How to help the elderly and disabled move?

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How to help the elderly and disabled move?

How to help the elderly and disabled move?

Moving is a wonderful step for many people since they are leaving home to begin adult life or purchasing a larger home to start a family. But, it can be tinged with grief for the elderly. Perhaps they are moving into a residential facility because they can no longer cope on their own, and the move appears to be an admission of defeat.  South Florida movers have participated in numerous senior relocations and have seen what the most common difficulties are and what the best tactics are to assist your seniors to settle into a new South Florida home.  We’ve gathered a couple of ideas for a successful move to help the elderly and disabled move and make the process as smooth and positive as possible.

Be sensitive while speaking about moving

Your first step is to consult with your elders about the impending move. Seniors absolutely despise being moved. They either hate the change or believe that the relocation procedure will be too difficult for them to endure. Of course, accepting the situation will be one of your first jobs. And make the best of the situation. That is why the first thing you should do is have an honest and open conversation. In this manner, you’ll learn what’s bothering them, what their issues are, and how you may assist them.

Divide the relocation into doable steps

Help by tackling one thing at a time for your senior friend or parent who may find the notion of moving overwhelming. For instance, sort one drawer at a time until the entire room is finished before going on to the next. Maintain your attention on the task at hand and mark items off as you do them so that you both feel accomplished.

One thing that older folks dislike is when someone disturbs their belongings. And this is something that will occur during a move. Their old items will almost certainly have to make way for new ones. That is something you should prepare for even before you begin looking for reliable residential movers in South Florida to help you pack.

Helping your parents adjust to their new surroundings will undoubtedly require the support of trained personnel. Make contact with the top professional movers

Surround them with things they know

Fill your parent’s new memory care unit with familiar and loved belongings. Make their new area feel as much like a home as possible. Being surrounded by their kitchenware, bedding, paintings, and decorations might help them feel rooted and as if their life is changing less. Additionally, make certain that they have possessions connected with strong, positive, and pleasant memories. This way this item can serve as a reminder of a reassuring, uplifting memory when they are confused, disoriented, or fearful.

Make a new home layout first

Get a plan for the new home before transporting your elderly loved one. You may help design and construct a more accurate floor layout this way. Measure all furniture ahead of time to determine what will fit where. Walk through each room and make a list of everything they’ll need. Following that, you should have a better sense of what not to carry with you when moving.

Home adaptations for the elderly and disabled

Before hiring local movers South Florida has, to consider some house improvements to help the elderly and disabled following the relocation. House adaptations are modifications that you can make to a new home. They make moving around and performing daily duties safer and easier. Your local council provides a service that analyzes your home and makes recommendations for improvements. A house assessment is usually free.

These modifications might be minor or major, depending on disabilities, and they may include:

  • the installation of a stairlift or a rail on the stairs
  • adding a walk-in shower, or a rail that you grip to help you get out of the bath (grab rail)
  • enlarging doorways and lowering kitchen worktops
  • installing an external ramp or step rail security features such as outside lights and an intercom system

Engage them in the planning process

Preparing for relocation can undoubtedly help the elderly and disabled move and settle into a new home. While you may be doing or delegating much of the hard work and hustling the process along, avoid being overly demanding or patronizing. Instead of making assumptions, remember to inquire how the person relocating would like things done. Give tangible helpful tasks for them to undertake, such as calling removal companies, labeling boxes, or sorting through the contents of a certain drawer. That way, they will be part of the process and will not feel useless – remember, it is their relocation and their possessions.

Let the elderly feel in charge of at least one part of the move. It will mean a lot to them

Make travel arrangements ahead of time

There will be numerous travel logistics to consider while moving an older or disabled person. The health of your loved one, as well as any mobility limitations, will have a significant impact on how you relocate them. For those traveling, our advice is to call ahead to request a wheelchair and any other extra assistance that may be required. Make sure your car is conveniently accessible if you’re driving. According to The American Association of Retired Persons, the best automobiles for traveling with an elderly person are minivans, crossover SUVs, and sedans.

Hire experienced movers in order to help the elderly and disabled move

If you want a stress-free and calm relocation, you should hire some professional movers in Broward County. Along with competence and reliability, you should also ensure that the moving company you hire provides a full range of moving services. Packing your belongings, supplying packing materials, managing large objects and furniture, loading and unloading, transporting, unpacking, garbage disposal, and storage are all part of the service. If you really want to help the elderly and disabled move goes without tension, this is the ideal option.

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