How to prepare for a cross country move from Florida

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How to prepare for a cross country move from Florida

How to prepare for a cross country move from Florida

If you have decided to leave Florida and move to another country, you probably have a lot of things on your mind. When preparing for a long-distance move, you have to take your time. The decision of which state to move to is not one you should make lightly. After you find the best state for you, you need to hire one of the best moving companies South Florida and start the moving preparation. From packing your belongings and finishing all the tasks in Florida, to thoroughly researching life in your future state, you have to do it all. Maybe it seems like something you won’t manage the right way. However, you shouldn’t be worried, because we will explain how to prepare for a cross country move from Florida.

What are the reasons for people leaving Florida?

Even though it seems like there is no one who would leave sunny Florida, endless beaches, and fantastic nightlife and move somewhere else. However, even though all the above is true, it is not the same for everyone. There are a few reasons why people decide to leave all of that and find happiness in another state. First of all, the very weather we are talking about can be a problem for some residents of Florida.

If you want to prepare for a cross country move to Florida, research all the options.

Even though having an almost never-ending summer, the temperatures can get extremely high then. In addition to that, it gets very humid. It is not a healthy solution for people who have breathing problems. That is why they often contact cross country movers South Florida and move to states that are not so damp all the time. This same problem with the weather can be the cause of natural disasters, such as hurricanes. That is another reason why people leave Florida. They want to go to a safer place.

The cost of living is another reason

For many residents of Florida, the high cost of living is the reason they decide to move out. Even though it is one of the states with no income tax, low wages are just not enough for some to have a normal life in Florida, especially in cities such as Miami. Even though the minimum wage is $10 per hour, some workers get paid between $6-$8. If they live in endangered areas, it is no wonder they decide to leave Florida and move to another state. So, if you are among those people, before you contact long distance movers South Florida, research your options. If you want to prepare for a cross country move from Florida, know that some of the best states you can move to include:

  • Ohio,
  • California,
  • Illinois.

Prepare for a cross country move from Florida to Ohio

One of the countries many Floridians choose to move to is Ohio. There are many reasons for that, but one of those is the fact that the job market has been in a great expansion in Ohio recently. If you want to work in IT, medicine, or manufacturing business, Ohio is the right place for you. Even though Florida’s unemployment rate is lower, 2,1% compared to Ohio’s 4 %, they both still have lower rates than the USA, which has an unemployment rate of 6%. However, if we compare two cities which are among the most popular ones in Florida and Ohio, Miami and Columbus, we come to the conclusion that is better to live in the latter. Unemployment in Columbus is 5.7%m while in Miami it is 8.3%.

Another reason why you should contact movers Florida to Columbus OH is the difference in the housing market. The average home price in Ohio is $205,800, while in Florida it is $398,10. In addition to that, the median income in Florida is significantly lower than in Ohio, at $30,858, compared to Ohio’s $44,774. Even though the cost of utility index is higher in Ohio, 102.1 (95.5 in Florida), the overall housing index is lower, 70.6 in Ohio, and it is almost 50 % higher in Florida, 136.5.

What is the best time to move from Florida to Ohio?

When you want to prepare for a cross country move from Florida to Ohio, avoid moving during the summer. Generally speaking, prices in Florida become extremely high during the summer months, because it is the moving season. Of course, the situation is similar in Ohio. However, since in Ohio you can move from September to April when it comes to Florida, you should avoid the first two months of the fall. Temperatures are still pretty high and people are still using the situation to finish their move. Since you will need more than 16 hours of driving from Florida to Ohio (without taking breaks), you want to avoid moving in extreme temperatures. As you can see, if you want to leave Florida for its high cost of living and high temperatures in summer, Ohio can be just the place you have been looking for.

Moving from Florida to California

Choosing to leave Florida and deciding to move to California can be more difficult than deciding to live in another country. The main reason is the fact that both states are similar when it comes to many features. For example, beautiful beaches and a lot of sunny weather are some of the things these two states have in common. Then, why you should contact one of the moving companies Florida to California and prepare for your cross country move? Well, even though the temperatures are high in summer in California, the air isn’t stuffy like it can be in Florida. So, California is a great option for those who want to lead a healthier life and be more in touch with nature. Of course, Florida itself has amazing landscapes, but if you want to avoid going to the beach as your main activity, California has a lot to offer.

California is another option for Floridians to relocate to

Another reason people choose to move to CA from FL is safety. The most coveted cities in the whole of the United States is found in California. According to the most current safety index assessment, Beverly Hills and Hillsborough are among the safest cities in California. These cities have low crime rates, and their citizens can count on prompt police assistance in case of an emergency. People feel extremely safe in these cities. So, if that is one of your key factors, moving to California is a good idea.

Is it more affordable to live in Florida or California?

Despite many advantages of living in California the cost of living might be one of the reasons you won’t decide to do so. Despite the fact that the economy in California is booming, the living costs are still lower in Florida. To begin with, Florida doesn’t have a state income tax, as we have already mentioned. On the other hand, California does. Actually, California has the highest general sales and use tax rate in the whole country, which is 7.25 percent. The unemployment rate in Florida is also lower. We have already mentioned it is 2,1%, while in California it is 4,9%.

Also, if you want to know the benefits and costs of moving to California, you should start with the fact that LA is one of the places in CA to avoid if you want to find an affordable city to live in. The median home cost in Los Angels is $883,400, while in Orlando, for example, it is $294,400. The overall living costs index is 70.6% lower in Orlando than in Los Angeles.

California is one of the safest states

On the other hand, California is number 1 in the USA when it comes to business and no state comes near. It is the leader in agricultural and dairy products also. If we add the IT and entertainment industry to the list, you see why people choose to work in California. The diverse opportunities it offers can’t be found in another state. So, we have come to the conclusion that California is the safer place for living and you will be more satisfied with the job opportunities there, while Florida is more affordable. The decision whether you are going to set out on a cross country move from Florida to California is only yours, now that you can compare the two.

Moving to Chicago from Florida

If you want to prepare for moving from Florida to Illinois, you have to be ready for an almost day-long ride. There are 1.184,6 miles that separate the two states. So, if you want to be ready for moving from Florida to Chicago, you must know that you will spend almost 18 hours on the road. And it is without taking any breaks and not counting traffic jams. There are a few more things you will have to get used to when you move from Florida to Illinois, or to Chicago, to be more precise.

For example, the groceries in Chicago are taxed. The tax rate is 2,25%. As someone coming from Florida, a tax-free state, this might come as a surprise for you. If you buy something prepared to eat, you must also pay a restaurant tax of 0.25 percent. When you take into account the municipal and state collections made on sales, your total sales tax will be 10.25%. In terms of property taxes, the city also has the second-highest rates in the nation. So, to decide whether you want to leave Florida and move to Chicago, you must be sure that you can actually afford to live there.

Chicago has a lot to offer

The cost of living in Chicago

Even though the taxes are high in Chicago, when it comes to living costs, it is not much more expensive than living in Florida. In fact, some features are even more affordable. If we compare Chicago and Orlando in Florida, we realize that the overall living index is 3,8% higher than in Orlando. To be more precise, that is 107,4, compared to 103,3. The average cost of utilities, that is heating or cooling, or gas prices is even lower. The average cost index is 92.8, compared to Orlando’s 102.3. When it comes to the median home cost, the difference is only 1,1%. Of course, in the long run, that difference is significant. Again, Chicago is more affordable. The median home cost is $291,200, while in Orlando it is $294,400. As you can see, living in Chicago can bring you a lot of benefits.

Basic preparations for a cross country move from Florida

Whatever other country you decide to go to, you will have to make some basic preparations. Those preparations include:

  • Making the ultimate moving checklist. You can even start a few months before you move. Every step you will have to take while preparing for moving from Florida should be on the list.
  • Finding the right moving company Do detailed research and compare the estimates, You need reliable cross-country movers, and you need how to recognize fraudulent long-distance movers. That is why this step is so important.
  • Planning your budget. Some of the states and cities you are going to move to have different living costs. Plan your budget accordingly and take into account relocation expenses.
  • Starting decluttering. You definitely don’t need to take everything you own.
  • Gathering the packing materials.
  • Changing your address and canceling the utilities.
  • Preparing your new home.

Of course, in the meantime, you have to find your new house. Since you are moving long-distance, it can be a little bit tricky because you can’t travel all the time and investigate all the options. That is why you should hire a professional. An experienced real estate agent will help you find a great new place for living when you decide to move out of Florida.

Don’t be afraid to make changes

A long-distance relocation isn’t easy. It requires a lot of physical preparation, but mentally you have to be ready maybe even more. Florida is indeed a great country. But, making changes is also a good thing. You have read what states you can relocate to and find whatever you need. So, don’t be afraid to prepare for a cross country move from Florida. You will find a great new country to call home.

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