How to handle the paperwork for a long distance move

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How to handle the paperwork for a long distance move

How to handle the paperwork for a long distance move

Paperwork is something that everybody hates doing, but it is an essential part of many processes. Long-distance moves include a lot of change since you will be likely moving to another state or country. Tackling the paperwork well ahead of moving will give you an easier transition, or even enable you to continue with the process. Reputable moving companies in South Florida can help you with everything moving-related, but the paperwork is your task alone. Today, we will talk about the importance of dealing with paperwork for a long distance move.

What are the different types of paperwork for a long distance move?

If you are moving abroad, you will need your passport and maybe even a visa. But since most South Florida long distance moving companies help people move between states, you will need completely different paperwork. With some, you will have the choice to tackle them before moving, while others can be easily left for after. Some of the most important paperwork for a long distance move is:

  • Address change
  • Utility transfer
  • Insurance Update
  • Other paperwork

Address change

The first, most important, and most obvious is the address change. When you leave your old home, you won’t be accessible to many important organizations that contact you thanks to your address. A few years back, you were required to visit the USPS and do everything in person. Nowadays, you can do this via their website – fast, easy, and convenient. Another address change is required for mail forwarding. It might seem unimportant, but you can miss out on very important mail. Other, less urgent places where you should update your address are the bank, credit card companies, and subscriptions. If you move with some cross county movers South Florida, you might need to change your providers altogether.

Utility transfer

This paperwork should be dealt with at least a few weeks before your move. Utilities are important, and it might be uncomfortable to live without them if you don’t deal with them on time. For this, you need to call and schedule a disconnection date for your old home and a connection date for your new home. Again, if you are moving to a different state you might need to change the provider. But no matter the location, you will likely need to pay connection fees. If you don’t do it on time, it might turn into problems that can ruin moving day. If you will only deal with one type of paperwork before the move, let it be this one.

Update insurance details

The same applies to this paperwork as it does to any other, you might need to change the providers altogether when moving. Keep in mind that you might want to change your coverage after the move, and it might be more expensive. Also, don’t forget about any vehicles that you move, as they need insurance too.

There is other paperwork that you need to handle too

No matter what new state you are moving to, you will likely need to update your driver’s license and vehicle registration. Your deadline for dealing with this is usually 30 days, and you will be required to pay a fee for this. Don’t forget to register for voting either if you are eligible.

Final thoughts on important paperwork for a long distance move

Long-distance moving is tough, and the paperwork for a long distance move shouldn’t make it any more difficult. If you deal with them on time, everything will go smoothly and without problems. But if you forget to transfer utilities on time, get ready for a few uncomfortable days and additional fees. Put this on your moving to-do list, so that you don’t forget it. Good luck!

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