Most popular moving routes in US

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Most popular moving routes in US

Most popular moving routes in US

Knowing the moving routes helps movers like 24/7 Logistics Services to predict future trends. The first data we can see is the number of relocations within the state and country. For example, the figures for 2022 show an increase in migration to southern states. Also, people choose to move to countries with reasonable housing conditions. Namely, due to the current economic crisis, we should expect the continuation of the same trends. This further helps movers to anticipate and focus on the most popular moving routes in the US in 2023. Thus, they will be able to meet the increasing demands of people using these routes.

US citizens are moving often

According to statistics, the average US citizen is moving about 12 times in his lifetime. Which is a lot. This is further telling us that about 31 million Americans are changing their residence within one year.

  • the average US citizen is moving about 12 times in his lifetime
  • 31 million Americans are changing their residence within one year

The surge of remote work

The legacy of the pandemic is an increase in the number of people working from home. Although it appeared out of necessity, this trend has become popular. And this is one of the factors that allow people to move to areas where the cost of living is lower. As well as to the regions known for lower tax levies.

One more thing we can see from the moving reports. Fewer people were moving in 2022 than in previous years. The experts are of opinion that this is the outcome of a sharp surge in inflation. And the fact that the housing market was highly competitive, and unstable. Besides, the higher mortgage interest rates have also influenced the 2022 moving routes.

Other reasons to use the most popular moving routes in US

Besides high real estate prices, rising mortgage interest rates, and the possibility to work remotely, the old reasons for moving are still present. So, the most common reasons for moving are:

  • better job offer
  • retirement
  • joining family members
  • getting married/divorced
  • family getting bigger (getting kids)
  • possibility to purchase a home with a yard and a lot of open space (in less expensive areas, and states with low taxes)
  • moving to places with better climate
There are various reasons for long-distance moving.

Most popular moving routes in US

Besides observing the general moving trends, moving companies are keeping their own statistics too. So, we can see the trends recorded by 24/7 Logistic Services. They show us which were the most popular moving routes in US for the company. So, we come up with the following list:

  1. Florida to California
  2. Miami to Los Angeles
  3. California to Florida
  4. Maryland to Florida
  5. Florida to Chicago

We can further check each of those routes to find out the reasons behind them.

Moving from Florida to California was one of the popular moving routes in 2022

Both countries are located by the ocean, their climates are different. And, both countries have hot summers and mild winters. However, there is a lot of humidity in Florida, while the air in California is dry. Although most people get used to it, people with health problems can be bothered by the humidity. Especially those who suffer from asthma and arthritis. So, they might decide to move to CA due to health issues.

Of course, this is just one of the possible reasons for moving to California. Besides, California has excellent educational possibilities. It also has a fantastic, and diverse geography. So, you can, in one day, spend the morning skiing in the mountains. And, in the afternoon, you can surf in the ocean. One more benefit of living in CA is excellent employment possibilities.

Moving to California, be ready for the high costs of living

Before moving from Florida to California, check the costs of living differences. To cover basic living expenses in CA, you will need 16.5% more funds. Also, real estate in California is very expensive, especially in the southern part of the state. The median home price in California is $834,400. But incomes in California are also higher and amount to an average of 5,160 dollars per month. In Florida, the median home price is $407,000. However, the average monthly income is around 4,030 dollars.

Moving distance

  • Florida to California distance – 2,706 miles
  • Average traveling time via I-40E –  40 hrs
When moving from Miami to Los Angeles is one of the most popular moving routes in US.

Moving from Miami to Los Angeles is yet another of the most popular moving routes in US

For many, Los Angeles is one of the best places to live in California. It has almost 4 million residents. And, it is very expensive. But, living in LA, you will also have endless and well-paid job opportunities. And, that is mostly because of the entertainment industry.

The population of Miami is about 460,000. Although much smaller, Miami is known for its wonderful beaches. And for never-ending parties. The place has its charm, that is attracting many visitors and new residents alike. Still, if you want to try your hand at the film industry, moving to LA is a logical choice.

Don’t forget to find the reliable mover

When you are preparing for moving from Miami to Los Angeles, finding a reliable mover is essential. Namely, you will be moving long-distance. This means that all your possessions will be in the mover’s custody. And, that can last for two to three weeks. So, it is important to know that your possessions are safe. And, that they will be returned to you.

Living costs in Miami vs Los Angeles

Comparing the living costs between Miami and Los Angeles, we can see that Los Angeles is 30.5% more expensive. The main difference comes from the median home cost. While in Miami you can purchase a home for $398,100, in LA the same size unit will cost you $883,400.

Transportation costs are also higher in Los Angeles. But, the costs of healthcare, utilities, and groceries are higher in Miami. Interestingly, the average rental prices are the same in both cities, which is about $2,500 a month. However, should you decide to live in some trendy LA neighborhoods, be ready to pay much higher rents.

Moving distance

  • Miami to Los Angeles distance – 2,730 miles
  • Average traveling time via I-10W –  36 hrs
Moving to Florida, you will enjoy a relaxed lifestyle.

Leaving California for Florida is also one of the routes that are often used for moving

If you decide that moving from California to Florida is right for you, make sure to hire the right movers. Moving locally you can DIY. Or, you can hire movers from the neighborhood. However, with a such cross-country move, you have to be careful. Choosing the movers from California to Florida, check them well. And, only once you are sure about their reliability and honesty, sign the moving contract.

You can be sure of one thing. In the same way, as honest movers are preparing for the peak season, so do the cons. Therefore, using one of those routes, be sure that you will have a good chance to get a tempting offer from some fraudulent movers. And, the most popular moving routes in the US are a golden mine for them.

When you are looking for a laid-back lifestyle, Florida is the right place for you

California is a nice place for living. But, it is also a busy one, where most of the people are rushing. When you are ready to calm down and enjoy peace, Florida is the place to call home. And, to avoid the rush and truly enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches, move to some of the smaller cities.

However, besides finding peace, you will also be able to find a good job. Most jobs in Florida are available in the hospitality industry. Besides, Florida is lately becoming one of the US IT hubs too. Regardless of the job, you will have sufficient funds to purchase a nice home. Namely, if you have to give about $880,000 for a house in LA, the same size home will cost you $300,000 in Florida.

Most Florida towns are family-friendly

Florida is also an excellent place for young families. First, your will be able to provide enough spacious homes for them. And, most importantly, in most Florida towns, the safety rates are high. So, you won’t be stressed out when your kid has to go to school. Or when they are going, along with friends, for swimming or snorkeling.

Moving to Florida, be ready for a wildlife

If you were not living in Florida before, be ready to face the wildlife. You might already hear stories about gators taking a bath in your pool. Or about snakes that can appear around the houses. However, the biggest problems in Florida are various bags.

Well, it all might be odd in the beginning. With time, you will get used to all of them, like all other residents. There are two more things that you will have to get used to living in Florida: humidity and tourists.

Moving distance

  • California to Florida distance – 2,706 miles
  • Average traveling time via I-40E –  40 hrs
When moving from Maryland to Florida, you will forget the cold winters.

Moving from Maryland to Florida is another frequently used moving route

When you are choosing moving companies from Maryland to Florida, apply the same principles that we have discussed earlier. Namely, you will be moving on one of the frequently used moving routes, thus the chances of falling victim to cons are higher. So, don’t rush. Use time and check the moving companies throughout. That way, you will be sure that your moving from Maryland to Florida will have a happy ending.

Reasons for moving from Maryland to Florida

There are many benefits of moving from Maryland to Florida. Moving southward, you will finally be able to enjoy the sun year-round. This also means that you will be able to spend a lot of time outdoors. And, in case you love sports, you will fall in love with Florida from the beginning. You will also be able to choose among water sports, biking, hiking, or playing golf. In case you are a gold-lovers, be sure that you will find an excellent golf course for yourself.

Besides beautiful beaches, white sands, and clear ocean water, you will be able to find good employment in Florida. And, one of the main benefits of moving to Florida is affordability.

Costs of living between Maryland and Florida

When it comes to costs of living, Maryland is overall 13.1% more expensive than Florida. Of course, the differences might be bigger or smaller, depending on the area you are comparing. And the Florida city that you have chosen to move to. Besides, living in Florida, you won’t be paying income tax.

Moving distance

  • Maryland to Florida distance – 950 miles
  • Average traveling time via I-95 S –  14 hrs 19 min
When moving to Chicago, you will have to get used to its cold winds.

Moving from Florida to Chicago

When choosing moving companies Florida to Chicago, look for moving services of premium quality. And, of course, choose the right mover, that you can trust. That way, you won’t need to worry about the safety of your possessions.

Reasons to move from Florida to Chicago

As with any other move, the reasons may be different. You might be moving due to family reasons. Or, you are getting an excellent job offer. In any case, moving from Sunshine State to a Windy City will be challenging. In case you were not leaving Florida before, you will need to get used to a new climate. And to Chicago’s infamous wind chill.

Income and costs of living Chicago vs Florida

To make the comparison, we will consider the costs of living in Chicago IL, and Orlando FL. So, we can see that the costs of living in Chicago are 15.9% higher than in Orlando. On the other hand, employers in Chicago are typically paying 11.1% more than employers in Orlando.

Comparing the median home costs, we can see that they are not so different. The median home price in Chicago is $291,200 and in Orlando $294,400. Checking the other costs, we can see that food and healthcare are more expensive in Orlando. On the other hand, Chicago has higher utilities and transportation costs.

Moving distance

  • Florida to Chicago distance – 1,217 miles
  • Average traveling time via I-75 N and I-65 N – 17 hr 57 min
By giving away the surplus items you will save on transport costs.

How you can save money during a long-distance move?

To be able to do savings, we have to see how the moving companies are forming the price of long-distance moving. So, we can see that they take into consideration the distance traveled and the size of your move. Regarding distance, we can’t do much. However, we can save money during a long distance move by cutting on the number of items we are moving. Namely, leaving behind all surplus items, we will have to move fewer possessions. And, that way, we will automatically make savings. We can even increase our moving budget, by selling some of the surplus items.

Most popular moving routes can easily change

When it comes to the most popular moving routes in US, they can change, depending on various factors. So, we have here presented the routes that are the most used at the moment. We could recently see how the pandemic influenced not only our lives and ways of working. But, they also influenced the ways we relocate. So, depending on some further factors, what are the top moving trends today, can become forgotten tomorrow.


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