24/7 Logistics Services’ Step-by-Step Guide to Relocating a Warehouse

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24/7 Logistics Services’ Step-by-Step Guide to Relocating a Warehouse

24/7 Logistics Services’ Step-by-Step Guide to Relocating a Warehouse

Moving warehouses and changing your supply chain can be a very daunting process, especially since it may disrupt day-to-day business proceedings. However, if you make a clear plan, stay on top of the action, and follow through with everything, it’s not that difficult.

For your convenience, the experts at 24/7 Logistics Services have gathered together some expert tips to create a step by step guide on relocating a warehouse.

Plan Everything

You need to make a realistic estimate of the number of hours that you’ll need and hold realistic expectations from your employees. Allocate enough time to handle any disruptions, unexpected occurrences and more. Tell your employees beforehand so that they’re prepared for everything. Plan everything down to the date so that you can make time and space for any adjustments that are bound to show up later on.

Take Inventory

A good plan involves taking inventory of all your items to know what you have before moving. Make an inventory checklist listing down all the items that you have so that you’re aware of all your items.

For the utmost protection against loss or damage, it is advisable to engage the services of a professional moving company such as 24/7 Logistics Services to handle your relocation.

Discard all the items you don’t need before moving warehouses since warehouse relocation is a very time-consuming and lengthy procedure.

DeliveriesDepending on your chosen option, you can either receive direct delivery of your items or opt for temporary storage in transit. If your warehouse isn’t that full, we suggest direct delivery. If you have a lot of items in your warehouse, then we recommend hiring a service like 24/7 Logistics Services that has in-transit storage. Our storage options allow us to hold and safely store items while you’re able to sort out everything that you need, decide where to place things, and settle down a little bit. This way, you won’t have to deal with everything all at once, and it’ll ensure that your business runs smoothly during and after the move.If you’re moving soon, the team at 24/7 Logistics Services can help you out. From long-distance residential moves to corporate moves, 24/7 Logistics Services offers expert and professional full-package moving services. Check out our list of services!

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