Baltimore on a budget: affordable things to do in the city

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Baltimore on a budget: affordable things to do in the city

Baltimore on a budget: affordable things to do in the city

Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland- therefore it’s an economic and entertainment hub. A large number of people decide to make this city their home every day, so it is only becoming larger. A bigger population directly influences housing prices, among other costs of living. But Baltimore has always had affordable or even free things to do. If you are trying not to overstep your budget when moving with the help of 24/7 Logistic Services then our tips for experiencing Baltimore on a budget will come in handy.

Is it possible to experience Baltimore on a budget?

As a hub in Maryland, Baltimore is expected to be expensive. But enjoying the city doesn’t have to break the bank, thanks to the tips from our movers in Baltimore area. They have helped us put together this list today, that will help you get to know Baltimore on a budget, or even for free. Some of the best attractions that we recommend are:

  • Free and low-cost attractions
  • Outdoor adventures
  • Community events

Free and low-cost attractions

The Walters Art Museum is a must for everyone who even passes through the city. It started out as a small collection of objects, to get to the size it is today – 36,000 items and still counting. You can see historical artifacts from all around the world, for free! If you have beautiful weather on your hands, then you shouldn’t spend it inside, but in Patterson Park. Ask anyone after you move with our long distance movers Baltimore residents rely upon, it is the Central Park of Baltimore. It features everything that you could expect from a park – playgrounds, a stadium, fountains, a dog park, community gardens, and even a casino! The best way to find free attractions is to research them well ahead of the planned visit, as some might require reservations.

Outdoor adventures

Big cities are notorious for being grey and with very little nature. Baltimore does not align with this trend, since it is full of beautiful hiking trails, of different difficulties. It is 15 miles long, and it is great for cycling and walking alike. Gwynns Falls Trail is a local favorite, that is very popular during the warmer months. If you fancy a picnic after moving with interstate movers in Baltimore, then Patterson Park is again a good spot. The Picnic Pavilion at Patterson Park is one of the best spots in the city for an outdoor meal since you can enjoy it even when it is raining – and it is completely free!

Community events

Nothing helps you feel like part of the community as much as community events do. Events that have a good cause are the best, like Garden Clean-Up. You will help make a community area nicer and meet like-minded people. There is no participation fee, but you can expect to get tired. Locals always make the majority of the contestants, so don’t be shy. These are people that you will likely get to see again, and some might even be your neighbors.

Final thoughts on ways to experience Baltimore on a budget

As you can see, experiencing Baltimore on a budget is possible. It will take a bit of planning and thought, but if cutting costs is the goal, then it will be worth it. Some attractions and sights might even help you explore your neighborhood faster, so don’t hesitate! Visit everything you can, and have lots of fun!

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