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When you planning to cross country move, you have a lot of obligations and potential stress situations. But when you move with children cross-country, you have to start planning on time to avoid potential moving problems. Because moving for kids can be really stressful. On that journey, a big help for you can be reliable and experienced movers like 24/7 Logistic Services. When you hire a moving company to deal with moving obligations, you will have more time to prepare yourself and your kids for the upcoming cross-country move. So read our little guide to moving with children cross country, to make your move a great experience for everyone.

Differences in moving with children of different ages

When you move with kids cross-country, the age of children is very important. Children of different ages react differently when moving.

  • Baby – If you move with a baby, it will not change much. Babies need to have parents, a favorite toy, and food. So it will be easier for you. While with older children, it brings different challenges.
  • Toddler – Raising a toddler is a challenging period, but moving with a toddler is a challenge in itself. They do not understand much about what is happening around them, but they are attached to their routine and familiar things. Try to help your toddler but also yourself by maintaining a routine and arranging the space in the new home as he likes.
  • Older kids – It is the most difficult to move with older children because they already have their own company, school, and things they love and know. Explain to them as adults why and where you are moving. Try to involve them as much as possible in the relocation process, as well as choosing the school they are moving to. Allow them to stay in touch with friends.
Moving with children's crosses will be easier if you include children in the packaging.
Let your children be actively involved in planning the move.

Prepare children for a cross-country relocation

What you should not forget is that the children did not ask you to move. But even so, they are equal members of the family. So treat them that way. Take time and talk to your children about the upcoming move. Moving with kids cross-country will be much easier if the kids know what to expect. They will be more cooperative if they know what the next step is and what awaits them after the move. Why show them the future house as well as their room. A playroom or a park to go to. Allow them to prepare but express their doubts and fears. If you manage to feel safe and informed during the move, your move with the children will not be a problem.

Accept children’s emotions about moving

In the process of moving, it is completely normal to feel different emotions. Don’t be surprised if your children go through various stages of happiness, sadness, worry, fear, anger, etc. This is all normal, so show your children that you understand them and that you will be with them even when it is difficult. Moving with children will be much easier if you show your children how to deal with the emotions associated with moving.

Concerned teenager
Moving with children cross country will be easier if prepare your kids for what awaits them. Listen to their concerns and be supportive during this period.

Maintain a child’s routine during the move

For children, especially younger ones, routine is very important. It gives them a sense of security and allows them to cope better with stressful situations. Try not to change your child’s routine during the move unless necessary. Let their daily activities stay the same – time for walking, playing, swimming, and sleeping. This will make it easier for them to adjust to the move and they will be more cooperative when long distance movers South Florida came. So when moving with children to another state try to keep your child’s routine unchanged.

Moving with children cross country requires a good moving company

Be smart and delegate as many jobs as you can to moving companies. This gives you multiple benefits. You will have more time to dedicate to the children if you do not waste time on jobs that someone else can do. In the stressful process of moving, it is important to maintain a normal relationship with children and not neglect them. Let the cross country movers South Florida deal with relocation, and you do your best to support the children and help them maintain a routine.

Involve children in the packaging process

When moving with children to another state, it is important to have a strategy for packing children’s things. Even if you opt for residential movers South Florida, try to pack the children’s room yourself. Of course, it is easier to pack everything quickly and without children. But it is important for them to you involve them in that process. Leave the packing of the children’s room at the very end. When it comes time to pack, let the children choose for themselves what to pack. Let them try to do as much as they can on their own. Most importantly, let them choose their favorite things and pack them in a separate box that you will easily access if they are sad and want their things.

Dad and child draw on the moving box.
Make moving fun for you and your kids.

Allow children to make some decisions about moving

One way to help children make moving easier is to involve them in making some decisions. Depending on their age, talk to your children and allow them to make some decisions that affect them. Such as how he will make his room in a new house. This will let them know that they are important and that their opinion is equally important as yours.

Make moving with children cross-country fun

What can help you a lot when it comes to moving with children cross country is planning and good organization. But the most important thing, in the end, is to try to make the move as fun as possible – for yourself and your children. Think of fun games – who will pack things first, race in boxes, and let children draw on boxes with their stuff. All this will make moving more pleasant and easier because you will be more relaxed. So, make moving with the kids fun!



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