Fort Lauderdale to Sacramento moving guide

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Fort Lauderdale to Sacramento moving guide

Fort Lauderdale to Sacramento moving guide

The distance between Sacramento and Fort Lauderdale is over 3,000 miles. For this move, from coast to coast, you should prepare thoroughly. First of all, you will have to book reliable moving services in South Florida, to complete such a move. It would be also good to prepare Fort Lauderdale to Sacramento moving guide. The guide will help you to identify all steps of your move. In it, you should define the steps of the preparation process. After that, you should plan the transportation. For example, you will check what is the best way for you and your family to reach Sacramento. Should you drive more than 44 hrs across the country, or, is it better to take a flight? Keep reading to find out.

Learning about Sacramento before the move

It is wise to learn about the city you are moving to. Of course, if you were not living there before. In case Sacramento CA is new for you, here are several quick facts. In general, the capital city of California is a quiet city, with about 525,400 residents. Which makes it much smaller than Los Angeles or San Francisco. This also means that living in Sacramento, you will have a laid-back and relaxed way of living. Much the same as you had in Fort Lauderdale.

This Fort Lauderdale to Sacramento moving guide will help you learn all bout the differences between both cities.

Sacramento gets an average of 269 sunny. However, being in the northern part of California, summers are not too hot. And the winters are mild. So, after moving companies Broward County complete your move, you will enjoy great weather all year round.

Fort Lauderdale vs Sacramento costs of living

Regarding costs of living, Fort Lauderdale FL is 2,5% cheaper than Sacramento CA. And, the main reason for this difference is the Median Home Cost. More precisely, purchasing a home in Sacramento will cost you $435,600. The same size home in Fort Lauderdale costs $394,800. The other costs like utilities, transportation, healthcare, food, and groceries are similar in both cities. The median household income in Sacramento is $65,847, and in Fort Lauderdale, it is $64,313. So, as we can see, both cities have similar costs and income.

What’s it like living in Sacramento?

Living in Sacramento, you won’t have a problem finding good employment, as its job market is booming. The average salary is around $56,310, however, the unemployment rate has fallen under 8%, which proves that the city has a lot to offer. Another thing to consider is healthcare, which is amazing.  The city has some of the best hospitals such as US Davis Medical Center, so once you move from Fort Lauderdale, you wont have to worry about a thing.

Besides, living in Sacramento, you will be able to enjoy many outdoor activities. You will need a relatively short drive to reach the nearby Pacific coast. Or, to reach the picturesque mountains, located in the opposite direction. You can also visit the Zoo or the William Land Regional Park.

Traveling from Fort Lauderdale to Sacramento

The usual moving window for companies delivering your belongings is two weeks. So, you can expect movers Fort Lauderdale FL to have the same delivery window. This fact can also influence your decision about traveling from Fort Lauderdale to Sacramento. Namely, you can use your own car. The drive will take a long time. But you and the family can take this as a cross-country holiday tour. If so, you will have to calculate this cost in your moving budget. Namely, you will have to count the overnight stay in hotels, meals, gas, and highway tolls.

On the other hand, you may decide to take a flight. It will take you just several hours to reach Sacramento. However, you will have to separately pay for a car shipment. Besides, before the arrival of your belongings, you will have to stay in a hotel for days. The bottom line, the travel cost for you and your family will be similar, regardless of transportation.

You may decide to travel by car and have a cross-country family holiday.

Fort Lauderdale to Sacramento moving guide

Part of your Fort Lauderdale to Sacramento moving guide should be choosing the right Sacramento neighborhood. But, how to decide which one is right for you? Before you start moving from Florida to California, we have prepared a list of criteria that you can use:

  • Safety – Sacramento is considered a city of medium risk, so you should choose the neighborhood wisely;
  • High-rating schools – having good schools in the neighborhood, such as West Campus High School, your kids will receive a good education. And, they will be able to reach school on foot;
  • Entertainment possibilities – it will be great to find a neighborhood offering spaces for outdoor and recreational activities for the whole family. Sacramento is a fun city, where you can visit California State Railroad Museum or Crocker Art Museum;
  • Neighborhood walkability – going to a grocery shop, pharmacy, restaurant, etc., without using a car will make your life in Sacramento easier;
  • Commute to work – The average commute to work in Sacramento is 26.5 minutes, and it’s almost the same as in Fort Lauderdale.

Best Sacramento neighborhoods to move to

To help you further, we made an inquiry about the best neighborhoods in Sacramento. So, here is the list:

  • East Sacramento – the most walkable, with lots of greenery, and excellent schools.
  • Land Park – has a public school system (Sacramento City College including), and is it a family-friendly area.
  • Meadowview – is considered the safest Sacramento area. It also has many top-rated schools.
  • Tahoe Park – is well known for affordable housing prices, and high-rated schools.

Getting adjusted to your new city

Although we could see that the two cities are similar in many things, you will still have some time to get accustomed to your new surroundings. Following your Fort Lauderdale to Sacramento moving guide, you were able to complete your cross-country move effortlessly. Now is the time to learn some new things about your city. However, our recommendation is to follow the Sacramento city news. That will help keep you informed. Furthermore, you will be able to follow the city events and even take part in some of them.

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