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One of the best places for relocation is Florida. Beautiful sunny and warm weather, divine beaches, and bustling nightlife are just some of the reasons in favor of moving to Florida. That is already enough reason to call one of the moving companies South Florida and schedule your move. Depending on whether you are moving to a larger or a smaller city, there are many interesting places to move to. One of them is definitely Hollywood. If this is an option you are considering, it will be helpful to know the pros and cons of moving to Hollywood FL.

Pros and cons of your Hollywood FL move

Hollywood in Florida is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale and is located in Broward County. It has about 152,500 inhabitants who mostly live in family houses. In Hollywood FL, there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Generally speaking, it is a beautiful place to live.

The beautiful beach is one of the reasons for moving to Hollywood FL
Make the most of the beautiful weather after moving to Florida and spend your days on the beach.

But before you make a final decision on relocation, you need to be aware of some factors, such as:

  • climate
  • cost of living
  • business opportunities
  • education

They can greatly influence your decision to hire movers Hollywood to relocate you. Luckily, they are pretty much in favor of moving to Hollywood Florida.

The climate is all in favor of moving to Hollywood FL

Depending on which part of the US you move from, you may be surprised by the climate that awaits you. In Florida, the climate is subtropical, which means that summers are long, warm, and humid, and winters are very mild. You will be able to enjoy the beach all year round. For more than half a year you will be able to swim in the ocean, while in the second half you can have fun on the beach. If you come from a northern country, it will take some time to get used to the constant sunny and warm days. This is certainly one of the wonderful benefits of moving to Hollywood FL. Don’t be surprised by the thundershowers, which are common in Florida. They are short-lived but increase the humidity, which can be annoying for some people. If that bothers you, consider whether moving to Florida is for you.

The cost of living in Hollywood, Florida

Depending on where you move from the height of the cost of living can surprise you. Good living conditions come at a price. The cost of living in Hollywood is about 24% higher than the average cost in the United States. However, it is still lower than the surrounding larger cities. If you move from some countries where life is cheaper, it can surprise you quite a bit. Depending on your required bills, they can choose from 100 to 3,000 dollars a month. For those who know how to manage money well and save on some less important things, life in Florida doesn’t have to be too expensive. The average price of a house is 18% higher than the rest of Florida, so you will need $ 150,000 to $ 500,000 to buy a house. While renting an apartment can be $ 700.

Business opportunities

One of the things that Florida is certainly known for is the constant growth of the employment rate. So you don’t have to worry if you decide to move to Hollywood, Florida. Moreover, if you work in the medical sector, this is a great place to relocate. In addition to medicine, developed areas are also tourism and aviation. If you are planning to start your own business after moving with local movers South Florida,  this may be a good place for you. However, what is against moving to Hollywood, Florida is the fact that other industries are not very developed. If you are looking for a job in another sector you will not have many opportunities.

The teacher teaches the children
Great educational opportunities are one of the main reasons for moving to Hollywood FL.

Education is one thing to think about before moving

If you are planning to start your family or you moving with children of younger school age, it is very important to find out what the educational opportunities are in Hollywood FL. As already mentioned, Hollywood belongs to Boward County, which ranks sixth in the United States in terms of education. The school system in this district is above the average for the United States. in addition to great public schools, you can also think of great private schools located in Hollywood, Florida. There are over 300 primary and secondary schools in this district that will provide your child with a diverse and good education. You have ample opportunity to explore which school will suit you best and the needs of your child before you call residential movers South Florida to relocate you.

Advantages and disadvantages of moving to Hollywood, Florida

The benefits are moving to Hollywood FL

  • Proximity to the big cities and airports- Miami and Fort Lauderdale.
  • The cost of living is cheaper than in neighboring cities.
  • Possibility of employment in medicine, tourism, and technology.
  • Great schools that make great education possible.
  • Weather conditions allow a lot of time to be spent outside.

Against relocating to Hollywood FL

  • Heavy traffic jams are a regular occurrence in Hollywood Florida.
  • Reduced employment opportunities in other sectors.
  • The cost of living is higher than the national average.
  • High humidity due to frequent rains and storms.
Doctor with folded arms
Most business opportunities open up in the medical sector in Hollywood.

Moving to Hollywood FL can be a great choice

As you can see moving to Florida can be a great choice for you if living conditions suit you. If you are employed in one of the sectors in demand in the  City of Hollywood in Florida, such as medicine, tourism, or technical fields, do not hesitate to move here. The unemployment rate in Florida is certainly falling and is even below seven percent. With good salaries, the cost of living will not be too expensive. In addition, you will provide your children or you with an excellent education offered by schools in the county of Boward. You will be able to make the most of your free time due to the warm and favorable weather. Many parks but great beaches will also give you a space where you can actively spend every free moment outside.


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