Living in Florida vs Ohio: things to know before moving

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Living in Florida vs Ohio: things to know before moving

Living in Florida vs Ohio: things to know before moving

Do you plan to move in the near future? Is living in Florida vs Ohio something that you’re deciding between? Then make sure that you do all the right research to provide yourself with the right answers. On top of that, using the 24/7 Logistic Services will make even the toughest of relocation challenges simple and easy to complete. But besides that, you will have a lot of important details to consider. Here are some of the main information to consider when making a comparison.

What are some major aspects to compare living in Florida vs Ohio?

Before you have a big relocation come up it’s necessary to do as much research as possible. Especially if you plan on living in a state for a longer period of time. There are a lot of differences between Florida and Ohio that you want to keep in mind. And when moving from Columbus OH to Florida you want to have a good comparison of what you can expect. Especially as you have two states that are very different and not that similar. So what are some of the main things to expect, including:

  1. Climate
  2. Cost of living
  3. Job opportunities
  4. Education
  5. Community and culture
  6. Fun and entertainment

What are some main differences in climate between the two states?

Some of the first things that you’ll notice after relocation will be the change in weather. Ohio and Florida are very different when it comes to climate and that’s why it’s a good idea to prepare for that fact. Florida is somewhat hotter than Ohio as the average temperatures are 75 and 52 degrees Fahrenheit. While Ohio is colder which confirm the average minimum temperatures of around 66 and 43 degrees Fahrenheit. Here are some main details to keep in mind if you have climate and weather as part of your main focus:

  1. Temperature and sunglight
  2. Humidity
  3. Precipitation

Temperature and sunlight will be one of the differences between living in Florida vs Ohio

We already mentioned some important information about the temperatures in Ohio and Florida. However, there’s much more you need to consider when it comes to such factors. When it comes to Ohio, you can expect to experience all four seasons after moving from Florida to Columbus OH and enjoy them. On the other hand, Florida will have warmer summers and winters that aren’t as harsh. When it comes to the amount of average sunlight, Ohio has around 70 clear days, while in Florida you will experience about 230 days annually. If you like warmer and sunnier places, Florida might be better suited for you.

Humidity is going to change after the relocation

One of the parameters to consider to keep in mind will be humidity. It will somewhat affect your lifestyle and you will have to adjust to it. In Florida, the humidity is around 74.5% while in Ohio it will be around 71%. That doesn’t seem as much but moving from Columbus to Miami will have some effect on you. Especially Florida is a much hotter space. That’s why a lot of people will suddenly sweat much more after moving to it. So make sure that is something you take time to accustom to after you decide to move.

How different are the facts when it comes to precipitation and storms in the two states

Precipitation is going to be something you can’t just overlook when it comes to Ohio and Florida. So what can you expect? When it comes to Ohio you can expect an average of about 38 inches of precipitation including both rain and snowfall. On the other hand, after you hire cross country movers and move to Florida, you can annually expect around 54 inches of precipitation. And the majority of it will be usually rain. Storm season is also something to keep in mind. In Ohio the summer and spring months are most frequent when it comes to storms, however, you can expect them during the whole year. While in Florida, you can expect storms from June to the end of November.

Storms are something you’ll encounter in both Ohio and Florida

You can’t overlook the cost of living before any type of relocation and especially such a major one

The financial aspect of picking where to live is going to be very important. When it comes to the cost of living in Ohio, you can expect it to be around 9% lower than the national average.  But before you find long distance movers South Florida it’s also a good idea to do your research about Florida and the prices and costs of living in the state. The average cost of living in Florida is almost the same as the national average as it’s just about 2% higher. It’s important that you take into account the main factors of the cost of living. Those include:

  1. Housing cost
  2. Taxes
  3. Transportation cost
  4. Food and groceries
  5. Healthcare

Compare the housing costs for a better understanding

One of the major impacts on the cost of overall living will be the cost of housing. It will not be something that you do as frequently and it will be important that you take care of all the necessary details. For example, if you’re saving money, calling the Ohio movers might be the right choice for you. Especially as the cost of housing in the state will be around 24% lower than the US average. On the other hand, the Florida average will almost be the same as the national average. Overall, housing will be one of the most expensive details when it comes to the overall cost of living. So make sure to keep it high on your priority list.

How much will your taxes change?

Picking a state to move to will depend on a lot of factors and the amount of taxes will be one of them. It will hugely impact your budget and you need to have all the numbers in check before you make your decision. When it comes to Ohio, it has a 5.75% sales tax rate, and an average combined state and a local state tax rate of around 7.22%. One of the benefits of Florida is that it doesn’t have an individual income tax. But it does have a 5.5% corporate income tax, but also a 6% state sales tax, and a local + state sales tax that is around 7.01%.

Choosing between living in Florida vs Ohio? Taxes will be something to look at

You need to consider transportation costs

Getting from one part of the state to another will be a very important aspect. And it will impact the cost of your living. That’s why it’s important that you have all the costs and opportunities in mind. In Ohio, there are around 61 transit systems, with around 27 in urban and 34 in rural parts of the state. When it comes to your average bus ride, you can expect a bus ride to cost around $3. In Florida, a single bus ride will cost you around $2. However there will be more options when it comes to lines and Florida will be better connected as a state, but also to states beyond it.

Food and groceries are going to have a big impact on the cost of living

If you’re calculating the cost of living, one of the main aspects will be groceries and food. Ohio will have a much lower price of food and groceries if you compare it to Florida and other states. When it comes to the cost, it is around $8,904 while in Florida it’s around $10,305 for a four-person family. For that reason, it’s necessary that you take into account the numbers before you pick the state you’re going to move to as it can have a big impact on your finances.

Living in Florida vs Ohio: Healthcare is also a detail to consider

Health insurance isn’t maybe the first thing to come to mind. However, every little detail that accumulates will have a big impact on your finances. Even if it’s not the highest number on the list, it can be very important. For example, the cost of healthcare for a 40-year-old in Ohio is on average around $450. On the other hand, you can expect that average in Florida to be around $467. These numbers aren’t too far from each other, however, they are important to know.

Are there any major job opportunities unique to both states?

Having a great job will be one of the first things you’ll want to have. That’s why it’s necessary for you to hunt for jobs and get a good idea of what both Florida and Ohio have to offer. For example, Ohio has some major industries like manufacturing, real estate, finance, and insurance where you can find jobs in. And when it comes to income you can expect an average of $31,000 yearly and for an individual. When it comes to Florida the most popular industries are tourism, aerospace, and informational technology. Similarly to Ohio, Florida’s average yearly income per individual is around $30,000.

Education can be something to keep in mind for the comparison

It’s necessary to take a point of view that will also include the options when it comes to education. Be it that you’re a student or you’re moving as a family with kids, there’s a lot to consider. For that reason, it’s necessary to take this point of view and find the best options for you. When it comes to education, Ohio ranks as the 31st state. On the other hand, Florida usually ranks as one of the top states when it comes to education.

How much are the culture and community differences between the two states?

There are a lot of things that you need to consider when relocating, but when choosing if living in Florida vs Ohio is for you. One of the things that will not have an impact on your finances and other aspects, will be things like culture and community. In Ohio, you can expect more communities that are smaller and more connected. However, in Florida you will be able to experience somewhat of a more calm and more fun area. On top of that, there will be more tourists so be prepared for a more crowded area.

What are some fun activities to do in Florida and Ohio?

You can’t overlook things like fun and entertainment. Especially as it will be a big part of your lifestyle that you’ll need to consider. However, there are many things that will be different when it comes to enjoying your time. There are plenty of places to check out in Ohio. Those include the National Museum of the US Air Force, Hocking Hills State Park, Cleveland Museum of Art, West Side Market, and so much more. On the other hand, Florida is famous for its beautiful beaches and nightlife. But besides that, fund places include Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Epcot, and many other quality places. Overall, you will have plenty of things to do be it that you need up living in Ohio or Florida.

Don’t forget to use the assistance of professional movers if you decide to move

In the end, wherever you decide to live, you will need to get a professional to help you out. Especially for an interstate and cross-country relocation, you need to have the assistance of certified experts to make sure that everything gets done perfectly and without many challenges. That’s why checking out the Better Business Bureau and other similar websites will be of great importance. For such big movers, you only want experienced and reliable movers to be there for you every step of the way.

Living in Florida vs Ohio: final thoughts

It’s always a good idea to plan and organize as much as you can. And especially for a decision that can have a great impact on your overall lifestyle. For that reason, before picking if you’re Living in Florida vs Ohio make sure to take our advice and you won’t have to worry as much. Especially as you take things like finances, entertainment, and others into account. Check our blog for other moving information that can end up being useful to you.


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