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Moving across the country has never been easier, although it is still a big challenge. But, in most cases, it is also a great adventure. And, knowing that 24/7 Logistic Services got you covered, you will actually enjoy your cross-country relocation. We will take the burden of stress off of your shoulders and take care of everything, from organizing and packing to actually moving your possessions. This way, your move from Florida to California will become a simple and memorable experience. Our extensive experience in interstate relocations makes us the best choice for your move to California. So, don’t stress about your move. Call us today so that we can start preparing your coast-to-coast relocation.

the view you will see when moving from Florida to California
Moving from Florida to California can be the best decision you ever made

We offer a wide range of moving services in both Florida and California

California is about 2,700 miles away from Florida. For crossing such a long distance you will need appropriate skills and experience. Otherwise, your relocation may easily turn into a big failure. Luckily, at 24/7 Logistic Services, we have profound knowledge and we can assist you in many segments of this move. We are in a position to offer you a wide range of services, applicable for both, private and business sectors. So, regardless if you are moving a household or business from Florida to California, we can help you with various moving services. Some of these services are:

Moving is easier with the help of reliable moving companies Florida to California

Moving with the help of 24/7 Logistic Services, one of the best moving companies in Florida, is easy. Our specialty is interstate relocations. Having skilled movers and state of the art equipment, we can handle moves all over the US. Besides, you can rely on our company for numerous other services, such as packing services. And, we can also provide you with the best quality packing supplies.

Although we are primarily dealing with long-distance relocation, we are also providing local moving. Our movers in Miami are fully equipped for any kind of service that you might need. Having a widespread network of offices and a fleet of modern vehicles, we can meet any moving request of our customers. Therefore, by choosing 24/7 Logistic Services you can stay assured that, regardless of the distance, you will receive as best moving service possible.

Book your relocation in 3 easy steps

Considering the number of tasks that our customers face during the preparation period, we made booking our services an easy task. All that you need to do is tell us the basic info about your moving plans. So we will know what to prepare for.

  1. You will tell a little bit about your move, by filling out a short and simple form on our website
  2. We’ll review your info and provide you with a free moving estimate
  3. You will decide on a moving date and enjoy your relocation from Florida to California
person on computer checking route for moving companies Florida to California
You can book your relocation easily with us!

Moving companies Florida to California are at your disposal when you need to move your business

Regarding commercial relocations from Florida to California, we can offer the finest team of commercial movers. We will ensure an efficient and highly professional move, regardless of the size of your business. Besides, we fully understand that downtime should be as shorter as possible. That way, your company will not sustain huge losses during the relocation.

In order to help you with the fastest relocation possible, we will assign a team of moving coordinators. Planning your business move to the smallest details, they will find every possibility for time-saving. That will help your business restart its work at the new location in record time.

You can count on us to move your home from Florida to California

When you are relocating your household from Miami to California, you can fully rely on 24/7 Logistic Services. Our movers are well-trained, professional, and skilled. They know how to properly handle any household item. With the same ease, they will handle your most fragile possessions and large and bulky items. They also know how to properly handle various appliances and electronics. And, you can stay assured that all your items will be delivered in a timely manner to your new address in the state of California.

Moving from Miami to California is easier than ever with the help of our interstate movers

Moving with 24/7 Logistics Services means that you’ll have an easy and pleasant relocation. There are many ways in which we can ensure that. Our movers are among the most skilled and experienced movers in the industry. So you can feel relaxed when they are handling your belongings. They are in safe hands, and they will be delivered back to you in perfect condition.

The main goal of 24/7 Logistics Services is to provide reliable, fast, and easy relocation for customers across the US. For this reason, we have established hubs in five cities. This way, we can easily reach you in different locations. This further means that you won’t be additionally charged for the movers’ trip from the HQ until your location. Those hubs are:

Get an honest and accurate moving estimate with no hidden fees

Moving to California from Florida isn’t the most affordable relocation you can have. But, when it comes to such long-distance moves, we offer some of the most competitive prices. Also what’s more important is that you won’t have to wonder how much it is going to cost you. We will provide you with an honest and accurate free moving estimate. So you’ll know what to expect. We don’t charge hidden fees or add confusing charges to our contracts. Therefore, you can feel relaxed when moving with us. We are your moving partners and will treat you as such.

mover with items
We will take great care of your belongings!

Moving from Florida to California is safer with 24/7 Logistics Services at your side

There are many dangers when moving, especially when it’s a cross-country relocation. From broken items to injuries, there are many things that can go wrong. Not to mention moving scams that might slip through. But, when you have our movers by your side you can feel completely safe. We are professionals and we highly respect our profession and our customers. Our utmost interest is getting you and your belongings safely to your destination. You can easily see from our online reviews that we respect every customer and do our job honestly. You don’t have to worry about moving scams or missing items when moving with us. Realizing all this will help you to relax and enjoy every step of the relocation.

What should you expect after moving to California?

One of the differences you will notice soon after moving is the climate. California has hot summers and mild winters. However, the air is drier. So, by living in California you will be spared from high humidity. However, you will also experience differences in living costs, so be prepared.

Difference between living costs

When it comes to living costs, you should be prepared that overall prices in California are much higher. So when you are moving from Miami to California, you will need to spend 16,5% more to cover basic costs in California. Also, real estate in Florida is more affordable. The median housing prices in California are $834,400. In Florida, the median home price is $407,000.

Still, many people still chose to move to California. Namely, the job market is rich. And, working in a certain profession, you can expect a really good income.  Living in Florida, your average monthly income will be $4,030. The average monthly income that you can expect in California is $5,160.

Marina During Golden Hour.
The choice of your next in California will largely depend on cost of living

What’s it like moving from Miami to Los Angeles

When you think about a place to live in California, keep in mind that some towns are really expensive. Thus, you might have to share an apartment. At the same time, some places are really affordable. Los Angeles is not one of those cities. So if you are moving from Miami to Los Angeles, you will have to get used to the higher cost of living. But the good thing is, this city is the center of entertainment, and it’s very easy to find a job. Many come here to live their dreams, so moving companies Florida to California have a lot of work all year round.

Moving from Florida to California is easy when you have us by your side

Moving from Florida to California can look like a daunting task. But with 24/7 Logistic Services by your side, you will enjoy one of the simplest relocations ever. So contact us today to ensure our assistance. With us at your side, you will enjoy your new home faster than you expected.


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