How to prepare a 3 year old for moving long distance

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How to prepare a 3 year old for moving long distance

How to prepare a 3 year old for moving long distance

Moving a long distance is exhausting for families at any moment, but it can be particularly difficult if you have small children. Moving can be challenging for a 3-year-old because they might not completely comprehend the idea or the reasoning behind it. You can help your kid adapt to the upcoming change and make the transition as painless as possible. But you should have it planned. We, as one of the most reliable moving and storage South Florida companies, are here to help. That’s why we’ll provide you with a tutorial on how to prepare a 3 year old for moving long distance.

Explain it to your 3 year old in simple terms and involve it in the process

This is the part where you can get as much creative as you want. You can use simple techniques like the fairy tale approach, where you’ll make a story on how you’re moving to a magic new castle.  You can tell your kids that it’s a great adventure and you can use any bells and whistles that you possess. Also, don’t forget the modern wonders of technology so even if you aren’t so imaginative use YouTube or Google to find extra ideas. As long distance movers South Florida is proud of, we can tell you that moving with kids can be easy. That is of course if you have it all planned and if the movers are with you. This means that movers have to be on time on a moving day. Also, good movers pack you on time but the best movers will pack your house in no time.

Include your children in the moving process

Include your kid as much as you can in the preparations for the transfer. This can involve bringing them to the new home, allowing them to assist with packing their possessions and letting them choose the toys and accessories they want to bring with them. Your child will feel more engaged and in charge of the circumstance if you involve them in the process. If you’re moving long distances and you can’t reach your new house it can be a bit more difficult. With South Florida cross country movers experience and professional advice, you can be moved with no problems. Maybe if you’re a modern parent you could even ask them to pick a moving company. This will increase their involvement in the process thus making it easier for all there of us.

Books and routine

Children can learn coping mechanisms, lessen anxiety, and feel more in charge of their environment by perusing books about moving. Reading moving-related stories can also give you a forum to address any worries or inquiries your kid may have. To help your kid feel better prepared for the changes that lie ahead, you can use the fictional characters in the tales as a way to talk about the various feelings and experiences they might have while moving. We’ll provide you with some of the best books that you can find. We’ll present you with some of the best titles but you can visit the link that we’ve provided you with and pick ones yourself.  So here we go with the list for 3 year old for moving long distance.

  • New House, Same Underwear by Brenda Li
  • The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day by Stan and Jan Berenstain
  • Nothing Stays the Same…but that’s okay… by Sara Olsher

Stick to their routine

In times of transition and doubt, routine consistency can also give kids a feeling of security and predictability. Younger children, might not fully grasp the idea of relocating and might feel nervous or overwhelmed by the disturbance to their lives. If keeping all of your child’s habits during the shift is not feasible, try giving the most crucial ones, like dinner and bedtimes, a top priority. You could also create new routines in your new house that are comparable to the ones your kid is accustomed to, like setting aside time for daily play or reading. Your kid will feel more at ease and secure if you uphold routine and order. Since it’s 2023 you should also think about saving some money and try to avoid hidden moving costs when preparing for the move.

Use books as a main tool in preparing your kid for a move.

Prepare a 3 year old for moving long distance but don’t forget to take a break

Children who spend quality time with their parents during a move feel more connected to their parents and experience less tension and anxiety. Maintaining a good connection with your kid during the busy and difficult time of the move can also be accomplished by taking pauses from the packing process to spend time with them. You can demonstrate to your kid that they are still a priority despite the many demands of the relocation by making one-on-one time with them a priority. Playing board games, taking a stroll or a bike trip are a few things you can do with your kid. Many problems can ruin a moving day, but properly dealing with kids will make it much easier.

Let your children say goodbye to their loved ones

Before relocating, children should be given the chance to say farewell to friends and family. This will help the child adjust to their new surroundings more easily and with fewer behavioral issues. Your kid may feel more in charge of the situation and less anxious about the change if you let them say goodbye to their loved ones. You can aid your kids by letting them express how they feel about leaving their friends and family behind. After the transfer, you can assist your kid in maintaining contact with their loved ones. This can entail scheduling frequent phone conversations or video chats, mailing notes, or postcards.

How to prepare a 3 year old for moving long distance in a nutshell

By now you should know how to prepare a 3 year old for moving long distance. It’s not that hard so you just have to be creative and stick with your child. Also, it’s important to hire a reliable moving company to assist you along the way. Enjoy the time with your child and we hope that you’ll both have a stress-free move.

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