Storage In Transit Services

24/7 Logistic Services offers comprehensive storage in transit services while moving your belongings from point A to B. Sometimes you don’t have a place for you stuff, until you can get into your new house or office. Mid-move circumstances can also make you stuck in-between homes. Regardless the situation you will need a place to leave your goods, until you can move in. Here is when our Storage-in-Transit service proves useful. You can stay calm and mobile, while we take care of your items for any period of time. We store them in our modern warehouse, until you find a convenient time for delivery. Never before moving was so easy!

What does Storage-in-Transit mean?

Long-term storage facilities may not be suitable, unless you intend to store your items for a considerable length of time before they are moved into a new place. Unlike stationary storage facilities, Storage-in-Transit does not require from you to unload your items just to reload them later.

For Storage-in-Transit, we pack your things in moving crates to keep them safe, dry, and easy to move and put them in our warehouse. They are always under care and you don’t get distracted in the middle of the relocation process. As this is not included in our standard delivery services, you will bear the costs of storage.

It’s time for Storage-in-Transit when:

  • You need moving services with overlapping storage period, while you wrap up your arrangements.
  • You are taken aback by a sudden change of plans and need a place for your items to be stored until you sort things out.
  • We cannot get in touch with you on the agreed-upon date and have to store your items until a new delivery date can be settled.

Your goods are perfectly safe, while you’re getting ready. Sometimes there is some extra time when changing jobs or locations. Heaping your boxes up in the street is not the best you can do, while you have to be out of home before moving into a new one. Let us help you out!