Insight on the Two Best Cities to Move to During the Pandemic

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Insight on the Two Best Cities to Move to During the Pandemic

Insight on the Two Best Cities to Move to During the Pandemic

While it may sound ironic, there really hasn’t been a better time to move from one state or city to another than during the current pandemic. Since most offices have cut down on full capacity due to CDC guidelines, many employees are working from home. That means employees have the option to virtually work from anywhere, making it an ideal time to make a bold move!

According to the experts at 24/7 Logistics Services, these are the best cities to move to during the pandemic.

Austin, Texas

One of the fastest-growing cities, Austin has rightfully earned its nickname as Silicon Hills. Growing by 55,000 residents annually, Austin has been known as the best place to move to for a while now. With a booming economy, higher average salaries, and a vibrant culture, Austin offers everything that young professionals are in search of. As the live music capital of the world, there’s loads to do in Austin— along with the promising anchors that major tech companies like Apple and Tesla have in Austin, people are confident that Austin’s booming economy will survive the pandemic’s downturn.

Charleston, South Carolina

If you’re a young millennial looking to settle down and start a family, there’s no better place to move to than Charleston, South Carolina. Ripe with hundreds of job opportunities for young professionals, Charleston is a growing economy and has a low cost of living. With some of the lowest crime rates and best schooling districts, Charleston is an ideal city for young families to start fresh.

One of the oldest cities in South Carolina, Charleston is ripe with history and architecture.

Surrounded by a multitude of stunning beaches and adorned with iconic historic buildings and churches, the city exudes an inviting charm. Charleston’s warm weather and rich historical heritage have earned it the prestigious title of Travel + Leisure’s top city in the US for two consecutive years.

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