Creative ways to discover Hollywood FL

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Creative ways to discover Hollywood FL

Creative ways to discover Hollywood FL

Although its namesake from California is much more famous, Hollywood in Florida is no less a special and unique city. If you hire movers in Broward County and decide to relocate here, you will always have something to do. This is a city that offers its residents a lot. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of the various content and events. There are many ways to discover Hollywood FL. In this article, we will reveal what these contents are and what you can enjoy if you decide to move to this city.

What are the best ways to discover Hollywood FL?

First of all, let’s introduce you to some brief city facts. Hollywood FL is a medium-sized city located in the southern part of Broward County in Florida. It is located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. According to the latest official data, the city has a little over 150 thousand inhabitants. This city belongs to the Miami Metropolitan area, which has over 6 million people. The entire area consists of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

If you are interested in a creative and fun exploration of this city, the best ways to do so are:

  • Water Taxi
  • Hollywood Jet Ski
  • Art and Culture Center of Hollywood
  • Anniversary Park
  • Hollywood Beach

But don’t think that these are the only ways to discover and explore it. This city has a lot more to offer. You will see that there are many more charming ways to discover Hollywood FL.

Water Taxi and Hollywood Jet Ski

These are the two most exciting and creative ways to discover Hollywood FL. If you like water adventures, these two ways are the right choice for you. What local movers South Florida recommend is using the water taxi and riding along its route. If you decide to drive the entire route, you will enjoy the tour which lasts about three hours. You can also get off at a certain “station” depending on the area you want to explore. After that hop into another taxi and continue your adventure. Residents will tell you that you can see only the most beautiful parts of South Florida if you decide on a water taxi. You will enjoy it and discover beautiful scenery.

Make the most of the water and sun using a jet ski. Explore the ocean and waterways along Florida’s south coast in the most exciting way. This is especially interesting if you like adrenaline and exciting adventures. You can rent equipment and ride the waves even if you are not an experienced jet skier.

Art and Culture Center and Anniversary Park

The following two destinations are must-see attractions of this city. All moving companies in Hollywood FL agree that you simply must see them if you find yourself here. The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood offers you a handful of galleries and exhibitions that you can find. dive into the world of art and shake your senses by discovering and exploring this place. You will not remain indifferent, even if you don’t like art. You will always be able to find out about current exhibitions and you will indeed find something interesting.

This city has many parks but the one that stands out and you need to discover is Anniversary Park. It is located in the Downtown part of the city. What makes it stand out is the very colorful flora and fauna. Also, planted Magnolia, Bamboo, and Oak trees are what give this park a unique charm. If you go there during the spring, you will be delighted with its flowers too. This park also has many playgrounds, so it is one of the favorite places for families with children.

Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach is a special story on its own and deserves a spot on our list. It is a favorite attraction for tourists and anyone who loves white sand and turquoise water. You have to check out what it’s all about and find out why it’s so special. apart from the long beautiful coastline, there is a whole range of cafes, restaurants, and shops. You can explore the coast of this beach by renting bicycles. In addition to the regular ones, you can rent three-wheelers or surrey bikes that can fit up to 6 passengers. This is ideal if you are in a group or want to discover and explore the coast of this beautiful beach with your family.

While in Hollywood Beach be sure to explore the Broadwalk. Here you will be able to meet tourists and locals in one place. From residents relaxing by the beach to visitors exploring the area. However, moving services in South Florida recommend the side of the Broadwalk where Hollywood North Beach Park is. This is an excellent spot in case you want to get away from the crowd and hide in the shade. This park is nicely arranged, clean, and very close to the beach.

Enjoy everything this beach has to offer from sunrise to sunset

There is more

Bear in mind that the places we have selected and listed for you are just the beginning. This city can offer you a handful of content for all ages and sensibilities. From numerous, unique, beautifully decorated parks, malls, and restaurants to casinos and stadiums. If you can, discover Hard Rock Stadium events. Discover Cinema Paradiso if you’re into independent and house movies. This place will especially delight you if you like alternative art, interiors, and content. Try seafood and cocktails that are excellently prepared and famous far beyond the borders of Florida. Enjoy the concerts. Something will surely catch your interest.

It is entirely up to you what makes the best or strongest impression. Of the many ways to discover Hollywood FL, choose the one that suits you best. Find your movers and step into a new world of diversity, variety, and culture.

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