Are people leaving Fort Lauderdale?

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Are people leaving Fort Lauderdale?

Are people leaving Fort Lauderdale?

If you’re a resident, just moved to Florida, or you’re planning to hire movers Fort Lauderdale FL, you may wonder from time to time, are people leaving Fort Lauderdale? Is there a cheaper, more urban, or family-friendly place to live in South Florida? Well, of course, there is. But are they more charming and more suitable for you and your family? Can other similar towns nearby compete with Fort Lauderdale when it comes to your needs, expectations, and everything you need when you imagine yourself in 5 years from now? We’ll try to shed some light on that.

Why should you live in Fort Lauderdale?

If you live in this town consider yourself incredibly lucky, here’s why:

  • It is well connected with other cities in South Florida
  • It has a big job market and a lot of business opportunities
  • It is only 30 miles from Miami
  • It’s less polluted due to less traffic
  • You will never be bored

Are people leaving Fort Lauderdale or decide to come here to stay?

Fort Lauderdale is located in the center of the Miami metropolitan area, which has a total of over 6.1 million inhabitants. So it can’t be isolated even if you want it to be. Thanks to the location of the place, you will always be halfway to any other city. This will give you an advantage, especially if your job description requires road trips. Apart from that, the job market here is huge, so, you’ll easily find a job no matter what career path you choose. It’s a thriving, continuously growing market.

This Town, like many others, has always been in Miami’s shadow, but that doesn’t mean it’s less appealing. If you decide to hire moving services in South Florida and relocate here, you will find out how affordable this place is compared to Miami, at least when it comes to housing and rental prices. Even though it’s still more expensive than the American average, you will be able to ensure a better standard than in Miami for the same amount of money.

Housing in Fort Lauderdale is more affordable than in Miami

Considering how real-estate prices are growing everywhere in the county, we’re free to say not just that people are not leaving Fort Lauderdale, they’re relocating here because of tourist, economic, and business potential. This place successfully established itself as a tourist destination. Also more and more high-profile companies decide to start, move or expand their businesses right here. Even one of Elon Musk’s companies expressed their interest in investing in the city’s infrastructure, economy, and housing.

How safe or polluted Fort Lauderdale is?

This is a good question, specifically when it comes to safety. Yes, you might have to follow the usual measures of precaution if you live here, lock your doors, and don’t leave the key under the mat, but that’s more or less what most people do. Also, avoiding certain parts of the town late at night, but then again, this is common in most cities.

Pollution and traffic are something that is not a problem here due to the city’s smart infrastructure and the usage of city buses, canals, water taxis, and even bullet trains. If you decide to hire long distance moving companies Fort Lauderdale and relocate here, you’ll quickly realize that they don’t call this place Venice of America for nothing.

Which neighborhood to choose?

This is entirely up to you, your wishes, and your budget. Most neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale are walkable. You can find anything, from downtown condos, through villas and mansions to single-living beachfront homes.

Easily relocate to the neighborhood that’s suitable for you and your family

Let’s start with Colee Hammock. If you’re looking to live in an old city center, this downtown city neighborhood is just for you, especially if you prefer living in a building. If you need more exclusive content and gated community living, you can find it in Harbor Beach where you can ensure yourself a higher-class living. We should mention Victoria Park as well, specifically if you’re looking for a place to retire. However, if you need a more working-class, family-oriented neighborhood, contact movers in Broward County today and consider Tarpon River which more and more young people are opting for.

How to entertain yourself in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale has something for everyone except winter lovers. It is a place with a wide variety of cultures. If you contact moving services in South Florida to relocate here, you’ll never ask yourself are people leaving Fort Lauderdale but how come people haven’t discovered this place earlier? It can offer you everything. From museums to beautiful beaches, bars, clubs, restaurants, and numerous outdoor activities. And, if you like watersports, fishing, and beach sports you will love this place.

There is always something new to explore. Don’t miss Tortuga Music Festival if you’re a music lover, the Coral Springs Museum of Art if you’re a more artistic soul, and of course, more than 4000 restaurants if you’re a foodie.

Interesting facts about the city

You may not know that Fort Lauderdale got the name after Major William Lauderdale, commander of 200 Tennessee Volunteers. Another fun fact is that the residents of this place care about their appearance. They invest a lot in it, which is indicated by the fact that salons, gyms, cosmetics, spas, and many other services are very desirable, and visited. Fort Lauderdale has over four miles of publicly accessible beachfront, and its beauty is world-famous. You can spend your day at the beach not just tanning swimming, or enjoying various outdoor activities this beach has to offer. You can also shopping, or spend time at the beach bars and cafes.

These are just some of the reasons why you should never ask yourself if are people leaving Fort Lauderdale. Soon after your relocation, you will stop worrying about it. You will see for yourself that this is a go-to place for tourists, young and old people from across the country and worldwide.

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