Moving from Chicago to Miami: guide for college graduates

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Moving from Chicago to Miami: guide for college graduates

Moving from Chicago to Miami: guide for college graduates

Moving from Chicago to Miami is a big step. As a college graduate, there are things you should know and prepare for before making this move. You might have lived your whole life in Chicago, or spent your student years there, but it’s time to move. You are moving to beautiful Miami and 24/7 Logistic Services would love to provide you with some valuable tips for this move.

What should college graduates know before moving to Miami?

If you prefer summer over winter and enjoy outdoor activities, you’ve made the right choice. Sunny Florida is an excellent place for those not fans of fall, winter, and cold weather. There are tons of people moving from all over the nation to Miami. Looking at official statistics, thousands of transfers have happened in only the first 4 months of 2022 alone. If we are talking about the number of, for example, driving licenses changed from other states to FL, here are some numbers:

  • New York – 61,728 license swaps, this is 12% more compared to last year and 55% more compared to 2019
  • New Jersey – 10,580 license swaps with Florida
  • California –  9,645 license swaps, 18% more than last year
  • Pennsylvania – 8,412 license swaps
  • Illinois – 8,149 license swaps with Florida
Many people are moving from Chicago to Miami and enjoying nice weather and outdoor activities.

Many moving companies Chicago to Florida state that a lot of college graduates choose to move to Miami because of the year-round outdoor living, expansion of remote work, lower cost of living, and lower taxation. There is no state income tax in Florida, which attracts many college graduates.

Let’s talk more about Miami

Miami has always been progressive and following the trends. Whatever was “in” or popular at any period of time could be found in Miami. Today, this city is a technology hub among other things. When it comes to anything related to the financial field, it’s here. Other popular areas are blockchain and cryptocurrency. That is one of the reasons why many start-ups decide to base their headquarters and start in Miami.

Wall Street Journal says that those financial firms that opened their offices in this city in the past two years have some 2 trillion in assets now. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 106,000 applications for opening new companies in Miami in 2020 alone. If you think that is a lot, wait until you read this. This number grew to 135,000 new applications in 2021.

There is a large number of start-ups and financial firms opening in Miami.

Can you afford moving from Chicago to Miami?

Even though there is no state income tax in Miami, certain items are still more expensive than they are in Chicago. However, people would still say that certain activities, such as going out to eat, are considered affordable in Miami. Here are a few price comparisons so you can get the picture:

  • If you’re going out to an “inexpensive restaurant”, you can expect to spend the same amount in both Chicago and Miami. So, if your budget is $20.00, you’ll be able to get the same food in both cities.
  • If you want to buy some domestic beer, it will cost you some 9% more in Miami. While you can get a domestic beer for $5.50 in Chicago, it would be about $6.00 in Miami (for 0.5l)
  • Imported beer would cost you about one dollar more in Miami. Compared to $7.00 in Chicago for a 0.33l imported beer, you will pay $8.00 in Miami.
  • Local transportation prices are identical. You can get a one-way ticket for $2.50 in both cities.
  • While the taxi start tariff is almost the same, One kilometer or one hour in a taxi is about 20% cheaper in Miami. Gas is also cheaper in Miami by some 20%.

How do salaries, rent, and utilities compare?

As you can see, some items are cheaper in Chicago, while others are more affordable in Miami. Movers Miami FL say that, regardless of these differences, people are very satisfied with life in Miami and are moving there daily. If we are comparing rent and utility prices, as well as salaries, here are some numbers:

  • Basic utility prices per month are about %5.5 lower in Miami, This involves electricity, heating, water, etc.
  • You can expect to pay about %29 more for a one-bedroom apartment in the Miami city center. Prices are still higher in Miami for apartments outside the center, but they are more affordable than those in the city center.
  • The average monthly net salary is some %11 lower in Miami. However, the yearly mortgage is less in Miami than in Chicago.

Moving from Chicago to Miami right after college can be scary, and seeing some of these statistics might be discouraging. However, moving companies in Miami Dade county have assisted thousands of college graduates to move to Miami. Many of them found amazing opportunities in this sunny city.

Many college graduates move to Miami to start their businesses or career.

How to organize moving from Chicago to Miami?

This is a long distance move and it needs to be planned well. The best thing for you to do would be to hire professional movers who can help you organize your move, pack, deliver items and unpack. You will not have much to do in this case. You can take that time to do other move-related tasks or spend that time on yourself. It would also be beneficial for you to learn more about Miami while movers are taking care of your relocation.

24/7 Logistics Services have assisted many college graduates who were moving from Chicago to Miami. They provided amazing feedback and were thankful that they had this “extra time” on their hands to say buy to all their friends, do some last minute shopping, take care of their documents, etc. If you also think taking advantage of movers’ help would be useful to you, we will gladly hear your plan and offer the best solution. Let’s talk!

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