Cities with the most expensive homes in Florida

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Cities with the most expensive homes in Florida

Cities with the most expensive homes in Florida

Before moving to Florida, decide which area is right for you. For most people, Florida is an affordable state. They see it as a paradise with a nice climate all year round. And as a place where you can enjoy endless beaches and outdoor activities. It’s all true. However, in recent years, costs in some parts of Florida have risen sharply. Some people will want to move to cities with the most expensive homes in Florida. But, the majority can’t afford so high costs. To help you, we have prepared a list of cities with the most expensive houses. And, you’ll be able to choose the place that best suits you. So, you can choose the costly areas. Or those which are more affordable. In both cases, hiring moving services in South Florida will be the right choice.

Cities with the most expensive homes in Florida may surprise you

What first comes to mind when thinking about Florida is Miami. But, although the costs of living in Miami are high, some other places have more expensive homes. So the list may surprise you. When creating our list, we decided to start with the place that has the most expensive houses.

Jupiter Island

Jupiter Island town is located at Jupiter Island which runs alongside the Treasure Coast’s southernmost barrier. So, it is surrounded by an Intercoastal Waterway from one side. And the waters of the Atlantic Ocean from another. If you decide to move to Jupiter Island, you will share the place with many celebrities. Besides, the place has more than 50 golf clubs, and beautiful beaches. There is also a plethora of scuba diving sites. The typical home value in Jupiter Island is $9,068,339. This tiny place has 879 residents. And, it belongs to Martin County.

Golden Beach

Golden Beach is one of the cities with the most expensive homes in Florida. It is located on Collins Avenue, between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. Golden Beach is a very exclusive and affluent community. And it is a very private area, which attracts many celebrities throughout the year. The closest towns where you can go shopping are Aventura, and Bal Harbour.

Golden Beach’s basic data

The typical home value in Golden Beach is $6,517,728. The place has 531 permanent residents. And, it is one of the Miami suburbs. In case this is the right place for you, moving companies in Miami FL will relocate you here smoothly. Knowing the area well, they will know the best ways to safely transport your possessions to Golde Beach.

Manalapan is also among the cities with the most expensive homes in Florida

The town is located approximately halfway between Delray Beach and Palm Beach. Located on a long, narrow-barrier island, it offers tranquility to its residents. Being a secluded, low-density town, it offers some of the most expensive homes in the area. And that is exactly what attracts many celebrities who want to spend some time on their own.

The typical home value in Manaplan is $3,959,647. The town has 311 permanent residents. And, it is a suburb of Lauderdale, so it belongs to Palm Beach County.

Fisher Island

Fisher Island is one more suburb of Miami. So, it is one more exclusive destination to move to. Like other posh areas, it also has private beaches and intricately designed houses. This exclusive private community is also home to many celebrities and wealthy people. It also offers top-notch amenities, including great restaurants and bars. And, you will find there the exclusive Fisher Island Club. But, the membership is available only to island residents. The typical home value in Manaplan is $3,575,618. The island has 484 permanent residents. And, the rest of the homeowners are coming to Fisher Island occasionally. Usually, they come during holidays. Or to rest a few days and “recharge batteries.”

Jupiter Inlet Colony

Located in Palm Beach County, this suburb of Fort Lauderdale has a population of 452. In case you decide to look for a property in this place, it would cost you $3,407,120. After you buy the property, contact movers in Broward County. They will help you to safely reach your new home.

Boca Grande

This idyllic community is located on Florida’s west coast, at Gasparilla Island. It is also close to Fort Myers and Sanibel. If you are planning to buy a home in this serene and beautiful area, it will cost you $3,286,761. In case you can afford it, you will enjoy numerous daytime activities.

Gulf Stream

Gulf Stream is located in Palm Beach County. This Fort Lauderdale suburb has 893 permanent residents. The home prices are a bit lower than in the previously listed communities. Still, you will need $2,476,172. And, this is a typical home value in the Gulf Stream area. Most people from Hollywood, FL, choose to move here, and if you are one of these, check out some of the best movers in Hollywood FL and ensure a safe move.

Anna Maria

Anna Maria Island has always been known for its sugar-white beach. And for emerald Gulf waters. It is located on a barrier island in Manatee County, just 20 minutes away from Bradenton. If your intention is to buy a home on this island, it will cost you $2,270,052.

Other Florida cities with expensive homes

We have shown some of the cities where homes are over 2 million. But the list doesn’t stop there. You will also find expensive homes in Golf ($2,263,800), Palm Beach ($1,852,185), Pinecrest ($1,755,989), and many other places. Besides, you have to keep in mind that all those places are close to the ocean. This means that besides the purchase price, you will have often maintenance costs. Also, you will have to add taxes to the given prices. And, the costs of mandatory home insurance.

Expensive Florida neighborhoods

We could see that not all places in Florida are so affordable. Actually, it comes as surprise to many people that Florida has such expensive neighborhoods. However, you may decide to move to one of the cities with the most expensive homes in Florida. If so, you will be able to enjoy many amenities. As a homeowner in such areas, you will have exclusive membership rights to some resorts. And to private beaches, reserved for residents. Additionally, you will have full peace and privacy.


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