida to Texas: tips for an interstate move

Moving is a truly blissful experience. There are many reasons to do so. However, before the move itself, you need to take into consideration a few things. First and foremost, you need to hire reliable movers. Hiring a reliable moving company will ensure safety and a well-organized move to your new destination. Additionally, if you are planning on moving from Florida to Texas, you are just in the right place! In this article, we will present tips on how to make this move your best one yet. With help of 24/7 Logistic Services, this will be your smoothest move yet!

What do you need to know before moving from Florida to Texas?

There are many reasons for relocating from Florida to Texas. Without any surprise, Texas’ population has been increasing recently. One of the primary reasons for this is that Texas has significantly cheap real estate and a lower total tax rate. You can find many affordable housing options for either living alone or living with your family. Additionally, there is no personal income tax or corporate income tax in Texas. Its cost of living is below the national average, thus, affordability is the main advantage of Texas.

Job opportunities are also one of the main reasons for the relocation. People seek something new and exciting. They want either a change of environment or a better working position. Texas also has a unique lifestyle, full of fun with people with an adventurous spirit. Austin, Houston, and Dallas have something for everyone! Of course, we don’t want to forget the rest of the state and its charms!

How to prepare for the cross-country move?

Additionally, you would need a quality experience for the move. That is why we mentioned hiring reliable cross country movers South Florida offers is the best solution. One of the reasons why you need to hire a moving company for your cross-country move is to get insurance. The moving insurance will guarantee the safety and security of both you and your belongings. Another important thing is to visit the city you want to move to at least once before the relocation. This way you will meet your new neighborhood and possibly meet some of the locals, thus, you will feel more welcome in the community.

Moving from Florida to Texas with your children?

Moreover, if you are relocating with your children, make sure to research schools in your new location. Also, be mindful of looking into moving quotes. You need to get multiple moving quotes, so you can find the best way to budget your moving finances. Don’t forget to make a firmly structured plan for packing your belongings. Since this will be a long ride, the safety of your belongings must be your top priority. Additionally, you will need packing supplies for your items. Make sure to mark the boxes, especially those with fragile items in them. Don’t forget to keep your important documents with you in your personal bags or backpacks.

Once you prepare everything you needed, it is important for you to determine the moving date. Choose a moving date that is “off-season.” This will come in handy if you are traveling with your children or pets. And once you arrive at your destination, start organizing the home. Arrange the rooms, and put your plan into reality. Of course, as we mentioned before, all this wouldn’t be possible without reputable long distance movers South Florida offers. Make sure to talk with your movers about everything that’s important to you.

Truth be told, interstate moving trends may be changing, but it’s important to know that you should organize the move according to your wishes. These were some examples that will make your cross-country move easy. Additionally, to make matters even easier, you can make a checklist of everything we have mentioned so far. The checklist could look something like this:

  • Hire an experienced moving company
  • Get a moving insurance
  • Pack your belongings safely
  • Determine the moving date
  • Discuss everything important with your movers

How to pick quality cross-country movers before moving from Florida to Texas?

Before making the first steps, you need to check if the moving company is properly licensed for doing this job. Only reputable moving companies will have positive reviews on different sites, so make sure to check that too. Once you make a deal with your movers, you should discuss everything important in-person. You can contact movers over the phone or email, however, when you are about to move, it is of utmost importance for you to talk with your moving company face-to-face.

This way, movers will take a good look at everything you have for relocation, thus, they will know how to plan the move best. It is also important in order to avoid hidden moving costs. You should also take a good look at your estimate and therefore, make a proper budget for the move. If you are looking for an affordable estimate, it’s best to choose a not-to-exceed estimate. With this estimate, you won’t have to pay any additional prices.

Florida vs. Texas comparison

Earlier in the text, we mentioned the main pros of moving to Texas. Now, we will take a look at what you should expect from Texas regarding the cost of living. Moreover, we will take a look at how it differs from the quality of life in Florida, we will see if certain aspects are more expensive and what are not, and plenty more. As we said, Texas is constantly growing. Its population is increasing, its economy is boosting. It’s a dream for any family to move to Texas since it guarantees that you will build a prosperous career and a peaceful family life. Here are some of the aspects we will discuss:

  • Cost of living (Real estate, utilities, everyday expenses)
  • Job market
  • Lifestyle (Culture, weather conditions, places to visit)

Cost of living

One thing that needs to be mentioned first is that Texas is significantly cheaper than Florida. The overall estimation shows us that Texas is 9.6% cheaper than Florida in terms of housing, utilities, and basic everyday expenses. Having said this, if you want to rent a one-bedroom apartment in the downtown area, the average price would be $1,174.29 for a single person. That is 38.8% lower than in Florida. On the other hand, the median home price is $172,500 which is significantly below the national average. Utilities would cost you $127.38 on average and the basic internet plan would be $67.87. This leads us to an estimation of $195.25 for the basic utilities in Texas. This is 20.1% lower than in Florida.

If you are traveling with your kiddos, private preschool for one child per month will cost you $821.03. Additionally, two semesters in middle school for your kid will be $11,971.05. Having said this, you will save 11.5% on your child’s expenses by relocating from Florida to Texas. Finally, you would significantly save on buying groceries. Moreover, for everyday groceries (fruits and veggies, dairy products, chicken meat) you will spend $38,29. However, keep in mind that this number can change depending on how many people live in the household and how often you buy groceries. Groceries prices are 19.1% lower in Texas compared to Florida.

Job market

The Lone Star State has grown in industries like technology, health care, retail, finance, hospitality, and plenty more. Therefore, it’s safe to say that you can find a nice job that will fit you best. However, keep in mind that Texas is a huge state, so job opportunities may differ from city to city. Despite all of the hardships that we have faced recently, the Long Star State won’t let you down since it’s the fastest growing in the whole USA. Here are the most popular positions in Texas:

  • Technology: Computing, engineering, IT managers, and development
  • Health care: Surgeons, orthodontists, anesthesiologists
  • Management: Marketing, purchasing, financial, and sales managers

Average salaries are above the national average and it is $50,000 per year. Entry-level positions usually begin at $30,916 and experienced workers can go up to $116,611 per year. Many employers pay their workers $23.44 per hour. Whatever you choose, you won’t be wrong. As we said, Texas will only continue to experience a boom in its economy.

Lifestyle in the Lone Star State

It is well-known that cowboys make up a large part of Texas’ culture. You cannot mention the Wild West without mentioning Texas. Texans are very proud of their land and you can often see people wearing cowboy hats or boots. Much like the state, everything is quite large in Texas, therefore, traveling through Texas is twice as much fun! People are welcoming and very friendly!

In Dallas, there are many things to do. If you want to meet the city better, you should opt for the Sightseeing Tour of Dallas which is $58.45 per adult. History geeks will enjoy visiting The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza and The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. If you want something new and educational for your kiddos, you should visit the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and The Dallas World Aquarium. You can capture precious moments with your family! If you want a nice and peaceful time, you can visit Kylde Warren Park in Dallas.

Visiting Austin

You cannot go to Austin without visiting Austin Capitol. For all foodies out there, you should visit Austin Downtown Walking Tasting Tour with Secret Food Tours. It costs $87.87, but you can also organize group visits. You can assign for the Austin Sightseeing as well. You will love group visits at Bullock Texas State History Museum. If you want a relaxing weekend in Austin, you can visit Barton Springs Pool.

Florida VS. Texas: Weather

While weather conditions are considered, you will find rays of sunshine more often in Florida than in Texas. However, Florida has higher humidity. Both states are reasonably warmer than the northern states. Rainy seasons in Texas usually occur in early fall and spring. You won’t have to worry about harsh winter since it’s not usual for Texas. Regularly checking weather conditions can improve your move. You can determine the moving day based on the weather. “Off-season” move usually happens during winter since the prices are the lowest then, however, the weather will not be your best friend. “On-season” moves are during summer. The weather is significantly better, but prices certainly aren’t. Finally, you should pick the moving days depending on your interests.

Overview of the tips for Florida to Texas move

This was a long ride. However, we made it to the end. This comes as no surprise since a cross-country move is a serious business. Not only will you meet a completely different lifestyle, but it also can happen so fast! This is why you need to have a credible moving company by your side when moving from Florida to Texas. Only with a credible moving company can you expect quality transportation, professional packing, and safe relocation! The experience shows that a DIY move is not a good choice. Professionals are professionals for a reason.

A recap of moving from Florida to Texas

  • Affordability is a pro of Texas.
  • You will see much lower prices for real estate, utilities, and everyday expenses in Texas
  • Texas’ economy and population have been increasing
  • Employers in Texas offer decent beginner and experienced salaries
  • Texas’ culture is unique and vibrant
  • Your move will be easy due to Texas’ good weather conditions

Did you take a good look? Great! Now you are ready for yet another adventure in your life! Don’t worry because reputable movers are by your side. With them, moving from Florida to Texas will be a piece of cake. They will prepare you for a stress-free relocation. Have a happy and successful move!


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