Guide to moving from Baltimore to Hollywood FL

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Guide to moving from Baltimore to Hollywood FL

Guide to moving from Baltimore to Hollywood FL

If you have decided to move out from Baltimore and transfer to Florida, Hollywood might be the place for you. Of course, it depends on your interests, reasons for your relocation, and what are you looking for, but Florida usually has a lot to offer. You might be worried because of this decision because moving from Baltimore to Hollywood FL is a big change in your life. However, with our guide, you will find out everything you need to know in order to conduct this process seamlessly. The first step in any kind of relocation is planning. Apart from that, the most important task is to find reliable moving companies from Maryland to Florida who can help you make that big step in your life easier. Keep reading to get all the information.

Why are people leaving Baltimore?

Unfortunately, Baltimore is in the top ten countries that people have been leaving recently. It is no wonder that Baltimore is one of the cities from which people move out. There are many reasons for that. Some of those reasons include better job opportunities and family reasons. In addition to that, some people decide to leave Baltimore because they retire and want to live in a more peaceful area. Many residents think that Baltimore is too expensive for living in, especially when compared to what it has to offer.

These are some of the main reasons why people hire moving companies Baltimore MD to start the process of their long-distance relocation. But, why are they moving to Hollywood? Well, there are also countless reasons why this city in Broward County is the best for Maryland expats. The main advantages of living in Hollywood include:

  • countless job opportunities,
  • the perfect weather,
  • great schools, if you are moving with your family,
  • and a lot of different activities to do in your free time.

Moving from Baltimore to Hollywood FL for a job

When it comes to job opportunities in Baltimore, the best options will have those who work in a certain field of medicine. For example, among the highest-paid jobs are cardiologists, neurologists, and other medical specialists. Even though after the pandemic people rapidly started getting jobs in Baltimore, the unemployment rate is still high when we compare it with the national average. The unemployment rate in Baltimore is 7.2, while in the USA it is 3.6.

On the other hand, the unemployment rate in Hollywood is even lower than the nation’s average, only 3 %. That is why interstate movers Baltimore have their hands full when it comes to people moving to Hollywood in Florida. The area in which you can easily get a job is medicine, again. This is one of the highest-paid jobs also. In addition to that, tourism is very well-developed. If you are looking for a job as a tourist worker, moving to Hollywood FL can be a great decision. Aerospace and electronics industries are also popular and residents can easily get employment in these areas. If you think about getting a job in another area, it won’t be that easy, but you still have great chances.

Comparing the costs of living in Baltimore and Hollywood

When it comes to costs of living in Baltimore, they are not too high, when compared to some other cities in Maryland and the USA in general. For example, the median home cost is around $176 000, the housing costs index is below 50, and the overall index of living costs in Baltimore is 98. On the other hand, the same costs in Hollywood are $340 000, 117,6, and 112,9, respectively. Why are people hiring movers Hollywood FL so often then? Simply because those costs are offset by everything that Broward County has to offer.

Living costs in Hollywood are higher than in Baltimore

Weather in Hollywood, FL

One of the nicest things about Florida is the weather. More than six months may be spent at the beach. You may still go to the beach and have fun during the second half, it is just not that pleasant to do the activities which include swimming. The subtropical climate features hot summers and mild winters. On the other hand, in Baltimore, you see clouds almost every day, no matter the season. It is partly cloudy even in the summer. Even though the summers are not as hot as in Hollywood, the humidity makes them less bearable. Also, the winters are extremely cold, and windy and it is snowing a lot.

Schools in Hollywood, FL

The Broward County public school system serves Hollywood, Florida. It comes in the sixth position and is considered to be one of the best educational systems in the USA. There are 141 elementary schools and 42 middle schools out of 315 total. There are also a few private schools available. Additionally, there are several high schools, three of which are among the best in the county. These include Hollywood Hills High School, McArthur High School, and South Broward High School. These schools are great reasons for moving from Baltimore to Hollywood FL with your kids.

Activities to do in your free time in Hollywood, FL

If you have a young family, take advantage of “Funtastic Fridays for Kids” or even ArtsPark Movie Night, which is held every Friday in downtown Hollywood. Your alternatives for amusement won’t soon run out because of the city’s always-changing calendar of events, dining establishments, and shopping opportunities. In addition to the numerous restaurants, bistros, and cafés in the downtown area, you may attend weekly performances of “dancing under the stars” at the Hollywood Beach Theater or see glassblowing demonstrations at ArtsPark at Young Circle. Hollywood also hosts a lot of destination weddings. If you contact one of the best companies, such as 24/7 Logistic Services, you won’t regret it. You will never run out of things to do in Hollywood after your move.

Relocation from Baltimore to Hollywood is a good idea

Moving from Baltimore to Hollywood FL can have a lot of benefits. You will get to enjoy beautiful weather during the whole year. At the same time, you will easily get the job you like, while your kids go to a great school. Don’t hesitate and start with your relocation process.

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