Moving from Columbus to Miami: how to guide

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Moving from Columbus to Miami: how to guide

Moving from Columbus to Miami: how to guide

Moving within one state can already be challenging. And, moving from Columbus to Miami, you will be moving 1152 miles southward. In other words, you will end up 5 states away from home. Whatever the reason behind your move, be ready for changes. You will have to adjust to a new climate, new landscapes, and new lifestyle. Living in Miami will, for sure, come with many advantages. But, living in the second biggest metropolis area on the East Coast will have some disadvantages too. So, besides preparing for the move, you will have to prepare mentally for such a change. And, one of the best ways is to learn things about your new city. That way, you will know what to expect once the movers Columbus OH to Florida bring you to your new home.

Learn about Miami before the move

Miami used to be a place to retire and enjoy white sands and a year-round hot climate. However, it grew and become a metropolis with over 6 million people. It became a vibrant metro area known as a financial and tech hub. Due to this, Miami attracts a lot of young professionals. If you are one of haven’t secured a job yet, it’s not a big deal. The Miami job market is rich, and booming. Besides, Miami is also an excellent place for start-ups.

Moving from Columbus to Miami you will be able to find many quiet areas

Luckily, the Miami metro area has many quiet places too. So, family people and retirees will be able to enjoy a tranquil environment. Actually, there are many beautiful and peaceful suburbs and towns within the Miami metro area, where you can move with help of 24/7 Logistic Services. There, you will be able to enjoy the famous Miami sunshine, blue ocean, and peace. And, in many such suburbs, the homes are more affordable.

Columbus vs Miami living costs

When it comes to costs of living, Columbus has 41.7% lower expenses than Miami. Also, the Miami housing costs are much higher than Columbus housing costs. For example, the median home cost in Miami is $398,100. The same size home in Columbus would cost you $205,800. When we compare the other costs, we can see that groceries, healthcare, and transportation costs in Maimi are higher than those in Columbus.

The Median Household Income in Columbus is $58,475 and in Miami $38,048. Also, when we check the statistics related to unemployment, we can see that it is 8.3% in Miami, FL, while in Columbus OH it is only 5.7%.

Miami Downtown is known for many successful business enterprises.

Living in Miami FL is not cheap

All those figures are showing us that living in Miami is rather expensive. However, we also have to keep in mind that the expected job growth in Miami is 42.7%, compared to the 34.2% growth in Columbus. Also, living in Columbus, you will have to pay a 5.7% income tax. When it comes to Florida tax system, it is well known that living in Florida, you do not pay income tax at all.

Advantages of traveling by car when moving from Columbus to Miami:

Flying towards your new state

Moving from Columbus to Miami, you may decide to fly or drive your own car. Flying, you will need about 2 hrs and 40 minutes. Of course, if we don’t consider the time needed to reach the airport in Columbus. And the time that you will spend driving from Florida airport to Miami. Not to mention the time needed to board, and collect your language.

The road adventure

In case you decide to drive, you will need a bit less than 18 hrs. Although it is a long journey, you don’t need to complete it all at once. Namey, you will be passing many many interesting towns such as Charlotte, Savannah, Naples, and Daytona Beach, to name just a few. So, you will have ample possibilities to stop, spend some time sightseeing, and even take some overnight stops. Also, you will have the possibility to visit the famous Disneyland in Orlando. It takes 15 hours to drive from Columbus and just 4 hours from Miami, to reach the place. So, once the interstate moving companies South Florida load your possessions and leave, you may start your family trip.

Learn a bit about the most famous beaches in MiamiMiami is surrounded by beautiful beaches. Well, living in Columbus, you were probably not thinking much about them. But, living in Miami means spending a lot of time on the beach. You might be playing one of the beach sports. Or simply take a walk around. And, before movers in Miami FL bring you to your new city, you could learn a bit about the most famous Miami beaches:

South Beach – shortly called SoBe, and known as the area where the Art Deco architecture meets high-end modern designSouth of Fifth – shortly called SoFi, is also the most luxurious neighborhood in MiamiMid Beach – this is a family-friendly area and one of the most relaxing places in MiamiNorth Beach – it is an excellent place for young parents with kidsSurfside Beach – it is best known for small, family-run businessesThis is just a part of the beaches that you will enjoy once you move from Columbus to Miami. And, once you settle down in your new home, you will have ample time to explore the rest of them.

Living in Miami has its pros and consUntil now, we could see differences between the two cities. We could also see that moving from Columbus to Miami you have to be ready to cope with increased costs of living. Still, by choosing the right neighborhood, and securing a good job, you will be able to enjoy comfortable living in Miami. And, learning what to expect in your new city will help you to cope with changes. Also, knowing all pros and cons of living in Miami will help you to adjust faster to your new city.


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