Guide to moving from Miami to Columbus

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Guide to moving from Miami to Columbus

Guide to moving from Miami to Columbus

If you have decided to move out from Florida and move to Ohio, congratulations on the new opportunity. There are many wonderful places to choose from, but Columbus could be just one. Ohio often has a lot to offer, albeit it depends on your interests, the reasons for your move, and what you’re searching for. You may be concerned about this choice because it will significantly alter your life if you are moving from Miami to Columbus. However, with the help of our guide, you will learn all you require to carry out this procedure without incident. Planning is the initial step in any type of migration. Finding reputable movers Florida to Columbus OH, which can assist you in taking that huge life step, is the most crucial part of every relocation. Keep reading to find out how to conduct the relocation.

Is Columbus a good city for a living?

Columbus, known for its thriving IT sector and cutting-edge cultural scene, continues to draw visitors from all across the nation and abroad. It appeals to millennials and people of all ages since it is a melting-pot culture. Moving to Columbus is the best option for you if you enjoy concerts, sports, and several other activities of a similar nature. If these are reasons enough to relocate from Miami to Columbus, you can contact one of the most reliable moving companies, such as 24/7 Logistic Services Florida, who will help your belongings be delivered on time and without any problems. Of course, all the above-mentioned activities you can find in Miami, also. But there are many reasons for you to choose to move to Columbus.

One of the reasons for moving from Miami to Columbus is affordability

Population in Columbus

There are 913,921 people who call Columbus their home. Also, it serves as Franklin County’s county seat. The metropolis, which is the 14th biggest in the US and the largest in Ohio, spans 225 miles. Currently, Columbus is expanding at a 0.85% yearly rate. There has been a 16.12% rise in population from the last census. The city is expanding rapidly because people choose to relocate there more than ever.

One of the reasons for moving from Miami to Columbus is the cost of living

Generally speaking, Ohio is much more affordable for living than in Florida. Of course, that means Columbus is more affordable than Miami. The typical property price in Ohio is only approximately $135,000, and the cost of living is 6.9% lower than the national average. The ability to purchase a home is made attainable for Americans by the low cost of real estate. Most people in Columbus are homeowners too. The cost of living in Columbus is only slightly higher than Ohio’s average, 85.5, compared to 82.6. The median home cost is $205,800.

Most people in Columbus are homeowners

Overall living index in Columbus is 29.4% lower than in Miami. In Miami, the median home cost is $398,100, which is $192,300 more than in Ohio, which is 48.3% higher. So, if you want to find a great place to live, but one that is significantly more affordable than Miami, you can contact cross country movers south Florida. Columbus in Ohio is exactly such a place.

Weather in Columbus

The average number of sunny days in Columbus is 178. There are about 205 sunny days each year in the United States. If the weather is one of the most important factors to consider before deciding whether or not to move to Columbus, the following weather statistics are important to know:

  • Columbus receives 40 inches of rain annually on average. The 38-inch is average across the country.
  • Every year, 22 inches of snowfall in Columbus. The standard in the US is 28 inches.
  • Columbus experiences 130 days of precipitation annually on average.
  • In July, the average temperature is 85 degrees.
  • The lowest temperature is in January, approximately 21 degrees.

Even though Miami has a lot more sunny days, not to mention that there is no snow at all, sometimes people get tired of such conditions. In Columbus, you can experience the change of four seasons. So, you can observe the flowers blooming in spring and the leaves changing color in the fall. In the winter, there are many snow activities, while you still get to enjoy swimming and other summer activities, because it gets pretty warm in summer.

The education is at a high level

If you have decided to move to Ohio with your family, and you are a little bit worried about the quality of education your children will receive, you shouldn’t worry. The great educational institutions in Ohio include Ohio State University in Columbus, which is regarded as one of the top public colleges in the country. Another prominent institution of higher learning is Miami University-Oxford, which means that by moving from Miami to Columbus your children won’t lose anything when it comes to education. Both institutions are at the same high level.

Columbus is the best place for people who like to be active

Ohio is the state for you if you’re seeking a destination with a wide range of leisure opportunities. The highly regarded Hocking Hills National Park, which is situated in southeast Ohio, allows nature enthusiasts to get up and personal with the natural world. Towering cliffs, magnificent waterfalls, and gorges ideal for hiking may all be found in this park. Every game, college football supporters from the stadium where the Ohio State Buckeyes play fill it with extraordinary enthusiasm. In addition, Columbus has a beautiful downtown skyline with breathtaking vistas and a lot of parks across the city. Craft breweries have proliferated in Columbus in recent years, and from April to November, there are also weekly farmer’s markets there. Call movers Miami FL right away, because you will find something to do in Columbus thanks to its museums, festivals, fantastic music scene, and selection of dining options.

Enjoy your life in Columbus

You maybe had some doubts when it comes to moving from Miami to Columbus. But, as you can see, Columbus has a lot to offer, and it is one of the most affordable cities. Call reliable movers, prepare your relocation, and enjoy.

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