How to prepare for a move while facing eviction

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How to prepare for a move while facing eviction

How to prepare for a move while facing eviction

Facing eviction is one of the nightmares of every tenant. Thanks to the uncertain times we live in, it became true for many. The pandemic we went through has left many without an income, and therefore without a home. The situation is rough, but it is slowly getting better. If you found yourself in this situation, we are sorry about it. But things always happen for a reason, and you should accept it as a chance to learn something new. Our reputable moving services in South Florida providers can help you move out in no time, and we can give you tips on how to prepare for a move while facing eviction.

First, you should know if there is any legal reason for you to face eviction

There are a few legal reasons for a landlord to file an eviction notice. Even though the majority of them depend on the state you are in, some of the most common ones are:

  1. Failing to pay rent
  2. Major damage to the property
  3. Illegal activities within the unit
  4. Lease violations

Even though these are the legal reason that can result in an eviction, there are many other reasons that landlords can use as an excuse to evict a tenant. Most of them are not legal, but some people simply want the tenants out of their property, and this is the easiest way to do so. Before you decide to hire some long distance movers South Florida has to offer and hit the road, make sure that you are at least being evicted for a legal reason.

How should you prepare for a move while facing eviction?

Once you get an eviction notice, you will have around 30-60 days to leave the property, depending on the state you are in. But once you get the judge’s order, you usually have no more than 7-14 days. So, if you get an eviction notice in the mail, and know that you have a legal reason for being evicted, start getting ready for a move by hiring some South Florida cross country movers. Gathering your things and starting to pack might also not be a bad idea at this point.

Don’t think about the eviction

Moving can hardly be enjoyable, especially when an eviction is a reason for it. But as difficult as it is, don’t try to think about it. Think about the positive things that can and will happen, and that you can benefit from a change. Move as if you decided to do it, and start packing, or you might end up paying double the rent if you overstay your lease. This is true for offices, so don’t hesitate to hire some commercial movers South Florida today.

Skip decluttering and just get ready to leave ASAP

When you prepare for a move while facing eviction, packing lightly, saving money, and enjoying the process are not possible. Your only goal is to leave the place before lockout day. If you fail to do this, your items will remain inside, giving you even more trouble. You will usually have at least 7 days between going to court and this day. While it may not be a lot of time, at least you will be protected from your landlord during this period. It will give you time to look for a new place to live, preferably one that allows moving with pets, one of the biggest lease violations and causes for eviction.

When facing eviction, our skilled team can help you get ready fast

Stress-free has left the chat when you got an eviction notice, but skilled movers can make all the difference. If you need to prepare for a move while facing eviction, you will still have to do the standard moving-related tasks, only faster. Looking for a new place to live will take time, and you will have it while dedicated movers work on getting you out of there before lockout day. We wish you good luck and plenty of patience!

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